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  • I Got You || j.jones ➳ #Wattys2018
    154K 3.7K 43

    The new girl in town somehow does the impossible and manages to tear down Jughead's walls within hours of meeting him. Jughead's confused, but he's bound and determined to figure out the mystery that is the black haired beauty, Savanna Marrows. // Season One of Riverdale {Book One}

  • Life Without You ~ (A Cameron Dallas fan fiction;recreated)
    1.6K 29 27

    Ally is 16 years old. She's tough, silly, smart, and responsible. She hates the thought of having a boyfriend. She knows too well that every guy is just like the other. But she underestimated one. She learns that there are some good guys out there. But she has a hard time learning that. • Contains the use of bad word...

  • Youth ➳ Peter Parker
    332K 9.9K 14

    ❝I just wish everyone could... you know, be a hero. Help people.❞ ❝If all people were like you, Peter, you wouldn't be a superhero anymore.❞ [tom holland's peter parker] [inspired by ca:cw] ©octavicblake trigger warning: mental illnesses, death | current rank: #1 in peter parker highest ranking: #358 in fanfic

  • ₦ØŦł₡ł₦G ŦҤE ł₦Vł$łBŁE || #Wattys2017
    15.7K 565 13

    "Take off your glasses" he says reaching for my face. "w-what, no! Stop! I can't see without them!" I say as he pulls them off. "Woah" -------------------------------------------------- Valerie Hannah, the shy and cute nerdy type. She's always been in the shadow of the twin sister Erica because she was born second...

  • Skater Girl
    28K 737 30

    Hayley Graham is 17 and not your average high school teen. Okay, she enjoys shopping and wearing light makeup but take all that away, and you got a rock chick. Hayley is cool, smart and all around a pretty awesome girl who just happens to love music and skating. Where most girls love Prada, lip gloss and shoes, Hayle...

  • Bad Boy Brady
    75.9K 2.4K 33

    "I don't trust you." Amelia said in all honesty. "Smart girl." Brady said. Amelia took a step closer. "But," Brady stopped what he was busy with and watched with curious eyes as Amelia stood a few feet away from him with her wide blue eyes solely on him. "But no matter how much I want to, I can't stay away." Brady...

  • The Gangleader Paction
    284K 13.2K 21

    It's the middle of the night and it has finally come to your attention that you have mercilessly devoured the last of your Ben and Jerry's, leaving none for an intense movie marathon. Well, what do you do? Reschedule movie night for a date when you do get your greedy little hands on that ice-cream? No! Of course...

  • Tutored By The Bad Boy
    241K 9.2K 99

    (COMPLETED) Samantha Gray never thought she would ever need a tutor. She was always a good student. Sure, she may get a couple C's from time to time, but overall she was a well-rounded girl. But, when her basketball coach tells her that she'll be stripped of her captaincy, or worse, kicked off the team, she decides t...

  • Until he came along
    214K 7.6K 53

    Highest Ranking// #49 in Teen Fiction - 19/01/2017 ------- "Hey urmm you know I never got your name?" Seth questions looking confused... "That's because I didn't say" I grumble out, "You-you j-just talked to m-me" he stutters... "Yes so" I hiss out giving him a pointed look, "N-nothing it's just you've nev...

  • Sister?
    121K 2.8K 20

    "Scar, your mine," he chuckles, looking down at my crumpled form. Hot tears burn my cheeks. "Your my brother Shane, and I have a boyfriend," I cry, my words run together. "I will kill anyone and everyone who touches you," The veins bulge out of his neck as he yells, "I am, and always will be, the only one who EVER tou...

  • The Bad Boy is my neighbor
    268K 5.8K 23

    Violet Day (17) has moved 7 times in three years with her brother and twin brother, Keith (24) and Kyle (17). She moves back to her home town where her best friend, Zoey Parks lives. Violet has always been the quiet girl with really no friends, thats until she meets Ty Collins, the "bad boy" of Winston High School, wh...

  • The alpha player I'm his Luna (unedited)
    324K 12.9K 50

    ( UNEDITED ) Book 1 Luka is the alpha of the Luna pack the bad boy player of his school but what will he do when he meets his mate for the first time Selina is the daughter of alpha Greg, what will she do when she meets her mate for the first time As the bad boy player meets his mate he starts to play games with h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heartbreak » l.h.
    34.6K 910 37

    "It's hard work breaking a heart„ I wrote this in 2013-14, just letting you know

  • Daddy and his Princess
    63.3K 277 1

    Short stories of an adventure of a Daddy and his baby girl.

  • Stay With Me
    29M 1.3M 44

    | ranked #1 | 01.12.2017| | completed | 11.13.2017| | Winner of The 2017 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | It's finally winter break, which means Amelia, Aiden, and the rest of their friends get to enjoy a well deserved vacation at the beach house. After all the drama, the death of Aiden's step-father, and Aide...

  • Heart of Fire- ON HOLD
    384K 21.4K 9

    Rule 1: Trust no one Rule 2: NEVER hesitate, especially when it comes to killing Rotters Rule 3: Trust no one Rule 4: Your survival backpack stays on you at all times Rule 5: Trust no one Rule 6: Always carry more than one gun Rule 7: Make sure your guns are loaded at all times Rule 8: TRUST NO ONE 18 year old Camille...

  • Fuel
    32.4K 1.6K 1

    The insightful, relatable, not-so-simple relationship with food: the fuel for your body; and how it shaped who I am today. - This was my entry for the Wattpad Scholarship 2015, where we had to write a true short story about something that shaped who we are.

  • Let Me Be Your Princess
    2.3K 140 1

    "Just please, give me a chance to be your princess." -Lucy Heartfilia ❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍●❍● PLEASE DO NOT COPY. ANY REQUESTS TO COPIED OR TO BE POSTED ELSE WHERE WILL BE REJECTED.

  • how the bad boy saved me
    26.5K 872 3

    Addie Smith has been left broken and bruised by her father so many times she needs someone to save her. Ryder Wilson has been the bad boy at school for as long as he can remember. What happens when Ryder finds Addie broken and bruised in an alley? Will this finally be what Addie needs? Will Ryder have found the one pe...

  • the bad boy saved me
    49.1K 1.2K 9

    "I'm useless" another cut "no one cares" another cut continue reading to find out what happens **i don't update often**

  • Protect Me
    27.6K 965 3

    Thea Walker is just a regular sixteen year old girl. A regular girl who goes through hell and back more times than anyone ever should. Will Kingsley is the schools resident bad boy, and the boy who saved Thea when she was attacked at a party. Will becomes fiercely protective of Thea, but he can't protect her from ev...

  • the bad boy saved me
    57.6K 1.9K 7

    megan has been abuse all her life.her father has beaten her sence her mom died.she is scared of men in general, one day she has a encounter with the bad boy of her school Trent miklan.he changes everything that she belives in.he changes the view she has on the men and on the schools angry,scary,uninviting bad boy. ***...

  • The Bad Boy Saved Me
    115K 3.5K 17

    Hi my name is Elena Tucker, and this my story. My life isn't so good I have an abusive father, and a workaholic mom. Everyday I walk into school with bruises on my face, but nobody cares, they just push me around and that's why I self- harm. One day in school I accidentally bumped into the school bad boy- Vince Reed...

  • The Bad boy saved me
    58K 1.9K 19

    Grace Daniels she's sweet, smart, country, and very sarcastic. She recently moved from Tennessee all the way to California to start a whole new life. Although she might come off as a care free and an easy going girl she has secrets. Dark and tragic secrets that haunt her every day of her life. Kyle King he's the bad...

  • The Bad boy saved me
    42.7K 1K 8

    Ryan Kelley was the social outcast in her school. Getting beaten by her step father and emotion abused by her alcoholic mother doesn't make her life any better. Ryan is very depressed, she's tried to kill herself but couldn't go through with it. She goes to school every day with bruises all over body and scars on her...

  • The Bad Boy saved me ...
    25.4K 132 11

    You know when one person comes into your life and crashes your walls down. Well, that happened to me, but I had someone to bring them back up. I'm Tammi Black and this is my story. This story contains drugs, suicide, depression, violence and graphic language. Anything written in this story is pure imagination and I a...

  • The bad boy saved me
    13.6K 291 4

    Meet Alexis Johnson a normal 17 year old that happens to be in a abusive home. She is just about to crack when Oliver comes into her life. He is bad for her but is he her only way out from her the sprial she's going down in? Will she let him in, will he break he heart and will life ever get better?

  • How The Bad Boy Saved Me
    50.5K 1.6K 15

    Eliana and Josh are two opposites, Eliana is unpopular and shy while Josh is just about the most well-known person in town, with a bad boy attitude. But just like magnets- opposites attract. Eliana and Josh know that their relationship will never be perfect but when secrets emerge and truths are revealed it looks like...

  • My Boys
    19.9K 509 5

    In total there are thirteen of them. Thirteen people who changed my life for better and for worse. These thirteen where my boys.