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  • Family Comes First
    18M 666K 83

    Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip club and interviews her. Walking home that night, he kidnaps her and brings her home to be his son's wife. Now on an isolated farm, she is brainwashed t...

  • Soulless
    19.1K 1.5K 46

    Adriana Crest's kind can walk the line between life and death, but to do that, they must die. Adriana always knew she was different; she could see what others couldn't. Those who surrounded her knew that Adriana was different; odd. Even Adriana's own father could tell there was something off with her ever since the cr...

  • Age of Fire
    3.9K 280 23

    Ariane Serafinos; The Bastard of Xanosia. But being the daughter of the Prince of Xanosia made her an important bastard; the first in the Serafinos blood lineage. A runaway, who lived life on the streets because in a moment of weakness, she couldn't handle how her existence tarnished the family name. But then the war...

  • Omerta- Book I (Winner of the 2015 People's Choice Award)
    46.1M 1.5M 78

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: * * * Omertà- noun (as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to authorities. Scarlett moves into her new apartment with the mentality that she will start fresh and rule her own life...

  • HIS TO KEEP (Book 1)
    505K 20.9K 25

    Sinners will burn. Ava's life is thrown upside down when she's taken away from the light and thrown into darkness. She's the angel Aaron has wanted for so long and he will stop at nothing to keep her in his chains. She's forced to live locked in a room with a boy who guards her and a twisted family who obeys their on...

  • His Game!
    3M 65K 35

    Carver isn't a guy you want to mess with- he's a ruthless gang leader! Dakota is a shy, quiet, well mannered girl who dreams of love. on Christmas Eve she's walking home when she's pulled into an alley way and raped by the notirious gang leader Carver but his identity is unknown to her. three months later she finds ou...

  • Mutations
    211K 14.5K 50

    | C O M P L E T E D | Subject Six is a genetically advanced human. Created in the new world of science, there are only four of her kind. Humans designed to be weapons in the new age, created with similar a DNA structure as animals. Raised in isolation, with no one but her Handler, she soon discovers that she is the o...