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  • Can We Save Phan? (A Phanfiction) (A sequel to What If Phan Is Real)
    53.3K 1.5K 12

    After Dan and Phil's bad breakup Dan is left alone with nothing but the engagement ring. They are separated for 5 months, Dan is now living with Alex Day and Phil is living on his own. They have no contact with each other. What will happen when they bump into each other at the train station, will it be phan all over a...

  • kik . phan
    5.7K 197 10

    Oops, It looks like AmazingPhil's phone has been off/disconnected for a while now. We'll deliver your message when they return again.

  • I have always noticed you.
    256K 9.2K 25

    First book in the I Have Always Noticed You series Dan tries to keep to the shadows and away from everyone else. But Phil sees him and doesn't want him to be alone. What will happen when their two worlds collide, will it be beautiful? Or will it crash and burn? -Trigger warning-

  • I'm "Phantastic"!
    84 8 6

    Dan and Phil were always friends. They wouldn't function without each other. Maybe one day something would happen, maybe they had feelings but maybe they had other plans.

  • Be My Juliet
    1.5M 39K 55

    Penelope recently moved to England to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She never expected to fall for anyone, especially the Youtube sensation Dan Howell, better known as danisnotonfire. Will their relationship work, or will something get in the way? **Warning: May be triggering. ©writingmaniac321

  • For All The "I Love You's" // Dan Howell EXTREME EDITING
    9.6K 404 54

    ITS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER BABY. Rea Nichole, is a 23 year old American woman. She moves to London to live out her dream of living the London life. But the move doesn't take her far enough from her past. The scars tell her story, leaving a constant reminder. All seems hopeless until she meets a British duo by the n...

  • Psychotic 》d.h
    100K 5.5K 25

    After a series of mysterious deaths, that looked like forced accidents, the town of Bridgeport is in constant fear of who's next. Including, Anne who wasn't worried until her best friend was found dead in the middle of the woods, she was crucified with upside down crosses craved into her arms. All seems safe until An...