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  • Mute ❥ Malum
    855K 34.2K 201

    A story where Michael is Mute and Calum is determined to make him talk again. Note: these will be very short chapters. The sequel to this is called Chatterbox. 2015 // created by 5Secondsof1D_2B1; all rights reserved

  • Broken Homes {Lashton & Malum}
    58.2K 2.7K 24

    They all have their differences; their different pasts, their different dreams, their different desires. When a new Foster Home opens up, and the four boys are housed there, differences will no longer matter as four boys come together to heal the wounds of their past. Lashton & Malum. Trigger Warning. -By @danyulaint...

  • Daft || Malum
    260K 11K 46

    "Don't be daft, Michael," Ashton laughs. "Calum's straight." ⓒ Cover by quantum-fags

  • Sex || Malum
    1.5K 145 11

    "Michael, what are we?" "I don't know Calum, why don't you tell me?"

  • A Drop In The Ocean. (Malum)
    93.3K 5.8K 25

    This is Calum Hood's journal.

  • A Change In The Weather (Malum mpreg)
    107K 5.6K 51

    Sequel to A Drop In The Ocean and part of the Storm series

  • The Shy Side (Malum AU)
    1.2M 67K 34

    Michael is shy and a sweet boy people either love or hate. His hobby is writing songs, but the problem is he is stage fright. But, one day he overhears the school jock, and his crush, Calum singing and maybe he found the voice to fit his music. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • lies » malum [FINISHED]
    85.6K 7.8K 20

    in which calum lies a lot. © All Rights Reserved.

  • Club Of Misfits ✏ Lashton & Malum
    5.3M 199K 56

    ❝Everyone has flaws. You me, Michael and Ashton - we're all just a club of misfits.❞ A club for those who need a friend created by two best friends. © 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved

  • Mixtape | Malum
    35.7K 2.4K 78

    The one where Calum and Michael accidentally bump into each other and misplace each others' mixtapes. - Side of Lashton. ~ Special thanks to @baepsaemalum for the cover. top!cal! bottom!mikey! - • Started May 1st, 2016 • • Completed August 4th, 2016 •

    Completed   Mature