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  • Wrong Number? {Larry Stylinson FanFic} *Completed*
    195K 5.7K 28

    Wrong Number? Harry is an international superstar along with his band. Louis just and average boy who gets hired as a interviewer for Doncaster Hits Radio Station. Louis by mistake puts in a wrong diget and gets Harry's number Harry doesn't tell Louis who he is in worries that Louis would tell people his number, s...

  • drown - michaelandluke
    45.6K 3K 26

    "save me from myself don't let me drown..." or the one au where a messed up michael is fresh out of high school and gets hauled into college. there, he meets someone who could, quite possibly, change his life forever. @twentyonecastiels || 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • Black sweater boy (Tronnor)
    223K 12.2K 62

    For the one Connor see's but too shy to interact with.

  • caffeine scars ↛ larry au
    67.4K 4.1K 13

    Louis is a regular at the small café Coffee Crave, and he starts to take interest in a new customer. It might be the emerald eyes that dart around the tiny shop nervously, or the way that his cherry lips are pulled into a frown most of the time, but Louis instantly wants to help the boy. It doesn't help that there are...

  • echo. | larry stylinson.
    1.4M 56.3K 45

    ❞ Words hurt. Words break you, leave you in pieces. They hurt like a thousand knives. ❞ Harry Styles is an unhappy person, he is the victim of bullying at school. Being called names or beat up is a part of his daily life and he believes everything he is told. All the words haunt him every day and he is broken. Harry p...

  • Hello, Mr. Celebrity (Larry Stylinson)
    724K 27.8K 31

    Louis Tomlinson is worthless. At least, that's what he believes. His father has beat him everyday since Louis' mother died in a car accident. His life is pretty stressful; balancing money, staying alive, and falling in love with a member of the world's most famous boyband- wait, what? Oh, and throw in raising his two...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Never Knew I Needed You { |Nerd!Louis|Larry Stylinson AU}
    167K 5.6K 37

    Louis Tomlinson is a nobody at school. He's known as the 'nerd' and not many kids want to be around him. He hasn't had many friends, let alone someone to talk to, other than his family and one cousin Liam Payne who helps him through the tough times. But can a jock like Harry Styles change that? Or will someone get in...

  • Young and Beautiful (Larry Stylinson)
    85.8K 2.3K 39

    Completed   Mature