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  • Demon of the Shadows | Hatake Kakashi [Editing]
    152K 6.7K 20

    A monster is always a monster, and nothing will ever change that. She's innocent, stained by the traditions of her clan and sent into the depths of tragedy and loss. She runs and she hides, but the past can never be ignored; it will never allow itself to be ignored. A monster is always a monster, but a shred of light...

  • I Hate Basketball (Kuroko No Basuke)
    98.9K 4.1K 34

    "I joined Teiko's basketball team." He said. She stared blankly at him before nodding. He knows she hated basketball, but he liked it. She was in no place to stop him from doing what he liked. "I joined the Literature Club by the way." She answered reading her book. "OK." He said, exiting her room. She pushed up her g...

  • What's Basketball? (Kuroko No Basket/Haikyu!!)
    25.6K 1.3K 19

    HAIKYU!! × KUROKO NO BASKET "No. Y-You're dead. You can't be alive!" "Oh, OK then. I'll just go and make a quick stop at Maji Burger's before I get back in my grave. Sound good to you?" Sequel to 'I Hate Basketball'. If you haven't read book one, don't read this. Read 'I Hate Basketball' first (^o^)/. B A S E D O N...

  • Paths of Divergence
    5.5K 284 22

    The end is on the rise. The truth isn't what it seems anymore. It's covered by lies that are covered by more lies. In this ninja world everything seems to be a facade, almost a fake place to be where peace is unattainable and killings still take place. A survivor, out of the smoke and dust fights through this world, t...

  • Leave it Behind°||°Magi fanfic°||°
    75.7K 3K 32

    Delphine was accepted into a family she thought that she would be with forever. But nothing ever lasts forever. They threw her out like she was nothing. But as she finds herself alone she finds the comfort of people she would one day learn to love and treasure. Even if it means going back to her past. (this is the up...

  • Orenji (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfiction)
    58.9K 2.2K 14

    Have you ever realize that the Generation of Miracles actually resembles the color of a rainbow? Like Akashi as red, Kise as yellow, Midorima as green, Aomine as blue, Momoi as pink, Murasakibara as purple, and Kuroko as their shadow. But there's one color missing from the rainbow miracle. Yeah, the orange. He's known...