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  • The Hybrid
    2.4M 81.4K 50

    She's different than the others. They think she's weak. But she's stronger than they could imagine. He think she's not worthy of him. But she's the most precious thing alive. She's a hybrid and the strongest creature. Ever. Highest ranking in werewolf #6. 26/6-17 Ranking in werewolf: #7. 10/6-17 #8.29/5-17 #13. 22/4-1...

    46.1K 2.6K 8

    He bumped into me by accident, or maybe I bumped into him. I suppose it doesn't matter how it happened just that it did. He realized I am his beloved and it happened all because I kissed a vampire!

  • Hybrid
    271K 7.5K 15

    Annalise is a powerful creature.She doesn't want a mate, so what will happen when she meets him? When she finds out that her mate is the most powerful alpha in the world and he's very possesive and over-protective? Let's just say she is for a ride...a very difficult one.

  • The Last Hybrid
    138K 5.4K 14

    Alaska Paris Keller. Yep! Daughter of Xavier and Kat Keller. Long beautiful brown hair with sparkling ocean blue eyes. Perfect combo of her parents, dad's tan skin, moms eyes and personalities, Dads strength. But is there something else that she keeps to herself thinking her parents won't understand? Liam Channing. Th...

  • The Secret Vampire
    1.6M 64.8K 28

    **Completed but NOT edited. It's highly suggested not to read this book. I have yet to start the rewriting and editing process. This book has too many mistakes to even count at this time. I have much better books than this one which is why I must say looking back at this book is just embarrassing. I mean it's one of t...

  • Forbidden
    2.9K 84 1

    She is a thousand year old vampire. He is a four hundred year old werewolf. She stumbled into his territory. He couldn't just let her leave. Two enemies. One night. An unspoken agreement. A forbidden act.

    Completed   Mature
  • Attending A Vampire School
    1.3M 46.7K 30

    Saige Morris thought that moving to a new town once more would do no harm to her high school experience. How terribly stupid and naïve she had been. Wintercrest, the creepy new town she just moved too, keeps a dangerous mythical creature hidden from human eyes. With much shock, she learns all too quick that blood-suc...

  • Hunter
    3.1M 120K 34

    “Fuck,” I whisper, shutting my eyes and clunking my head to the door. “Where were you going, Scar?” Ace breathes, smirking like he’s been dying to do this all morning. Might as well not lie. “I was going to hot wire your car and drive back to California, grab all my cash, fly to Europe, live there for a couple weeks...

  • Beta (complete)
    15.4M 371K 44

    In all my gawking, I forgot I was seated at a window and that he could see me practically drooling over him. My fears were confirmed when he raised a perfect eyebrow and a smug grin played on his beautiful, full lips. I instantly dropped my blue eyes to my coffee and prayed he kept walking. I couldn't have been any mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***
    9.4M 114K 36

    Warning!!!! This is a first draft. If you want the new edited version please check out "Royal Pain (Rewritten)" I will be continuing the story in that book from now on. Three identical vampire princes are searching for a human girl to one day rule their kingdom. Little did they know that Deva was not like the rest of...

  • Sinful Awakening
    1.3M 27.6K 17

    Mina Reynolds has never been in a serious relatinonship, and has always been a one guy type of girl. Now one night she has a steamy wet dream of two guys that happen to be brothers. They are both built to utter perfection, the desire of every womans fantasy. And just so happen to be vampires. Mina thinking nothing of...

  • People Like Us: Part I (boyxgirlxboy)
    115K 4K 40

    (Continuation of the "Sweet Surrender" and "Saving Me" series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.) River is the son of two pretty well-known people in the vampire world, growing up with three other adopted siblings in a relatively small Oregon town. He's always been a pretty happy, sweet kid, but the weird thing...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lovely Bite
    3M 130K 102

    Highest Ranking in Vampire- #1~ 5/31/16 The Lovely Bite and the SEQUEL is in this book altogether. ~~~~~ What would you do if you are sent away from home to a school where there's only 20 girls and 6 boys? Adeline O'Here is one of the 20 and she isn't precisely fond about it. The six boys are human but when...

  • The Bloodline
    147K 5.6K 9

    A sickness spread threw the lands, taking lives of mostly woman. A handful made it out, and the government decided that woman were a rarity. They needed to be protected and treasured, in doing so it became very common for woman to have more then one suitor. The plan seemed to work, the number of woman started to incre...

  • I'm a slave to a vampire. Great!!!
    348K 10.7K 29

    April Violet is unlike any other girl. Her parents died a little while ago and she is left with her dog, Jasper. But Jasper isn't just a dog. Jasper is a shifter. He is supposed to protect April and help her find who she is. But she's also supposed to marry a vampire. How did she go from being a slave to a vampire's w...

  • A Slave For Royalty
    5.2M 182K 35

    Stolen in broad daylight, Darcy Rose, just eighteen is forced into the highest rated auction house available. Worth ninety thousand, she is shipped off and delivered to her highest bidder, a man whose beauty is truly indescribable to Darcy. Falling at the feet of two vampires, both so utterly fascinated with her human...

  • Primal Impulse (COMPLETED!)
    260K 12.5K 52

    Book one: Prized Possession Book two: Prince of Slaves Book three: Primal impulse Must read book two before this one!! This book is MATURE 18+++ Stoic's life continues to change around him and he can't figure out why he never feels settled. Why the pieces never fall into place fully. Months after his transformation...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prince of Slaves[Completed]
    280K 13.4K 37

    Right before his 18th birthday, his vampire master Ruth takes notice of Stoic. She begins to toy with him in a game he isn't fully aware of against the contract his father signed him away with when he was 6. Being under the thumb of a master manipulator, he uses ever thing he has, including his blood to try and win...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's mate
    247K 7.3K 32

    Rose had never been one to believe in fate. She wasn't sure of much, but she was sure that the only people controlling her future were herself and the demons of her past. She was positive she could weasel her way out of any situation she happened to stumble into. Until she met Xavier. Xavier Addams was exactly the typ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fangs Vs Claws
    3.4M 127K 65

    Published : March 9th, 2017 Highest ranking in Werewolf #3 Fangs Vs Claws Stella Parker, a 200 young beautiful vampire who is feisty and has a way with words. Stella is constantly moving from place to place with her family to avoid unnecessary questions due to the fact her family and her don't age after the age of 20...

  • Arrow of Artemis (The Brother's Grimm, #1) [PUBLISHED]
    672K 8.8K 15

    *SAMPLE ONLY* A Cursed Bloodline. A Bloodthirsty Beast. A Single Bite. The only thing Loren Bell cared about was passing all of her college finals and getting some much needed sleep. She didn't account on having a dropped down, dragged out fight for her life with a mythical creature (who by all accounts shouldn't...

  • His Possession
    4M 126K 56

    Book #1 of Taming The Beast Series. Amelia's life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped, tortured, then soon to be sold to a vampire when she comes of age. During an auction, she catches the eye of one vampire; Damon Gray. Damon is a very powerful, strong, and handsome, but tends to be cruel man. He...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Violent Love - Werewolf/Vampire
    3.9M 143K 38

    #1 in Vampire 18.7.2015 "Stay." He commanded. Arabella's lips quivered, she blinked furiously trying to hold back her tears. She took a careful step backward, then another. "Don't. I won't let you go." His grey eyes grew darker as he spoke the words. "Even if it kills me." With that, she got her legs moving. Each ste...

  • Sold To The Vampire King... Wait What?
    370K 14.5K 28

    My name is Amaya Stone. I am 22 years old. This is my story... My father loves gambling but one day he took a loan from a guy who he didn't know was the vampire king and gambled all the money. When the time came to return, he had no money and sold me to that blood sucking monster!! What the? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My name is...

  • The Vampire's Pet
    13.3M 553K 86

    this story contains adult content!!!! read at own risk. I glared at the vampire before me, pressing myself against the bars of my 'cage' before dropping the glare and offering him my sweetest grin, "once I get out of her I'm going to kill alllll of you!" I swept my arms out wide, my grin turning feral, "I'm going to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bleeding Royalty (Revamped)
    866K 37.6K 11

    Violet Florentina is one of the best at what she does. That is, hunt fang faces for cash. But when an anonymous, mysterious client who goes by the name "V" begins to test Violet's skills in the field, she finds herself out of her comfort zone and dragged into the dark world of vampire royalty. More specifically, the w...

  • The Walker
    4.5K 238 9

    Axel: Vampire prince, cocky, hot, snobby, flirty, has people falling at his feet. Sage: Vampire hunter, human, sarcastic, literally has people falling at her feet Ace: Lycan prince, sweet, determined, caring, dominant, prefers for people not to fall at his feet but at a reasonable distance What do these three have in...