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  • sister of dodge
    87.9K 3.1K 192

    is the sister of dodge, jackass human sadly, she is a half hearing, she can sign, she works at ape jail with her brother and her father. After getting into another fight with her brother , he locks her in cage with Caesar During this they become close , he frees the chimps, he finally speaks preface ~ I would never s...

  • Rise of an Era
    9.9K 386 14

    "I've lost my family and everything I loved. I don't want to lose this one!" - Kira "It's impossible for a human to understand the ways of an ape!" -Dodge "She is my daughter, Kira" -Amelia "I may be a human, but my heart beats for the apes" -Kira Born as a human, raised by the apes. Death came at 4 year old Kira and...

  • Dawn of an Era
    8.9K 326 14

    Ten years after the liberation of the apes, Kira and her ape family lived peacefully in the Redwood Forest without having any contact with the humans until a young man named Malcolm requested to rebuild a dam that was needed to save the human race. The apes were wary but Caesar and Kira knew it was the only way to bri...

  • My Little Bird | Blue Eyes (Under minor grammatical editing)
    114K 2.5K 36

    A girl is sent up to the dam to work on it when she has a run in with death, only to be saved by none other than an ape. When her camp is destroyed, and Caesar offers sanctuary in his home while she works, what happens when a bond forms between her and Caesar's oldest son, Blue Eyes? [Rated M for later chapters]

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Eyes (Blue Eyes Love Story)
    49.4K 1.6K 61

    Mina is a mute who lived in the woods when the apes found her. she and Blue Eyes started to grow feelings for each other. (story is now a bit longer and more interesting. enjoy!)

  • Blue's Birds |Dawn of the Planet of the Apes|
    15K 429 16

    [Sequel to My Little Bird] Two years later, the village is still living peacefully under Caesar's rule. But one day, Malcolm receives a visitor, and Rain soon uncovers secrets in her past and about herself that she never knew. (Sucky summary, sorry)