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  • Visionary Dream - HomeTown Fanfiction
    3.8K 292 46

    Cian was woken up by Dayl while deep into a dream he didn't want to wake up from. When cian realizes his dream is appearing to be real and is right in front of him, he runs towards it . Meeting Michaela changed his life forever ! Along with the rest of HomeTown . This story explains the lives of each member of HomeTo...

  • One video now you're famous
    1.8K 90 28

    Will Amanda be able to face the world after a member of one of her favourite bands retweets a video of her singing and goes on tour with them ? Or will she crack when she finds her long lost brother ? A lot happens but will she get through it all or fall at the hurdles ?

  • My Hometown
    98 13 3

    After loving and dedicating about a year of your life to an Irish band. You finally found out that they were going to be in your hometown. Hometown have many meet and greets how ever this one was very different.