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  • Sonamy Boom: Baby
    62.9K 2.1K 55

    Amy got kidnapped by Eggman. After Sonic rescued her she started acting strange and Sonic got all overprotective of Amy. Now Tails and the others want to find out why the two of them acted so strange. Everything get's even weirder after Sonic and Amy found a baby in the jungle, which happens to look a lot like Sonic a...

  • SonAmy: Where's My Happy Ending?
    8K 311 9

    "Work in progress... Just like my life." Sonic is a high school boy. He's not a nerd, not a jock, just popular with the ladies. Men envy him for his popularity, and ladies droll over him! No ones ever said they disliked or showed any malice towards Sonic. Except ONE other person. Everyone else kept quiet about his dis...

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: A Legend Begins (SonAmy)
    32.1K 1.2K 36

    "What makes you a true hero?" "Is it the fame? The money? The popularity?" The blue one asked the pink girl next to him. She giggled and spoke, "Maybe... but you want to know what I think?" She paused, "I think what makes you a true hero is that you stand up for what is right, that you make friends with everyone, and...

  • A Valentines To Never Forget
    436 21 5

    Hi guys! This is my new Sonamy story. It's a Valentines Day special! Even though it's not Valentines... Sorry if it's late, I've been busy, lazy and spending time with my girlfriend. Hope you enjoy and sorry for the latest. Rated T+ for suggestive themes.

  • Disabilities
    139 4 3

    There once was a girl her name was sonic she could do everything but one thing she had cancer and the doctors did not know what kind of cancer so she had to stay in the hospital for her whole life what will happen when all of that flips

  • End of the world (Shadow the hedgehogxReader)
    12.2K 400 15

    (Y/N) saves anyone and everyone from the Black Arms. But what happens if she needs to be saved? Ever since a black and red hedgehog saves her from the Black Arms he has been protecting her. Will she find out who this 'guardian angel' is? Why is he saving her? And will he become more to her than just a 'guardian angel'?

  • Shadow the hedgehog x reader: Silver Heart
    189K 7.2K 37

    You are Y/N the Hedgehog, Princess of the Western Kingdom of Camelot, and future heir to the throne. You are the chosen maiden that King Arthur decides he wants for his bride, but what would happen if you fall for one of his knights instead? (girls only) I don't own the story. Credit goes to

  • (Sonic) Aeropastle Aliyah
    50.7K 2.5K 200

    Sonic: What is thissss?????? Amy: A joke book obviously Shadow: DOES IT UNVOLVE GUNS!?! Knuckles:......Lebron James Silver: CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH Rouge: This is a Gucci household, WHO TF OWNS KAY JEWELERS!?! Blaze: I'm the better fire princess! Anna: No I am! Elsa:......Let it g- Cream: NO GOD PLEASE NO...NOOOOOOO Ali...

  • Shadamy: Gender Bender
    9.7K 453 13

    Shadow had finally got his crush, Amy Rose, to be his girlfriend. But Ashley(a new girl) gets jealous and decides to use the master emeralds power to change Amy into a boy. But by Accident, she changes Shadow into a GIRL. And know that he is one, he is no longer himself. Now he is called Shakira! Everyone is...

  • Our House
    546 54 14

    What do you do with six or seven homeless people in need of help? You give them a home! To share! All with different personalities! And who came up with this smart idea? No other than Sonic the Hedgehog, along with Shadow and Silver, they decide to house people in need. From children to serial killers, the list is end...

  • Love Is a Strong Word Part 1 - A Sonamy Story
    15.1K 555 13

    Amy Rose is in love with the famous Sonic Hedgehog. She can never stop thinking about him. She's bought him nice things, and cared for his injuries their whole lives. But on one day, they both finally snap, and everything is about to change.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Civil War Part 2
    3.6K 120 26

    The heroes are divided. Brotherhood is shattered. What is next to come in this gray Civil War? Unholy rule. With Sonic and Sally gone, what is Silver to do with the separated heroes? And with an old foe, how can they stop an almost impossible threat? Read the epic conclusion to the Civil War story. (Loosely based of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Civil War
    5.9K 128 22

    After a tragic incident that shook Mobiotropolis to its core, the government decide to step in for the safety of the people. But what happens when a new protocol is active? A split between the Defenders. You're either with the Government... Or against it. Loosely based off the Marvel Comics Event

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken brothers
    319 21 1

    Sonic, shadow and silver are brothers but something is tearing sonic and shadow apart. Will silver be able to repair the broken bonds

  • Brothers for life
    1.1K 31 2

    Sonic is afraid of water as we know but what happens when someone locks him in a cupboard filled with water

  • Blue Blood 3: The Cure?
    881 52 24

    Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Haven and now Lily are all on their way to the one spot they never believed they would find... The one place that holds a cure for Vampires, to help turn them back to the living. The group of five will face many challenges along the way, going from Eggman and Venice, to a new monster in the wood...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue Blood 2: The Madness Within
    3.8K 326 31

    How would you cope if your only teacher went mad? If the lost their sanity, and only wanted to drain you dry, until your noting but a sack of skin and bones. Well that's our teacher at the moment, and without her, we are vunerable... Very vulnerable... Our old friends are now out to get us, and so is Eggman. There are...

  • When We Get Bored
    24.2K 1.3K 117

    Haven: GUYS THIS IS STILL THE FIRST BOOK ADMIN JUST CHANGED IT OKAY SO THAT IT IS THE FIRST AND SECOND YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA Silver: *rubbing his ear* Ow... Sonic: Heh ^^' Shadow: And so it continues....

  • Insane SonAmy: Anything
    10.5K 309 8

    After a wonderful date with Sonic; Amy gets hit by a car. Sonic goes insane with grief and madness. Once his last bit of his saintly is wiped away he declares he'll make Amy come back. He'll do anything to avenge her death. Even if he has to kill someone else. Sonic=24 Amy=21 Tails=15 Cream=13 Blaze=17

  • SonAmy: Ghostly Love
    19.9K 654 8

    When a ghost falls in love with loser geek, Amy Rose, it'll do anything to make sure she's happy. Even if it has to kill everyone that gets in his way.

  • SonAmy: Utterly Yours (Ghostly Love)
    6.8K 281 9

    Amy and Sonic have been living together for a few months now. Silver is back to school, and Cream and Tails are living in the treehouse. When life seems perfect, it all goes wrong. Amy's mother said she'd make sure she'd die. She wasn't lying... Sequel to SonAmy: Ghostly Love

  • I Love You (Shadamy)
    11.2K 414 9

    Amy's been rejected by Sonic, again. She cried in the pouring rain. She swore to herself to never love anyone again so she would never suffer a broken heart. Will Shadow change her oath?

  • Shadamy: Can't give up on love.
    2.8K 83 6

    (Dedication to that_broke_girl for helping me come up with this idea of the story) Amy has finally got to marry her dream man, but she finds out that he's abusive and she would rather kill herself than be with him any longer. Right as she's about to end it all, Shadow comes and stops her. She instantly starts falling...

  • ShadAmy- Fugitives
    1K 46 7

    Shadow is on the run from the law, and innocent Amy Rose somehow, someway, gets caught up in the middle of it. It becomes a game of tug of war, and Amy needs to figure out which side she is on. Will she be able to dig deeper and find the truth of what's going on? And if she has to, will she be able to turn Shadow in...

  • Shadamy- the lonely hedgehog
    5.1K 162 8

    Amy rose the lonely hedgehog her friends were worried about her nothing made her happy she lived through a horrible life seeing everyone she loves die in front of her.Her friends couldn't do anything to make her happy until one day he did something special that made happiness come back

  • Shadamy: Opposites Attract
    24.3K 883 19

    "Opposites attract" said no one ever. Amy rose is a happy and excited girl that chases Sonic on the daily. Unlike Shadow, who is a quiet guy, able to find darkness in everything. It's Amy's birthday, and after chasing her favourite blue blur, she is left in the cold rain and with a broken heart in a dark forest. W...

  • Secrets of a Mother
    1.5K 127 15

    Amy has two kids, a loving husband, and amazing friends. But what happens when she goes missing? Shadow, Chaos, and Moon will have to go on an adventure to get her back. Will this bring them closer or break them apart? Sequel to Mystery Girl. Chaos is not mine. Please don't read Mystery Girl. I'm not proud of my 11 y...

  • "Now you want me?!" An Amy Rose FanFic
    6.7K 62 2

    When the Sonic crew gets their new looks for their upcoming game,Sonic Boom, Sonic,Knuckles, and Tails are all shocked by Amy's new and beautiful style.

  • ❤Do i-i l-like him?❤ (A Sonamy Tsundere Fanfic)
    5.8K 214 13

    AmyRose moved to a new School called Emerald High and her bestie is Cream. Then Amy meets Sonic he is well known as "Perverted Freak" as he keeps on staring at her legs and teases her, do you think Sonic will fall in love in Amy and she will feel the same? read on to find out..... Simler to an anime called Kaichou Mai...

  • What Did You Think I Meant?(Sonic Boom)
    4.1K 268 4

    I laughed so hard writing this XD This is some jokes that I got and turned it into Sonic Boom version.Its pretty funny to me.Hope you like it!Contains Sonamy,Knouge,and Stails :3 I don't own any Sega characters