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  • City of All Things Ruined - A Mortal Instruments Fan Fiction (COMPLETED)
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    “You’re mine Clary, don’t you get it by now?" Sebastian yelled, his rage boiling over like an erupting volcano. "Screw Jace – not like you need encouragement – just give in and accept that we’re meant for each other! Forget about Jace!” Clary screamed as she felt her rune activate, and memories in the back of her mind...

  • 100 Best Vampire Stories
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    These books will not be R Rated. Stories you can easily find will not be included Thank you pantechphonecovers for making this amazing cover! {Highest Rank: #148 in Vampire} ~These are Romance

  • my mate is a vanpire?!? {werewilf love story totrs sutable 4 5 year okds...}
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    momma always told me not 2 wander the woods at night... now i know why

  • Clace, institutes and surprises
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    This is post city of heavenly fire. All characters and themes belong to Cassandra Clare. Jace and Clary are closer than ever. The City of Heavenly fire in Jaces body is demolished. Sebastian dead. Seems like smooth sailing for our favourite couple. But all isn't as it seems.

  • Why? I loved you, why? *kinda on hold but not really*
    25K 453 19

    Jace cheats on Clary with this girl, Jada. Clary catches him and runs away to the Boston Institute, before moving with the Highswords to Idris. What happens there? Find out. Will Jace and Clary get back together?

  • A world after. (Used to be called Clary and Jace pregnant)
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    This story takes place after city of heavenly fire. Actually a few months later. Clary gets pregnant. Will jace and clary be able to handle the stress. Will there unborn child ruin there relationship? Please read to find out. CASSANDRA CLARE OWNS THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS AND THE CHARACTERS!!!

  • A pesar de todo ( completa)
    67K 3.2K 50

    Clary Fray conocio a Jace Herondale en una fiesta de la universidad donde su prima estudiaba con solo 17 años era buena escapando de la estricta tutela de sus padres dos años de conocerlo un año de relacion hacen que su mundo cambie cuando una inesperada verdad arremete contra ella y hace que lo abandone despues de 10...

  • Que pasa si...?
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    son historias fancfics como: que pasa si juntamos a Bella, Nora y Clary o: que hubiera pasado si Katniss no hubiera ido a los juegos Etc. mas adelante se verán mas

  • City of Lustful Desire
    5.4K 103 5

    She pads across the living room, fiery red hair in curls, eyes bright, smile wide. "I love you" she says wrapping her arms around me, I smile and say the same thing "I love you" A honeymoon in Wales.

  • clace
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    I've read tons of stories about clace and all of them...well they really annoy me. in this story I'm writing about clace baby. i'm also wrting SLOW so don't hate... yeah desclaimer: i do not own the characters, the one and only Cassandra Clare does. P.S.: The story takes place after COHF

  • I Bet You(CLACE)
    16.2K 375 17

    Clary's happy now that she will be attending the same High School as Her Bestfriend Simon. Jace the highschool player is rejected by her and furious his charms didnt work. He doesn't like that she smiles at his enemy Sebastian who likes her as well. Jace friends tease him on the girl who got away and make a bet on Cla...

  • Dark hearts
    6.7K 166 4

    Jace cheats on clary , she runs and finds herself the most powerful shadowhunters in their generation . What happens when clary has to go back to New York institute and far jace again ? Will she be the same ?

  • Clace: In Jace's Eyes
    8.2K 232 5

    A look in to the Romance of Clary and Jace (Clace). This FanFiction is in Jace's perspective and what he thought about Clary from when they met. It also has some changes... so it might not be exactly like the book.

  • the mortal instruments jace x reader
    64.1K 1.3K 11

    Reader gets rescued by Jace Herondale when hurt by a demon she's killing, she's taken to the New York institute by Jace herondale but the reader has a past with the Fairchild's and Lightwood's, and a connection to clary. Read to see what happens :P Mostly for people who have read most or all of the mortal instrument...

  • Loving Jace Wayland
    48.8K 958 18

    Falling in love with the shadow hunter training her, Jace Wayland, never crossed Michaela she's always had a little twinge of feeling for him, but never a real one not until she's spending all her time with him. Find out how Jace feels about Michaela in Loving Jace Wayland. PS Clary is not in this story. Sorry.

  • Mortal instruments Time to go
    70.8K 1.7K 22

    COMPLETE When Jace cheats on Clary she leaves Without a second thought But now she's back Jace is determined to have her back But this time the rules are different She doesn't love him She loves someone else

  • Chat Shadowhunters
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  • A Clary and Jace Story
    33.8K 679 40

    Now that Jace and me aren't brother and sister any more we've set out on an adventure as a couple.

  • City of Deadly Sins
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    What if Clary was raised by Valentine? Clarissa Morgenstern lost her mother after she was born. She lived in an abandoned cottage in Berlin, Germany with her father and brother. This takes place in January of 2007. But what happens when an a attack on Idris doesn't go right and Clary is sperated from her brother and s...

  • Looking For Clace
    135K 4K 32

    It's been fourteen years Sense Clary and Jace have broken up. Clary has had to raise her child and still be a shadow hunter. When Clary's daughter sets out to find Jace, the family is reunited. Will this be a happily ever after for this family? I do not own the mortal instruments, the wonderful Cassandra Clare does.

  • City of Heavenly Fire: Mortal Instruments : Version One
    409K 4.4K 15

    Jace Wayland/Morganstern/Lightwood/Herondale has returned to his normal self and is engaged to Clary Fray/Fairchild/Morganstern(soon to be Herondale), but Sebastian/Jonathan Morganstern is still alive and has the infernal cup and apparently an wingless angel as well. People start disappearing and Sebastian is about...

  • Clace Stories
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    Contains both one shots and mini series. Please DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS! Also: DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED OF THE INFERNAL DEVICES! (Just so you know) This contains many spoilers! The first part is when Clary and Jace go on a date in the local park near the Institut...

  • City Of Bones : Another Story - ON HOLD
    46.8K 1K 33

    This is another story to the original one ------------------------- Clary Fray knows about the shadow world. Her mother told her a long time ago. She felt as if anything happened, Clary should know how to protect herself. So she trained. But one day, Clary gets a phone call from her mother, telling her the Valentine h...

  • The love between jace and clary
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    this is about clary and jace relationship between them and a miracle happens.

  • City Of Bones (Jace and Clary fanfic)
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    My name is Tessa and I'm 18, I'm a trained fighter and bender people like me are known as Half-bloods I'm possibly the last of my kind. I bend the natural elements-- Air, Water, Earth and Fire. My father was a Shadow hunter before he was killed by a werewolf their known as Shifters which means they can be human and we...

  • Love in the Shadows •Jace and Clary•
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    Jace and Clary were unaware as to what dark really hid in the shadows.

  • city of Heavenlyfire: jace and clary fanfic
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    This is my version of Heavenlyfire

  • The Depths of Love- Jace and Clary FanFic; Chapter One
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    The group goes out hunting, but Clary just can't seem to stop thinking about Jace and his body. Can they hold off their desires for a night? Read on to find out. (Nothing sexual happens in Chapter One sorry! :P)