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  • psychopath | nct.
    253K 23.8K 22

    ❝ by the end of this game, you're going to wish i killed you first. ❞ + featuring nct + trailer included + multimedia fanfic inspired by tahlie purvis + highest rank: #43 in mystery/thriller - 26.06.17

  • ENTROPY | Jaehyun
    79K 3.5K 203

    a state function that is often erroneously referred to as the 'state of disorder' of a system... Hanggang saan mo kayang mag-fangirl? EPISTOLARY #2. Highest Rank: #15 in Short Story {020318} #4 in NCT127 Stories {080618}

  • DAIKIRAI | Yuta [SEASON 2]
    45.3K 1.9K 65

    "I really hate you."

  • Thai Senpai!
    124K 10.3K 78

    ❝In which Senpapansin Page helps desperate people get noticed by their crush. Find out how a girl gets noticed by Ten the feeling Thai Senpai with the help of the admins and SM Pookies.❞ ➜ nct's ten/chittaphon ff | epistolary completed

  • NCT Files
    48.2K 3.2K 24

    [[COMPLETED]] May hinanakit ka ba na gusto mong ilabas? Teka, medyo bastos ata.

  • DAIKIRAI | Yuta [SEASON 1]
    155K 6.6K 206

    Daikirai - means 'I hate you' in Japanese; if you hate someone or something, you have an extremely strong feeling of dislike for them. How can a 'not so innocent' girl get noticed by a snob? INNOCENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED EPISTOLARY #1. Highest Ranking: #6 in Short Story {091516}

  • M A N O K | taeyong
    6.1K 437 28

    "Kabuhok mo yung alaga kong manok!!" -chcknlover epistolary • slow ud • fanfic

  • Unnatural Love
    17.1K 871 54

    Clyde Kiffner Fondevilla is just like every other boy from other fictions: he is every girl's fantasy, and he can sweep ladies off their feet without even trying. Therefore, it's safe to say that the entire school's population is after him. With those striking eyes, perfectly structured nose and reddish lips, who won'...

  • NCT's Chatroom
    219K 11.7K 92

    [[COMPLETED]] Minsan ba naisip mo kung ano ang mga pinag-uusapan sa isang chatroom? E paano kung chatroom ng NCT? Tunghayan ang kanilang magulong usapan. [April 22, 2016 - - August 22, 2016]