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  • rilaya gifs!
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    a collection of gay gifs of your fav girls

  • The Girl On The Bus >> RILAYA
    1.6K 96 5

    Riley Matthews is going to a new school, and new school means new bus. Riley's bus was a bus where kids from other schools get on. She meets a certain blonde on that bus. That blonde is Maya Hart.

  • Girl meets growing up
    1K 32 7

    Riley Matthews had just started 9th grade. High school is a year full of new changes and firsts for Riley. She gets through all these tough changes with her best friend Maya.

  • Stay With Me [Rilaya Pregnancy Story]
    5K 138 14

    Riley is 15 and pregnant and Maya is in shock. But when Lucas starts threatening more terrible things Maya must stay super close to protect HER Riley

  • People Meet Rilaya
    4.7K 267 6

    The same concept as "Mortals Meet Percabeth" books. Each chapter is a oneshot of someone meeting Rilaya for the first time.

  • Start Over // A Rilaya Fanfic
    1.1K 47 4

    When Maya Hart get's into an accident, will her best friend Riley Matthews be able to tell her how she feels before it's too late?

  • ~X ILLEGAL X~ Rilaya
    2K 57 5

    " Maya stop.. You know that same-sex relationships are illegal, we shouldn't be doing this. " " Oh yeah? Watch me break the rules baby, just follow my lead. " A Rilaya story brought to you by Rilayanation. All rights go to Michael Jacobs, The Gmw cast, and Disney Channel

  • Reality ↬ [RM + MH]
    1.4K 97 4

    Riley's back in reality and it's like the whole world has turned upside down. Maya is engaged to someone else and has a kid. Riley is the owner of a huge company that she doesn't even know anything about. She feels so alone and the only thing she could depend on to get Maya back is her reality shocks. Sequel to Mrs. H...

    8.1K 292 5

    Maya has always been a slave to her step mother ever since her father died. it had been a big impact on her and having to serve her mom isn't really helping. Maya's mother, her step brother, her step sister has been talking about a ball coming out and Maya definitely wants to tag along...

  • 3AM | Rilaya
    49.8K 1.9K 17

    in which riley loves maya unconditionally. {lowercase intended for bio}

  • Tell Me You'll Be My Pluto
    4.2K 161 6

    "Maya please once you know it we'll be back together; and this storm Will be over" I said reaching for Her hand but she pulls away "No Riley you just have this twisted Need to fix things." Maya says bitterly with tears running down her cheeks "Maya its gonna get better... Tell me you'll be my Pluto" I say about to c...

  • Bitter and the Sweetness
    17.6K 790 8

    "Maya! Where are you going?!" Riley yells, following the blonde girl. Maya stops and turns around to face Riley. The blonde's face has tears trailing down her cheeks, and her lip is quivering. Riley steps forward, but Maya takes a step back, her combat boots making a loud smacking sound on the concrete. "You want to...

  • reasons to ship rilaya | completed
    19.3K 1K 9

    [ reasons to ship rilaya the original ] in which a few reasons to ship a happy brunette and a rebel blonde from girl meets world, either romantically or friendship wise, we all ship them [ awesome cover by @slothtato ]

  • ily ▷ rilaya | social media au
    1.9K 145 2

    that acronym that everyone's using now days means more than it seems [ rilaya social media au ]

  • Girl Meets New Love
    194K 6.9K 123

    Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter have been besties since the first day of GMW auditions. They spend almost every waking moment with each other and know everything about them. What could happen when unexpected feelings are discovered?

  • Maya's Queen
    2.7K 125 5

    This is a Rilaya (Riley and Maya) fanfic. Riley and maya discover their true selves as teenagers (19 yrs old) and move in together..what happens next?

  • Girl Meets Sexuality
    189K 6.9K 105

    A class assignment forces the clique six to learn about sexuality. Maya keeps her's a secret, and Riley finds out the truth about herself. A familiar face returns and causes sparks to fly. How will everyone react? Meanwhile, Auggie and Farkle team up to work together on a secret plan

  • imagination » rilaya
    74.6K 2.8K 33

    Riley and Maya have been friends since ever. Maya also have been in love with Riley since ever. But she kept it a secret. What will happen when the secret comes out? ❝There's no coming back from this❞ ❝No, but I wish there was a way❞

  • My Fake Girlfriend
    4.9K 230 4

    "I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to flirt with my girl!" //Rilaya//

  • INSANE ( rilaya. ) ✓
    159K 6.6K 127

    maya hart was an enigma. ( riley matthews x maya hart ) ( girl meets world au ) © keiynans 2016

  • Masterpiece / Rilaya
    20.6K 854 16

    In art class when Ms.Kossal tells the students to draw and paint a portrait of someone. Riley chooses to draw Maya. Everyday drawing a feature of her best friend. Will Maya find out the painting is of her ? ❝ She 's my masterpiece . ❞ [ A fan-fiction based on the show Girl Meets World . ]

  • Girl Meets Hart
    128K 5.4K 83

    (Rilaya fanfic) Riley and Maya have been the bestest friends for as long as they could remember. But does anyone even know the story of their friendship? Did Maya even like Riley when they first met? What made them go from being friends to lovers?

  • Secrets - Rilaya
    3.8K 205 12

    Maya Hart and Riley Matthews are the best of friends. They never leave each others side. But lately Riley's been acting strange and being distant. What's going on? *This book is smut free. Only fluff* *Thank you to @ashisatrashcan for making the new cover!*

  • Rilaya~forever
    2.3K 127 10

    Maya and Riley have been Best friends their entire life but when Maya has unwanted feelings things go down hill.

    1.5K 67 7

    in which a few rilaya shippers create a collection of one shots.

  • Everything I Need
    290 17 3

    Riley's feeling strange things. Good, but strange things. Good but strange things about a girl she barely knows - Maya Hart. Do these feelings mean anything? Riley would say they have to, but she doesn't know what.

  • Cheap Thrills » rilaya
    1.8K 99 5

    baby i don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight - for Cassie

  • Rilaya
    128K 6.6K 172

    Reasons why Rilaya is endgame and theories

  • Phantom. [Rilaya] AU
    73.7K 4.7K 42

    [COMPLETED] The tragic love story of a sad girl named Riley and a dead girl named Maya who must work together to find her killer, amid heartbreak, mystery, and learning that perhaps death is not the end. - Reviews for seasidestyle; This story is absolutely beautiful, and simply too romantic and amazing for so...

  • Teddy Bear
    2K 81 5

    [IN THE WORKS] ❝how did your love become so violent?❞ maya hart is in a fight with her best friend. [mockingjaytrilogy 2016] [cover help from voidkira book cover help]