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  • Best Thing that I've Got (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)
    54.6K 1.2K 23

    I'm Maddie. My parents abandoned me on the streets when I turned 13. I'm 16 years old now. I'm extremely lucky to still be alive. I have walked from Atlanta to Chicago in the 3 years I have been on the streets. But when I reach my destination in Chicago and meet someone who really cares for me, maybe, just maybe, my l...

  • Meant to Be || Cameron Dallas
    180K 3.9K 58

    Leah just moved to California with her mom and her brother after her parents split up. She will have to make some adjustments to find comfort in her life. She meets a boy named Cameron Dallas, and everything falls into place. Will she fall in love, and claim Cameron as her own? Or will she make the single worst mistak...

  • Ambition; c.d. #wattys2017
    97.1K 2.3K 30

    When it all comes crashing down, she runs away, going nowhere in particular but hoping for a better life. Her life is chaotic, but maybe he will take the pain away and give her the life she desperately searched for. Maybe.

  • I fell in love with my bully Cameron Dallas
    3.2M 67.1K 40

    Emma has been bullied since middle school by the same person. CAMERON DALLAS. In different events things change and she's starting to put down her walls. Will Cameron hurt her and make her put them back up? Will they be together? Read more to find out

  • Kissing School
    3.5M 35.2K 11

    "Alright. I got this far. What next Mr. Teacher?" He laughs at me. Actually laughs at me! If he thinks that just because his laugh is one of the sexiest sounds ever that he can get away with laughing at me, he is so wrong. My anger is lost the second his fingers start caressing their way up my leg, landing on my...

  • Magcon ||Completed||
    6.4M 86.3K 66

    Magcon. Not exactly the most amazing thing for Emily to go to, but her friends on the other hand love Magcon. Chloe, Jess, and Emily stay at her cousin's house (which is basically like a mansion, I may add) and it is next to the hotel the boys are staying at. Emily isn't as thrilled, but once meeting one of the guys...

  • Stuck in an Elevator
    2.7M 81.8K 42

    Ever been stuck on an elevator? Try being stuck in an elevator for 30 hours straight with nothing but a worn- out purse and a handsome stranger.

  • The Foster Home (Cameron Dallas)
    16.5M 301K 80

    While Bailey runs away from her foster mom. She comes across Cameron Dallas. She shares her past with him and grow closer with each other. All Rights Reserved ® I DONT ALLOW TRANSLATIONS DONT ASK

  • 50 shades of Dallas
    75.5K 1.5K 10

    "Mr.Dallas will see you now."

  • Mr.Dallas
    46.3K 836 10

    It's almost illegal, what's holding her back.

  • Mr. Dallas | UNDER REVISION
    69.8K 1.7K 19

    Every student has that one teacher that they fantasize about. She chose to make her fantasies.. A reality. One problem... He doesn't want what she does. "He'll never love me as much as I love him, after all he is Mr. Dallas." Mr.Dallas 2014copyright© all rights reserved ⇨toxic_harry⇦ #581 in short story! DISCLAIMER:...

  • My High School Teacher (C.D. Fanfiction//Hiatus)
    55.6K 981 14

    "I'll wait for you, No matter how long, I will wait." "I'm waiting because I know for sure that I'm so in love with you to never let my feelings for you be in doubt." A teacher falls in love with a girl that always has her guard on. How will this love story turn out?!

  • Long Time No See [C.D.]
    79.7K 2.3K 33

    What happens when Renee and Cameron meet up again? Will they be back together? Or will other obstacles stand in the way? Read to find out. Sequel to Mr. Dallas, My Teacher.

  • Mr. Dallas
    48.3K 665 10

  • Mr. Dallas (Cameron Dallas Fanfic)
    30.8K 518 4

    She was just a normal student. Normal life. Normal hair. Normal clothes. Just normal. But what happens when Meagan, falls in an intense, romantic, intimidating, and sexual relationship with her new teacher Mr. Cameron Dallas? *THIS STORY HAS SMUT IN IT. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS CONCEPT, DO NOT READ NOR SE...

  • Cameron Dallas • Dirty Imagines
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    for my Dallas girls.

  • Cameron Dallas Smut.
    51.6K 390 4

    If you love Cameron Dallas clap your hands. If you're dirty minded and you know it clap your hands. If you're horny and you know and you really want to show it, if your horny and you know it clap your hands. (Sorry for ruining your childhood )

  • ♡ smuts » cameron dallas ♡ [completed?]
    516K 5.9K 63

    ✁----------------------------------- warning; mature content :) ✁----------------------------------- I placed the phone back onto the dresser, turning around so now that I was facing Cameron, and began smiling whilst twiddling the black strings on his Thrasher pullover, "If that's what you want...

    Completed   Mature
  • Another Cameron Dallas Smut
    12.7K 85 1

    Idk what will and see what happens

  • Another Cameron Dallas Smut
    18K 115 1

    This is part one to a smut I'm writing, and I think to be honest my friends are the only ones who are gonna think, "Damn, this bitch is dirty!" sooooo I would read this with caution! I'm a girl who's a part of three different FANDOMS/Families so this is what happens...

  • My Broken Princess{Cameron Dallas}
    1.8K 41 4

    Scarlett Rose, the rich girl in school she has lots of friends and try's to be nice to every one. She has only one close friend Kayla they've known each other since they were in dippers. Kayla knows everything about her and Scarlett knows everything about her too. But Scarlett has a secret No one know not ever her bes...

  • Lustful Desires
    41.9K 672 39

    Anastasia Grey is your average bartender at an exquisite nightclub, however she's beautiful and innocently coated. Her best friend, Matthew Espinosa is the one who protects her from any men who want more than just a drink. One day, leaving work after meeting a mysterious gentleman, she gets jumped, and wakes up infron...

    Completed   Mature
  • fix you ✕ cameron dallas
    874K 19.8K 38

    in which a girl who is severely depressed realizes that she had found someone to love her. DO NOT COMMENT HATE. this story may be basic, but I was literally like 12 when I started writing it so I know it's not the best, it gets better towards the end & the sequel is 100x better