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  • Alpha Asher
    704K 26.1K 73

    It was no dream that I saw him yet again behind me . His silver eyes gazed into mine through the mirror. My breath hitched as he leaned in and whispered , "My Lia " ------- Lia Summers a 19 year old teenager who was abused by her parents and yet again by her boyfriend. She ran away hoping to find a better life .. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Deception
    7.8M 306K 58

    Previously titled Alpha's Bargain ⚡️ "It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house." I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both from his intense stare, and the fact that I would have to stay in the same house as him and the raven haired girl. "You're lying." He shrugged, his arrogance r...

  • Losing Control✓ (New Adult Romance)
    896K 28.1K 36

    Addison Welch thrives on control, an obsession that lands her in the hospital with a severe panic attack. Although the night is a blur, the one thing Addie remembers is Lex Montgomery, the gorgeous medical intern who visited her room. Weeks later, she is still trying to forget about Lex-a determination that becomes mu...

  • Fucking Royalty ✔
    1.1M 35.3K 51

    Diana takes a one night job to frame a man for some dollars and she expected it to be a normal guy but it turned out to be a prince who immediately falls in love with her. She's expected to keep her distance after the job but she started to find solace in the boy she almost framed and he wanted to show her what true...

  • The Royal Heir(BWWM/Interracial)
    852K 34.8K 36

    Amora's life has never been easy but she never complained. Although it was only her mother and her that was all she ever needed to be happy and contented. When she lost the one person who has ever loved her her world seemed to have crumbled from beneath her feet. That is until one night of pleasure with a dark mysteri...

  • Try me, Mr. 'Bad Boy'
    1.5M 50.3K 58

    Goofy. Rebellious. Strange. 'Nerdy'. Dangerous. These are just a few words to describe Riley Storms. Being a teenager is hard enough, hell, growing up is a difficult task. Being normal isn't something that this spunky sixteen year old has ever been used to. Her father is the leader of Mayhem, the most powerful gang i...

  • Acting Royal #Wattys2017
    10M 403K 75

    He needs a wife. She needs the money. The playboy prince needs a respectable girl to play his doting fiance for the weekend. If he doesn't convince his parents he's a changed man, he can say goodbye to his crown and inheritance. Enter Jenny, an actress who has just been hired to play the role of her life. Especially s...

  • The Alpha's Beloved
    306K 11.8K 47

    Alpha Jason Silverstone has been alone for 12 years; since the incident. One mistake as a reckless teen caused him to loose his family, his mate and his most trusted friends. In anguish and sorrow he has done everything he can to make it up for those lives. And for the first time in twelve years, hope comes to those...

  • CEO's Kid
    215K 6.7K 24

    Read to find out !!! The summary posted its the first chapter !!!! ( ending sucks ! Just saying ! ) #Wattys2016

    Completed   Mature
  • A second chance with romance
    15.3K 272 15

    A squeal to Artificial Mix Up Libby Bluebird is again kidnapped by her Mate. She is a human, best friends with a werewolf, and has fallen for a werewolf who is also an agent. Nickolas Fansler, was recruited to be an FBI agent, and had to fake his death so his family wouldn't worry about him. But what he didn't expect...

  • My best mistakes |COMPLETED|
    90.5K 2.1K 140

    A LOT OF DRAMAA!! You've been warned Emma Franta is the good girl, what if her friends forced her to come to a party in a school night? And the bad boy is there, put two together, what will it be? She keeps meeting a boy who keeps giving her the best mistakes.

  • The Werevamp Princess and Her 2 mates
    196K 5K 49

    Because of a Prophecy, the Werevamp Princess Angelina Roselyn Wolfen finds herself ending up with 2 mates, one destined to be a Vampire Prince and the other destined to be a Werewolf Prince. In the middle of all this crisis she also finds herself having to face the meddling Demon King and his minions.

  • The Billionaire boy trapped me (Wattys2014)
    3.1M 72.6K 42

    "The Story of Betrayal, lust, and Fortitude. " Will you forgive someone who had betrayed you? Even though he's the most powerful and wealthiest man alive, that can take you down with every power that he possessed. The same man whom you've given your vow with. And what will you do, if you have become enemies with y...

  • Brazilian Lounge
    56.8K 1.8K 30

    Love doesn't always come in the expected ways. Maybe it was the alcohol in his blood, maybe it was the smoke in his lungs, or maybe it was all the years of subconsciously listening to the poisonous words of people adding up. Whatever it was, it affected Aftonio's emotions that particular night. The night when Ms Ameri...

  • What Goes Bump In The Night (Book One).✔
    1M 52.5K 51

    Yearning for that dominance, that need to take charge, I shoved his tongue out of my mouth and inserted mines into his. He gripped my ass firmly. He groaned against my mouth, enjoying me as I struggled to take control of him. I pulled away. Reaching for the little clasp on my bra, I licked my lips seductively as I un...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hard to Get
    203K 4.8K 36

    Maeve Wright is independent, fiesty and never backs down from a fight, so when the arrogant, flirtatious and complete Irish pain in the arse, McCauley 'Leigh' O'Leary shows up at the bar she works at, she tries her hardest at avoiding him. The problem is, he is just her type and he's interested. Take away his irritat...

  • His Good Girl
    108K 4.4K 45

    Life hasn't always been easy for Mia. Her family was fucked up, her friendships were disastrous. She had to learn to live by her own terms. I'm not saying it was always like this. Mia used to have everything. Mia just wanted to get through college without anymore problems but the return of her father and the return...

  • Lilianna (NEW VERSION)
    160K 8.2K 73

    Lilianna was his closest friend, they had even considered them mates. However, that all changed when Lilianna had suddenly disappeared when Seth's parents died. Now, eight years later, they meet again. Will Seth become her friend once again or are they destined to be apart?

  • Bring Me To Life
    879K 72.1K 63

    Growing up with split parents due to his father having an affair and leaving his mother for the other woman, Thomas Reid is no longer the fun loving little boy that he once was. He's now twenty years old and holding resentment towards his father and eighteen year old half brother Mason who he always felt was favored o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rising From The Ashes #wattys2018
    595K 21.8K 49

    "SOLD!" His voice boomed throughout our territory and my eyes widened in shock and betrayal as reality begin to sink in. I looked to my mother, his wife, his mate, his Luna, for help and she looked away shamefully. Sold. My father just sold me. To a pack of bloodthirsty rogues. ATTENTION: THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN A LOT...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon King (The Demon King, #1) - Completed
    4.1M 169K 60

    The Demon King, Dimitri Rae the most dangerous and brutal demon you could ever come across has been ruling over Rovana for a very long time. Life tends to get boring so Dimitri results to torturing and killing humans as a form of entertainment. This has been going on for more than a century and the humans are too weak...

    Completed   Mature
  • Count On Me
    258K 22.1K 62

    When her sister dies, heartbroken Lizzie Breen is literally left holding the baby, or in this case her four year old nephew Nate. Amongst her sisters things she finds the contact details for the boy's father, and contacts him. But she doesn't want to lose her nephew, especially not to cynical and angry Oscar. She'll...

  • Loving Olivia
    1.9M 68.5K 34

    Nico Durant is living a lonely life as the remaining member of his household. Not only did his twin sister and best friend move away, but he's also recovering from the wounds his ex-girlfriend caused. Olivia Paz is the mysterious new girl on campus everyone is talking about. But she only has two goals in her life: wor...

  • Her Best Man
    295K 10.9K 40

    In more ways than she could count, Aurora Jenner repelled the idea of love. Her broken past and reserved demeanor made it nearly impossible for her to find a man. As the maid of honor to her best friend's wedding, Aurora is willing to do whatever it takes to make the big day perfect. Her nickname was the "perfectioni...

  • Room 234's VIRGIN
    19.8M 812K 102

    Hera was a virgin a virgin in every sense, she had never had a drink, had a boyfriend, gone to a club, had sex, smoked or done drugs. She was an angel that gave angels a run for their money. A freshman in a new college in a state away from home she always believed she could stay away from all of those till marriage...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suddenly Princess
    1.2M 29.5K 45

    AnnaMaria Romanoff grows up with an adoptive family, thinking that her biological parents were working class citizens of the country of Chirnova, who died tragically in a car crash when she was just a year old. It's her senior year in high school now, and in the two weeks before her 18th birthday her life will change...

  • The Girl with the Tattoos
    999K 32.8K 36

    A tattooed street racer, Kat is as unladylike as possible with a matching attitude. After crashing her car and being put in the hospital, Kat's family sent her to live in Texas with her grandma, hoping to change her boisterous ways. Kat is faced with living on the family estate or going to prison for her illegal acti...

  • Rejection at its Finest
    85.5K 4K 34

    "Thalia, run and don't look back!" Rejection is a bitch It hurts, It sucks, And you can never run away from it. Even after three years, the rejection by your mate comes back to bite you in the ass...Literally. Scarlett Montgomery was rejected by her "mate", and even after leaving for THREE years, the rejection comes b...

  • Cheater
    459K 17.9K 78

    And that was the day I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. **COMPLETED**

  • Helping Mr Mafia. (COMPLETED) (editing!!!)
    327K 12.5K 55

    One night, Aria Johnson was working as a doctor with her assistant and best friend. Maya Thompson. Suddenly a group of men came bursting through the hospital doors holding two other men who were bleeding with bullet wounds. Demanding for a doctor to see them. Both girls knew during situations like this they needed t...

    Completed   Mature