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  • bat family text
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    in the title ^

  • Son of a Bat ~Book 1/2~ {Cover by -TheHuntress-} {Cancelled}
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    Bruce leaves the Batfamily to talk to Talia and comes back with someone that leaves the family shocked. Enjoy! BatgirlGeek❤️ Completed: April 17th, 2017 Edited: July 31st, 2018

  • Ask the Batfamily {Unedited}
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    RANKINGS: #40 on dares -------------------------- Ask the Batfamily any questions you want! Wait am I in here? Um...well Helena- Just look at the bright side, Helena people get to ask us stuff! Is that really all you could think of Dick? Yeah, Jason is right. Even I think that's lame. Yeah Tim's got a point. So we're...

  • Bullied - Young Justice
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    Dick Grayson had another run in with the school bully. How will Bruce deal with his little bird getting beat up at school? Who will he call for help? Fluffy daddybats oneshot. I do not own YJ

  • Batfamily Oneshot
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    I saw a writing idea post on Tumblr and thought this one would be great for Damian and Dick. I might do more of these later.

  • Damian Wayne one shots
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    one shots with dami

  • Sick Dami
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    Damian gets sick he passes out then when he wakes up he insists that he wants to go on patrol Dick says no (Bruce is on a trip) but Damian disobeys and goes out on patrol and gets even sicker

  • Ask/Dare the Bat family
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    Read the title...TA DAAAAA!!!

  • Batman's Daughter ~Book 1 of 4~ {Cover by dcgirlssociety} {Completed}
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    RANKINGS: #1 on Helena Wayne -------------------------- Catwoman tells Batman that she's pregnant... with his child!! Come and experience the story of Helena Wayne on Earth 16! BatgirlGeek❤️ Completed: August 2nd, 2016 Edited: July 31st, 2018

  • Closer
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    Bat Family book! Damian and Bruce have a big argument where Bruce kicks Damian out! With nowhere else to go, Damian turns to Jason. See how they bond and what Bruce will do when he figured out that Damian is still upholding the Robin name. (Damian is 8) Bad summary, sorry. I don't own pictures Enjoy!

  • To Heal a Broken Bird
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    When Damian has finally had it with his father, he runs away, only to get hurt in the process. When Jason is patrolling and come across an injured bird, he helps him heal his wings. What did Bruce do? What will Jason do? What happened to Damian? Read to find out!

  • broken brotherhood
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    The whole bat family is together. For now. Dick and Bruce is especially happy about this. But not Damian. Damian just wants his privacy and time with just him and Bruce. But he doesn't say that. When Damian's anger gets the best of him, him and Dick have a huge fight. Damian says something he'll regret forever. Dick i...

  • Batfamliy one-shots
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    Quick one-shots of these amazing little guys!! They are like my.....BABIES!!!

  • Social Life (A Damian Wayne Story)
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    We all know what Damian Wayne does in the Batcave, but what does he do at Wayne manor or school? Damian is an advanced kid, so socializing can be tuff . When Damian starts eighth grade he is determined to change himself. Though his new friend Ana Gaspar is uncertain.

  • Brother's 'till the end
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    The bat-bros care a lot about one and other. That's until, Bruce gets fed up with Damian sends Damian away! Not to Talia but to the juvenile detention center! He gave up his blood son! The brothers are unsure what happened to Bruce that made him do this. But they know one thing, they're gonna get Damian back whether...

  • Ask and dare (the bat fam)
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    Ask inn the comments and I will try to get the bat family to answer! What do you say bat family? Nightwing/ Dick Grayson: yay! I love ask books! Red hood/ Jason Todd: sure just don't bring up the joker thing.... Red robin/ Tim drake: sure sounds good by me, whatever could go wrong? Robin/ Damian Wayne: fine whatever ...

  • Damian's robbed childhood
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    Dick tries to make up Damian's robbed childhood.

  • The Bat Family
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    Batman tries to heal from a horrendous ordeal that tested him physically and mentally as he and his family face threats from their past and guilt that is eating away at them.

  • DC Batman Random Thoughts
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    I'll be mostly posting pictures and some of my funny thoughts on Batman and everything related to him (like the boys). I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OR THE ARTWORK THAT I'LL POST!! The characters are own by DC COMICS

  • Don't Trust The Boy In The Red Cape (Young Justice)
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    Bruce Wayne never went to the circus on the day the Graysons died, meaning he never adopted their orphaned son, Richard. Dick went to a Juvenile Detention Centre for eight months before spending a year going in and out different foster homes, each one rejecting him, now he's in a Gotham orphanage. Five years after...