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  • The Perfect Life
    30.5K 1.3K 30

    Edward lived a happy life. At least he finally did. He was happily married for the second time to the true love of his life Isabella Swan... or Cullen. They were the perfect couple. The marriage anyone could dream of. The perfect home and the perfect nursery for their little one that's on it's way. There's just one p...

  • The Forced Marriage With The Vampire King
    2.3M 87.1K 64

    The Krestochian city or the night city of Krestochia, regarded for its beauty and enchanted serenity is ruled by an emperor named Henry Nicolov. Who is known for his charisma, wit and the fearsome aura that he holds. He is considered cruel and ruthless in a strange way because he is not just the ruler but a vampire as...

  • Blood and Ballet
    29.5K 2.9K 36

    "You fear what you do not know, Celine." Caius always read my deepest thoughts - my darkest worries. "But I think more so than anything, you fear that you will like it." My eyes were wide, and I nodded compliantly. Yes, he was right. And he knew that. Eagerly he buried his nose in my hair, inhaling deeply. "How into...

  • Nightmares
    9 3 2

    Scarlet has been having tragic nightmares every night since she turned 16. There's a boy in her dreams calling out for her his name she can't seem to understand. But all she knows is something out there's coming for her and the mysterious boy in her dreams is trying to warn her. What happens when this boy shows up at...

  • Twilight Breaking Dusk - Book 1
    2.2M 25.9K 40

    [This is a Breaking Dawn continuation story] After the Volturi had left my family and I in peace we planned to live happily ever after. Only, to live happily ever after would come with a great cost especially when you thwarted the Volturi. They knew that they were over powered at the moment and left peacefully. Littl...

  • Beauty And The Vampire: It All Started With A Rose
    2M 84.8K 50

    A dark mysterious vampire fantasy novel * Everyone has heard of the tale of the Beauty and Beast. About a father who picks up a Rose for his daughter. About a daughter who sacrifices herself for her father. And a tormented Prince cursed by a fairy. What if Vampires weren't as sparkly as some people said them to be...

  • The Vampire Next Door
    10.2M 268K 36

    He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something in him, something he couldn't and wouldn't accept. “If I were you I’d keep that stake sharp. Don’t expect anymore visits like this, next time I come I...

  • My Twilight
    663K 11.8K 22

    A completely new spin on Twilight. Join the beloved characters as they meet in a completely new setting: Bella is already a vampire.

  • A night with Dracula
    3.3M 91.2K 39

    "I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two week's and everything is fine at first.. before two people have gone missing or at least that's what their telling us... but soon after sonee goes looking around in a sec...

  • My Little Bella.
    149K 6.7K 39

    Bella is 5 years old when a terrible car accident happens, leaving only her alive out of her, her mother and her father. As if things could get worse, she has to live with her uncle, who is still mourning the lose of his wife, her aunt, Janis, and as a result, is abusive to Bella...terribly. Who would save her from he...

  • Vengeance
    130K 3.9K 37

    Instead of going along with Bella's choice, what if Edward had taken action against the child growing inside her? Story is not for the faint-hearted, and DOES NOT end with a happy ending.

  • Baby Bella
    3.9M 56.6K 71

    Bella was left at only a few months old. Emmett and Edward find her....but can the Cullens really raise a human such as Bella without hurting her? not to mention Bella is the most delectible smelling thing the Cullens have seen. Read on to find more about Bella and the Cullens and there struggle to really raise a chil...

  • Carlisle's Diary
    173K 2.7K 140

    This diary starts off after the events post our battle with the Volturi and us moving to Hanover, NH so that Bella, Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett could attend Dartmouth. Please join me on some crazy adventures, unforeseen friendships, and the general insanity that happens when you are an immortal! I hope you enjoy my di...

  • Our forever: twilight fan fiction
    42.8K 1.6K 20

    A new school year is approaching and the Cullen's are moving to live with their "cousins" the Denali coven. It's Bella's first year in high school as a vampire. She's scared she can't pull off the act of a human. She's also worrying about what she's going to tell her dad, Charlie, about the Cullen's moving to Alaska...

  • Renesmee's Diary
    5.9K 135 17

    "Well this is lovely. That vampire just got a hold of me and now I'm in so much pain. I'm trying to hide it from Jacob and my family but it's almost too much. What the hell's happening to me..." Welcome to Renesmee's Diary....7 years and Nessie is a fully grown, beautiful young woman. But things have taken a turn for...

  • Edward's Diary
    11.2K 207 24

    This diary takes off right after Breaking Dawn ends. It is about that thing called life, when it being lived Cullen style! Join me, Edward, as I try to balance being a father, son, brother, husband, and well . . . father-in-law. (Anybody having ideas about fending wolves off of your daughter, you are most welcome to...

  • Esme's Diary
    245K 1.9K 30

    My name is Niki and this is my interpretation of what could have happened in Esme's life before Twilight and after Breaking dawn. Some of the content used has been sourced from Twilight lexicon. I own nothing, I am merely a fan continuing her love for the twilight saga!!!! All work, other than the twilight character n...

  • Edward and Bella: Another Love Story
    101K 3.9K 32

    In this fiction adventure join Bella as a vampire going through a repeat of lives. But when she moves to a small town named Forks, under a constant cover of clouds and rain, she meets more of her speacies- more like her than any other vampire. Since her past isn't the most happiest, Bella has trust issues and has a si...

  • My Twilight! (ON HOLD)
    721K 15.9K 28

    Bella Swan is a vampire who moved to Forks. There she meets the mysterious Cullen family. She knows that they are vampires right away, as she has lots of powers and though she doesn't know it, she is the most powerful vampire in the world. Edward Cullen is a vampire too but he has been a vampire for hundreds of years...

  • Alice's Diary
    3.5K 119 11

    Hey everybody! This is the new Alice's Diary! I am a huge fan of the series and am very excited to be writing for you. I hope you enjoy my writing! This diary starts off during Christmas time and proceeds from there.... Alice’s Diary entries © Rachel Boone

    739K 13.6K 46

    16-year-old Brin Skar hates everything to do with being scared, so she isn't happy when she discovers that her junior year Film class at Grisly High is devoted to the horror genre. Worse, the first assignment for the students is to create their very own horror movies. Brin and five classmates travel to Bodie Ghost To...

  • Crescent Moon (Sequel to Crescent Sun)
    396K 7.5K 14

    The sequel to "Crescent Sun: The Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn". Renesmee has gone missing, and the Cullens along with the wolves are panicked and worried. What they won't expect is who helped took her. They never expected that a long time aquitance who has helped them before, would turn on them now. Will the Cull...

  • Turned (Book 1 in the Vampire Journals)
    1.7M 24.7K 18

    TURNED is book #1 in the #1 Bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, which includes eleven books (and counting). In TURNED (Book #1 of the Vampire Journals), 18 year old Caitlin Paine finds herself uprooted from her nice suburb and forced to attend a dangerous New York City high school when her Mom moves again. The o...

  • Arranged Marriage
    54.2K 2.2K 21

    Isabella Marie Swan lives with her wealthy mother and father in Forks,Washington. Her mother despises her and her father loves her to death. One day when Bella comes home from school she finds the royal family of Monaco in her living room. Her parents explain to her of the arranged marriage with the soon to be King, P...

  • Bella's life after Edward leaves her
    17.4K 571 18

    Edward leaves bella in the middle of the woods what happens when she visits the volturi? When the Cullen's see bella is one of the 4 guards what will happen?

  • My Revenge On Edward
    16.6K 779 7

    He promised me forever. He promised me that he would never hurt me... And I believed him...that was the first and last mistake I'll ever make... Copyright 2015

  • Isabella Marie Volturi
    45.7K 1.4K 43

    When Edward leaves Bella, all Bella wants to do is die. She goes to the Volturi but what if Aro convinces Bella to became a vampire? What if after 2 centuries Bella goes back to forks and see the Cullen's there? Main Characters: Isabella (Bella) Swan (Volturi) Carlisle Cullen Esme Cullen Alice Cullen Emmett Cullen Ed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sworn to secrecy ON HOLD
    29K 1.1K 17

    Being abused is nothing new for Isabella Marie Swan. She has been abused since she was 6 and is now 17. Her dad is into drugs and lives far away and her mom died giving birth to her. Bella is left to live with Phil, Her moms new boyfriend right after she found out she was pregnant. He always blamed bella for his girlf...