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  • Organised Chaos - Sherlock x Reader
    268K 11.2K 103

    Sherlock x Reader "Love is giving someone the power to destroy you... But trusting them not to." - Unknown You are John's baby sister, visiting him in London from Scotland. His flatmate is Sherlock Holmes, who irritates yet intrigues everyone. You are no exception. Cover by @Mjlonirs-Majesty Highest rank: #4 in Fanfi...

  • How to make a deal (Dipperxreader)
    55.5K 2.3K 22

    One summer a set of twins move into your Neighborhood. You decide to go visit them, but what happens when you start to have feelings for one of them and make the Biggest mistake of your life?

  • Love, Matt - Matt Watson x Reader
    28.4K 851 31

    Love,Matt. A Matt Watson x Reader Fanfiction. "Through anything and everything, I will always love you"

  • What Life Would That Be? (Markiplier x Reader)
    417K 11.7K 47

    Markiplier x Reader My first story so if it sucks im sorry lol

  • My YouTuber (Markiplier x Reader)
    831K 25.6K 30

    You've just started your own YouTube gaming channel. You were inspired by your idol, Markiplier. One day you watch one of his videos and he's given you a shoutout! You feel honored just to have him say your name, but will there be more or is your only communication through YouTube videos? Read to find out!! (I promis...

  • My Fangirl (Markiplier X Reader Story)
    141K 4.8K 36

    (Y/N) finally caught a break. She and and her friend were going to Pax East, the best event ever! The only thing (y/n) wanted was to see Mark and tell him how much he meant to her. When Mark is away when she gets there disappointment strikes. (Y/N) starts walking around to see new games when she bumps into a man and g...

  • Just YouTuber Friends? (Markiplier X Reader )
    97.4K 3.6K 34

    (Y/N) was a YouTuber. With over 5 million subs. She was inspired by Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, but mostly, the one and only Markiplier. One day, at Vid Con they run into each other. (Y/N) then starts having feelings for Mark. Does he feel the same way, or are they "just YouTuber friends?"

  • Kisses and poison (markiplier x reader)
    94.9K 4.4K 50

    I got away from all the pain but whenever I look at you, all I feel is hopeless love. Even though what you did made my life great, it was still a mistake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark was the bad boy. The one your mother told you to stay away from, the one that will break your heart, the one every girl wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacksepticeye Imagines {Completed}
    1.9M 65.4K 92

    hi hello all of these imagines are from 3-4 years ago n they're super cringe but I don't have the heart to delete this?? •COMPLETED• HIGHEST RANK: #2 IN FANFICTION

  • My Maes Hughes (Markiplier x Reader)
    70.5K 2.9K 25

    This isn't your everyday Markiplier fan fiction. Read it till the end for a little surprise.

  • Stay With Me (Markiplier x Reader)
    67.4K 2.2K 8

    This was written by MarkimashGirls. I might make some suggestions, but otherwise this is all her. I was asked to publish it due to technical difficulties.

  • Youtuber Preferences
    802K 14.1K 127

    Youtuber Preferences! Currently Have: •Pewdiepie {Felix} •Markiplier {Mark} •Jacksepticeye {Sean} •Skydoesminecraft {Adam} •Game Grumps {Arin, Danny, Ross and Barry} •Game Theory {MatPat} •DanIsNotOnFire {Dan} •AmazingPhil {Phil} •Shane •Smosh {Ian and Anthony} THIS BOOK IS COMPLETED THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT

  • BBC Sherlock Imagines
    748K 25.2K 101

    The hiatus is killing me. Taking requests for any characterxcharacter, or characterxreader.

  • Together (Markiplier x Reader) | Complete
    314K 13.7K 57

    Wanting a change you decide to move away from home to LA. When your new neighbour wakes you up at 3am(and you're in your underwear! Hip-fricken-hooray!) who knows what that might lead to... ~~~ - Themes vary between light hearted, serious and romantic. Fun for everyone... Also, I'm going to be writing this story from...

    Completed   Mature