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  • ~Adopted by YouTubers~
    610 20 4

    After Markiplier and a few other Youtubers signed a contract to live with each other, they decide to adopt a child. Or maybe two. Selina and Rozlyn are best-friends. Probably the most bestest friends in the whole friggin' world! they're orphans living in Flowering Branch Orhanage. When the one and only Markiplier co...

  • A Sparkley Rescue
    2.4K 30 22

    (a CaptainSparklez/Jordan Maron Fan Fiction.) Lillian Watson is a 14 year old with a weird and scary past. As hard as she tries to run from her past, she is never able to hide from it for very long. Just as Lily thinks her past has caught up with her, she is rescued by the one and only; CaptainSparklez. The only probl...

    924 30 1

    Read the title. A GIRL GETZ ADOPTED BY JARDON.

  • Adopted by Youtubers (Tobuscus + Captain Sparklez)
    70K 1K 35

    Karen a 10 year old has 2 fathers Toby turner (Tobuscus) Jordan Maron (Captain Sparklez) [no their not gay just to best buds fostering a child that all]

  • Adopted By the Mianite Crew [Mianite Fan Fiction]
    11.5K 407 31

    Annabeth Laurence is a normal teenage girl in an orphanage. One thing sets her apart from other- her love of Youtube and Minecraft. One unexpected day, someone comes to adopt her. But it's not just anyone. It's the Mianite Crew! What will happen when she goes and lives with these crazy people? Who knows? You are...

  • Adopted By CaptainSparklez(Biggest Fan Squeal)
    8.1K 197 15

    Amy has been an orphan as long as she can remember.Shes truly never felt like shes had anyone to talk to but everything changes when the young couple walks in, and surprise! It's Skylar and Jordan. Amy grows up a life as a youtubers adopted daughter and finally feels like she has a safe place, but when she turns 14 ev...

  • Adopted by Captainsparklez
    4.2K 81 29

    Neila gets adopted by Jordan Maron a.k.a captainsparklez

  • Gold Rush{Very Slow Updates}- A CaptainLexDil40Plier Fanfiction
    421 30 16

    It's the 1890's, and Lexi, Jordan Maron, and Mark Fischbach are going on a Klondike adventure. Lexi gets a letter from her mother telling her that she has to choose one of the boys. Will it be Jordan? Or will it be Mark? Or... the slight possibility that everything is in her imagination?