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  • Lost and Found (PTX AU)
    55K 2.7K 15

    When 5 lost high school students meet over the Internet, they immediately connect with their mutual love of singing, and Beyoncé. These 5 people stick with each other through thick and thin, even when their real friends desert them. Their eventual closeness helps them find themselves, but are they close enough to prev...

  • Magic School (a youtuber fanfic) (discontinued)
    1.2K 29 10

    In a magical school, you now find your favorite youtubers!(or not. I tried to add all that I could.) Follow them as they go through school learning to do magic. They experience the usual problems of school life, from normal teenager epidemics, to hard magic lessons, and... DRAGONS?! What kind of crazy school is this...

  • Secrets [#DISCONTINUED#]
    23.7K 577 19

    Aphmau and Kawaii Chan aren't just normal girls that you think they are. They are actually pop stars, but nobody can know that. When they move to the small town of Phoenix Drop, will they be able to keep their secret? Art not mine unless I say it is ♡ I'm aware that the cover is Katelyn, but I needed an Aphmau charact...

  • Phoenix Drop High: Secrets In Highschool {re-continued}
    60.6K 1.5K 36

    ||UPDATED EVERY TUESDAY|| Aphmau, or Jessica Aphmau Oddison (known as Lady Thor, The Princess of Asgard and much more) whichever you prefer, was a normal girl with a secret past.A secret YouTube channel and powers, which only her parents and her BFFS; forever Sky/Adam, Ross, Red, Max, Jin, Barney and Shelby and a FE...

  • Revealed Secrets
    50.3K 988 24

    Aphmau hides everything. She won't tell anyone about anything. She is in Phoenix Drop High. She is 16 years old and she had multiple powers. She has Adam, Ross, Barney, and Max. They are the only ones to find out what her powers are and they are the only ones who know her past. She gets mad easily and it will be ugly...

  • YouTube Highschool
    1.6K 50 3

    This is a story where all of your teachers...are youtubers! I had received inspiration for this story from another writer, but I am going to change the story.

  • YouTube Highschool
    16.4K 847 61

    Hi guys! It's Josie. I'm going to make this a book now because this seems to get the most attention so, I might make another one shot book but for now, this is what I've got! YouTube high school, sounds like paradise! Learning how to edit, talking with other YouTubers! But, imagine a time when there or many YouTubers...