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  • Isqhbazz (Lovers)
    511 52 4

    Abhimanyu Singh is a cute and the most handsome guy in the college. What will happen when he'll fall for the most popular girl of the college?? . . . . Shanaya Mehra is a pretty and the most popular girl of the college. Will she accept Abhimanyu after her haunted past?? . . . . To knw wat happens nxt read the story. C...

  • The Villain's Love [Completed]
    10.2K 1.2K 30

    This story is of a villain who's in search of his mother's murderer. He meets many girls but is he destined to love only one. What happens when he falls for one of the girls? His mission will be at stake and her life will also be in danger. Will love be lost between hatred and betrayal? Can a villain get his happy end...

  • Broken Hearts [#MissionDesi]
    903 105 7

    Alia and Shraddha are sisters. They used to be close but that all changed when some unrevealed events happen to them. Now they moved back to their hometowns and something big happen. They meet Varun Dhawan, who changes their life forever. Varun Dhawan is the CEO of Dhawan companies. Will he able to heal these sisters...

  • Some Infinities Have Endings ❤
    12.8K 2.6K 20

    "He cannot do this to me! He cannot leave me like this?" She said sobbingly. Minute by minute, it was turning hard for her. She tried her best to hold her emotions back but she couldn't. "What does he meant to you?" I asked her coldly. "You can never understand...

  • Love's Strange Ways *COMPLETED*
    101K 6.9K 28

    #34 in General Fiction (17/08/2016) An unmarried guy in his mid-twenties, Vishal leads a carefree happy-go-lucky life shuttling between his work, his social life with his friends and colleagues, and his empty apartment to which he returns at the end of every day. But unlike most other guys his age, Vishal wishes to h...