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  • Adopted By Janiel
    10.9K 192 28

    Hi my name is Natalie Johnson .I am 15 years old.And i've been at an orphanage for about 10 years now.I was on a stage with my friend because it was adoption day and, once I looked up I saw 2 very familiar faces walking toward me and saying something i've never heard in my life. Read to find out what will happen. (Bt...

  • Adopted By Janiel??
    21.2K 507 27

    Lilly was a normal 13 year old girl.... Sorta.. She was abused all her life by her father till she was 8 when her father finally put her up for adoption. There she had a good amount of friends but one girl hated her. By she didn't care. One day Joey and Daniel decide to adopt a girl and end up picking her. There's onl...

  • Janiel's Babysitters
    7.9K 290 24

    The ingredients to this story One fairy named heart One popular ship One magical little girl Mix it all up together to make a creamy story about how Joey and Daniel became Janiel's babysitters. Wait what? Put it in the oven and after an hour take it out to let the story unfold before you. And while you wait for this t...