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  • KING (Bryson Tiller fanfic)
    213K 13.5K 44

    When you think you have things figured out something seems to come along leaving you in a state of confusion. Kyara McKinley has lived her life stuck under her parents spell until she runs into someone who changes that all. KING. Armani "KING" Hayes way of lifestyle has finally caught up to him. He is put in a predica...

  • Her! | Bryson Tiller Love Story
    37.8K 2.1K 54

    Teenagers Crystianna (17) and Bryson (18) Meet At Jim Hill High School In Jackson, Mississippi. Will they become friends, Lovers, Or Just hit it off. With His Best friend having a crush on him will she help the situation. When her Aunt goes to Jail who will she live with, how will her life change forever. Only one wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • DON'T || Bryson Tiller (Editing)
    87.3K 3.5K 25

    [BOOK ONE] "Aye so you gonna holla at me later" he said as he rubbed my arm up and down causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach I bit my lips holding back the moan that was going to escape from my lips "Bryson....." I said He grazed his lips over my neck causing me to move impatiently for his touch DONT. ------ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Promises ( A Bryson Tiller Fanfiction)
    97.7K 3.1K 41

    Karissa Meadows is a girl from Atlanta, Georgia. All she wants to do is live her carefree life in California. But will her carefree life turn into a life that's crazy with the boy Bryson Tiller who won't seem to leave her alone? Bryson has no doubt that he loves Karissa from the first moment he saw her. But will his a...

  • Poison//Bryson Tiller
    5.6K 149 12


  • T r a p L o v e||Bryson Tiller Fanfiction ❤️ (ON HOLD)
    40K 1.7K 37

    Description Under Construction. But I promise you this is a good book! ✨

  • Lightskin (Featuring Bryson Tiller)2016
    9.1K 803 37

    Caidence is a beautiful dark skin with spiritual feels and deep love to give. Ivana is a beautiful light skin with a passion for harassing people. There's some trouble in paradise when Caidence and Ivana's ex lover Devon fall in love. Devon has a soft spot for whatever Ivana says and she's willing to say and do anythi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bryson's Nanny|SLOW UPDATES|
    36.2K 202 2

    he was broken and all i ever wanted to do was fix him i wanted him to know that he would be able to love again but what i didn't know was that me trying to mend a broke heart would cause me to have a broken heart myself.... i guess all i would ever be known as is bryson's nanny