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  • clever comebacks 2
    486K 16.9K 119

    WARNING: this book is filled with more comebacks that will make the tears in your eyes surface as you smile and laugh way too much, and also contains phrases that are probably offensive to those who are offended really easily. Those easily offended people are not allowed to enter unless they want their heads to be rip...

    Completed   Mature
  • clever comebacks
    1.8M 75.3K 179

    WARNING: this book contains highly insulting, offensive, and cheeky, but clever, comebacks, that may offend you, in loads of different ways. Please don't read if you're easily offended, or if you just don't like sarky, stupid, but also clever, comebacks. HATERS SHALL BE TERMINATED! I HAVE AN ARMY OF BEAUTIFUL CHERUB...

    Completed   Mature