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    DenisDaily!! I'm bad at descriptions JUST READ IT!

  • Step Brother (Sketch x Reader)
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    My mom just cheated on my dad with someone else, Well.. our family tore apart. We moved in with this stupid family.. AND UGHHHHH. I HATE IT. I have only one thing to love about this place... Elijah.

  • my best friend elijah (a sk3tch fanfic)
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    Sky has just moved across the world from England to America. But when she runs into her favourite youtuber, Will she face him head on or will she back out half way through?

  • Sub's twin sister (The Pals x reader) #Wattys2017!!
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    It all happened when I was 18. When my mom and dad got divorced. When I met The Pals. My life was all ruined. I never thought this would happen. And it was all my fault. But I never knew these boys would change my life.

  • No Happy Endings ( SKETCH X READER FANFIC ) *Completed*
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    You are in an abusive relationship with Biff and one day, you are walking home when you bump into Elijah, or Sketch.

  • my fake boyfriend (denis X reader) | c o m p l e t e d
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    denis x reader yes. another one of those. disclaimer - i wrote this about a year ago, when i was a big fan of denis. im not much of a gaming fan now but i do stop by when i feel like it. i thought this was a 'good' idea. it really isn't. it is very cringey and just eh. if you would like to keep reading, go ahead...

  • It's All I Wanna Say~Sub X Reader
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    Sub had a rough childhood, let's just say, It caused him to never speak. On his way to Starbucks, he thought about things people usually wouldn't. Y/N was on her shift at Starbucks when Sub entered. She blushed at his kindness, nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, else was this nice to her. Lattes dumped over her head every mi...

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    a pals story, mainly centered around you x elijah. elijah and denis read. first sketch x reader story!

  • thoughts and dreams
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    just amaya and kaiya's thoughts (less authors notes on other stories) amaya writes in bold kaiya writes in underlined​.

  • pale demon A Subzero X Oc!! [On Hold]
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    "you maybe a demon... but your my demon" "I belong to nobody" I said walking. away from him. hello! I'm ayano but call me aya! I'm in High School in the end bully because of my looks I have pale white skin and straight white hair!

  • true love
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    I'm bad at descriptions? no longer writing in this book!!!! may edit idk

  • All of you. (pals love story.) *complete*
    4.8K 127 49

    You are the sister of braden and you have just recently joined the pals. But what happens if one of the pals have secret feelings for you? find out in this drama love story!

  • [Complete] It's All I Wanna Say [Sub X Reader]
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    Continued-Original story by my Inactive account: @Cookie_Crumblez