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  • He Wants Revenge
    19.7M 758K 65

    || Highest Rank - #3 in Teen Fiction || Amanda thought she had found the love of her life. She had everything perfectly planned out; the university she would attend, the car she would drive, the house she would own, the place she would get married and even the money she would earn. Much to her dismay, all her plans...

  • Iron Oracle (IronMoon #2, PUBLISHED/SAMPLE)
    3.1M 44.5K 10

    He was the Moon's Dark Comet, and served Her anger. For the accumulated sins of our kind, he had been unleashed. I was an Oracle, the Balance-Keeper, to see that the Comet did not sway from its intended trajectory. We had always been these things, and we were those things before we were anything else. Complete trust...

  • The Sea God's One-Night-Stand (ON HOLD)
    804K 37.1K 36

    How to have your life flip-turned upside down in five easy steps. ⇨1) Find out your long-term boyfriend has been cheating on you with your assistant. ⇨2) Get completely wasted at a charity auction of a wealthy client. ⇨3)Have unprotected sex with a good-looking stranger whose full name you cannot properly pronounce. ⇨...

  • Ice And Iron (IronMoon #3)
    1.9M 136K 50

    The Moon has given Gianna a most... questionable... reward: a choice. Lord-Alpha Gabel of IronMoon, the Moon's Dark Comet, is still bound to her by a slumbering Bond. Furious at the Moon for Her betrayal, Gabel has sworn that he will reclaim Gianna as his own, or he will rip apart the cosmos itself. Lord-Alpha Aaron...

  • Blood of Eden
    498K 17.7K 27

    When Katherine LaFlamme is summoned home by her father, the Alpha of the North American wolf pack, she drops everything and answers the call. Despite her desire to experience the human world before she settles down, Katherine is fiercely loyal and, as her parent's first born and the pack's best tracker, she's an esse...

  • Tethered
    298K 12.4K 18

    "The girl is mine" he all but growled, motioning with a tilt of his head towards me. In that moment I knew exactly who he was and what he was talking about. I paled at the realization as my throat went dry and my heart slammed against my chest repeatedly. "Oh my god" I whispered, covering my mouth as I backed away...

  • Soul (on hiatus)
    678K 49.5K 49

    *mature for lang and possible (probable) 'adult' content heh.* I was about to scream for help when a strange sort of smoke seeped from druggies mouth and entwined itself around tall and dark's hand, running up his arm and illuminating the sharp planes of his face, feeding into his slightly parted lips. I gasped, stum...

  • Incubus
    78.2K 3.2K 20

    Adrian had hunted Amélie for longer than he cared to admit. And that, coming from him, was saying something. Usually, he found no difficulty seeking out the girls he had been assigned and luring them in with his handsome figure and tantalizing smile. He was an Incubus, after all - a demon whose specialty was...

  • Seven Seas (on hiatus)
    69.2K 5.7K 12

    Lorelei Eden is the daughter of a wealthy merchant, bored with her daily life and the binds that restrain her as a Lady. She dreams of freedom and a new wild life she knows she can never have. Or never thought she could. Not until pirates seize her fathers ship and take her along with the rest of their loot. Lorelei i...

  • Visions (on hiatus)
    47.8K 4.3K 13

    "I do not know what to tell you Mrs King. I have done as you asked. It is not my fault you dislike the results of your own decisions." The woman before me blinked rapidly, "My decisions? No I never decided any of this!" "...But you asked. What is known cannot be forgotten. It was your decision to peruse that lead to y...

  • The Lady in Blue (Second book of The Vampires Pet) (on hiatus)
    1.5M 78.7K 30

    READ AFTER READING THE VAMPIRE'S PET. One year ago Lord Dawson shut the doors of his mansion after the tragic death of his pet and has yet to open them since. People living around the manner have not seen their lord in a year, only the occasional glimpse of servants leaving the gates of the huge estate. And every now...

  • After The I Do : Meeting At The Fault Line Book #1 ✓ (available for purchase)
    2.2M 47.4K 16

    [Highest Ranking | #2 in Vampire] Necropolis, a city of mythical creatures, magic, and the occasional miracle, is host to a vicious power struggle between two prominent families. The only solution is an alliance-an arranged marriage-uniting two men born to hate one another. Thanos Right, the heir to the Moroii empire...

  • Treason (on hiatus)
    335K 22.3K 35

    Vega Moore and Beowulf night are an unlikely couple but three months after Wulf initial arrest things are going strong, both about to graduate it feels as if nothing could stop them. know unless you count the huge target on their backs and the river of bullets being thrown at them as Wulf goes testify against h...

  • The Mercenaries Dark Desires (ICS Book Three)
    209K 9.2K 8

    Highest Ranking #5 in vampire!! You don't need to read the first two stories to read this book! A human cursed with immortality, Nicholas Storm courts a death that will never come. A skilled mercenary Nicholas is hired to save a creature he despises, a Forsaken vampire. Alexandria Lockhart is a vampire seeking redempt...

  • Saving Grace (on hiatus)
    340K 25.9K 39

    When Gracie Granger was born the doctor who delivered her died of sudden heart failure. On her sixth birthday her uncle hung himself in her closet. Three months later her aunt drove off a cliff after dropping her off. On her 13th birthday her best friends family was murdered four hours after she left. After Which Grac...

  • Thy Kingdom Come (on hiatus)
    215K 19.8K 39

    "They say that before you an I had ever existed there was a kingdom and within its borders a world of magic." "And what happened to this kingdom Mama?" The older woman hummed softly, braiding the childs hair with gentle fingers, "The kings and queens of the surrounding realms saw danger in this kingdoms residents, for...

  • Heart of the World (on hiatus)
    388K 25.8K 38

    Mature for adult content!! The world we live in is a beautiful, mysterious place. My home, my country, has been my world my entire life, living as the cursed princess of Iris is all I have ever know. Just as the only eyes I have known in the mirror were my own. And my hair was always white as snow. Iris has always be...

  • The Billionaire's Addiction
    477K 16.1K 13

    "Let her drag me down. I'd drown in her with a fucking smile on my face." - Adrian Hunter A romance author who can't get laid and a billionaire playboy with a dark past...what could go wrong?

  • Bittersweet
    6.3M 232K 51

    Katy Thomas is best known for her booming bakery shop, Katy Cakes, that has desserts as sweet as she. Her new neighbor, Gage Rivers, is best known for being bitter and closed off from others. The only thing they really have in common is their passion to escape from their pasts. When one day they find themselves both...

  • Zee! (on hiatus)
    30.7K 3.1K 10

    Earth, meet Zee. Zee meet Earth. When an alien girl crashes right into the back yard of a human man, the world was set to change as they knew it...sort of..kind of.. okay no not really, every orange alien crashing onto earth does that. But Keiran Jay, a computer hacker known as 'Jay Bird', his world on the other hand...

  • Ares ~God of War~
    186K 3.7K 30

    Ares is the God of war. But what happens when he gets mixed up in a war that he was told to stay out of? Zeus told me to stay out of the war between America and the Taliban, I didn't listen. And why should I? I am the god of war. I would pick the out come that I wanted! But no. When Zeus didn't get his...

  • The Silent Wolf Girl
    121K 5.1K 20

    ‘’she lost her tongue when she was born’’ Hmmm, yeah, how do you know? ‘’look at her, creepy mute girl’’ Thanks! You’re not bad yourself. ‘’why am I even looking at her? She is a mute freak!’’ Because I am very interesting to look at, actually. ‘’she can’t speak because her voice is too ugly for her’’ Like your voice...

  • The Wanderer & the Witchfinder
    9.3K 484 3

    In a dimly lit market place, surrounded by hagglers and merchants, thieves and magicians sat a lone and beautiful girl. They call her Ophelia (although that is not her real name) and they say she can see the future. It's a lie, of course - a trick - but they do not need to know, for the truth is much crueler than the...

  • Tick Tock (on hiatus)
    127K 12.3K 25

    Gizmo, owner of her own shop Curiosities and Oddities, was everything and anything one wold expect of a woman of her time. Independant. Smart. A soon to be spinster. Bitter. Inventor. Mad scientist. Harlot. or so the rumors go. ~~ "Miss Gizmo!" I peered up from the latest addition to my shop, the two headed swine was...

  • Black Diaries
    3.8M 278K 89

    INGREDIENTS FOR A HAPPILY EVER AFTER: One feisty heroine (That would be me. Hi, I'm Cassy.) One deliciously hot hero (I prefer them fresh, not frozen.) Passionate love (and a big fat pinch of lust!) Oh, and don't forget the "Till death do us part!" Please leave stewing for 10 minutes in deadly intrigue, stir...