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  • Barbie doll (Riren)
    2.2K 101 3

    Levi friends(Erwin,Hanji) take him to the best strip club in the whole country of France to take a break from his job being the deadliest criminal there is anything you name Levi has done it. Eren is the top stripper there is in France and works at the best club there is. There is a new customer(Levi) that eren has be...

  • The innocence of desire
    19.6K 707 12

    riren fanfic (warning! going to have smut)- levi, a young adult man, who have business with the under world bumps into eren, a teenager walking down the street - after a short apology and a make it up, levi is getting interested in the kid, though things getting complicated after levi make the wrong move a...