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  • Gio
    154K 5.9K 22

    When tragedy strikes in the ring, Giovanni Bravo falls into a deep depression, walking away from his dream of boxing to train instead. He agrees to a two month get-away, helping train Felix Sanchez, his high school buddy and now welterweight champ of the world. Once at Felix's lavish boxing complex, he's reunited with...

  • Felix
    115K 3.4K 19

    They say the only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that it can't get any worse . . . or can it? World famous boxing champ, Felix Sanchez, had it all-the fame, the fortune, and all the women any man could ask for. When the hours of partying followed by hours spent in court and in rehab begin to outnumber the...

  • Forever Mine (The Moreno Brothers)
    1.4M 36.1K 34

    Seventeen-year old Sarah's life is turned upside down when her single mom is sent to jail. She's forced to move, leaving behind everything she's ever known, including her best friend Sydney. Lost and bitter in a new school, her one goal is to save money and move back home. Then she meets Angel Moreno. Enigmatic but go...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Sofie (Moreno Brothers)
    20.1K 469 5

    Sample the first 4 chapters of the 2nd book in the best selling series The Moreno Brothers! Sample chapters of ALL the other books coming soon! =D Her entire life, Sofia Moreno has dealt with overprotective brothers. With her three older brothers always lurking, no boy would dare reach out to her. Luckily for Sofia, t...

  • When You Were Mine (Moreno Brothers)
    47.7K 1.2K 11

    **Chapters will be loaded daily up to about 30% of the story. When her head was screaming “enough,” her hopeful heart continued to whisper “wait.” It's the only way Valerie Zuniga can justify her ongoing addiction to the amazing but ever, elusive Alex Moreno. Mesmerized by the profound connection neither has ever qu...

  • Romero (Moreno Brothers)
    24.2K 593 7

    Prim and proper middle school teacher Isabel Montenegro always runs the opposite direction from men like Ramon Romero. A foul-mouthed, uneducated, loose cannon has no place in her careful plans. But instead of running away, Isabel is completely captivated. The intensity of his nature, while a bit daunting, mesmerizes...

  • Making You Mine
    64.2K 2K 16

    Always in control, the meticulous and professional Salvador Moreno is thrown for a loop when the newly hired bartender Grace Zendejas suddenly invades his family's restaurant, and infuriatingly, his every thought. For the first time in his life, Sal is fumbling. But after recovering from a few blunders he discovers hi...

  • Forever Yours (Moreno Brothers)
    44K 1K 9

    Read the first 5 chapters of Forever Yours right here on Wattpad - Then you can read the sample of When You Where Mine! The prequel novella to Alex and Valerie's FULL length story Always Been Mine! Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine. They beat the odds of high school sweethearts withstanding...

  • Always Been Mine (Moreno Brothers)
    58.6K 1.5K 12

    After one heartache too many, Valerie Zuniga vows to never let Alex Moreno hurt her again. A year later, she is forced to reunite with him at a party where one unexpected sizzling kiss confirms she's far from over him. No way will she allow herself to get sucked back into that torment. She'll resist him even if that m...

  • Abel
    382K 11.4K 23

    Coming off the worst divorce in the history of marriages, Nellie Gamboa's looking to let loose and make up for years of neglect. When months of building sexual tension between her and the young hot boxing stud, Abel Ayala, finally peak, she makes him an offer no man would refuse. No promises. No demands. Just pure unr...

  • Noah (5th Street series)
    3.9M 136K 46

    Veronica Cruz has been through hell and back. After disconnecting with the world two years ago to be at the side of her dying mother, she's left alone, unemployed, overweight, and feeling a decade older than her twenty-eight years. When her best friend coaxes her into joining the local gym to ditch her depression and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hector
    122K 4K 21

    "I'm a big fan of Reyes 5th Street Series but I have to say Hector is now my ultimate Reyes crush. A sexy, bad boy trying to be good is all kinds of delicious. It pulled on all the right emotions and left me happily satisfied in the end." New York Times best selling author Abbi Glines - Vincent Boys, Too Far and Sea B...

  • Fate
    18.7K 663 22

    Fate is a Moreno Brothers spinoff series When Rose tagged along with her big sister to a baby shower the last thing she expected was to meet a guy. But this wasn't just any guy. This was the exciting, sexy as sin, way out of her league black sheep of his family--Vincent Moreno. Even more surprising, this heart-stoppin...