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  • I've Been on Both Sides of Bullying
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    A lot of people, especially middle and high schoolers, struggle with being bullied. As someone who has been both a bully and a victim of such behavior, I have unique insight into the real reasons people bully and the effect it has on victims.

  • Seeds of Change
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  • Fate Reloaded
    3M 16.4K 39

    Jordana Kane is your typical 15-year-old sophomore who’s moving through high school as a part of the in-crowd. One Friday night, her friends make plans to go to the movies, and Jordana’s decision to go with them or not will alter her life forever. If she decides to stay home, she finds herself witnessing a crime happe...

  • The Only Girl in the Band
    9M 153K 30

    Vanessa Laine is a college student and aspiring musician. She's got the look and she's got the voice. The only thing that's stopping her is her stage fright...and an opportunity. But opportunity knocks when pop-punk band, The Velocity, holds auditions for a new lead singer at the restaurant that Vanessa works at. Gett...