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  • Naruto Various x Skilled! Unusual! Reader
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    (I REPEAT I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!!! MASASHI KISIMOTO DOES!!) (Y/N) has a very dark past..........BUT THINKS NOTHING OF IT!!! (Y/N) is a spunky,lazy,hot-headed,sometimes arrogant and sadistic,anime obsessed werido.(A GOOD WERIDO) She also appreciates food....A LOT!! She LOVES all anime and she always wished to be in an...

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    (The idea of the story came from the amazing female know as Jess or Aphmau!!!) Nutella Swan move to new house an go to da High School den sees the hottest of hotties but, which of da hotties will she da choose? CAKECOB OR TEDWARD!!! FIND OUT IN MIDNIGHT HISCHOOL EDITION!!!!!!