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  • rain » vkook
    31.4K 3.5K 20

    ❝if i'm picasso, then you're debussy!❞ ⤷in which they only meet in the rain. [vkook au] {completed}

  • Earphones• Vkook
    180K 13.4K 49

    He wears earphones in his ear almost every second he can, giving the world the illusion that he cant hear anything over the blaring music. When in reality he can't hear anything at all, due to the fact that he is deaf. • Taehyung moves to a new school and attempts to hide the fact that he is deaf in order to...

  • YOUR BODY IS | Yoongi + Jimin
    17.6K 1.4K 26

    ❝ YOU HAVE DONE BEAUTIFULLY, BUT LET'S GO HOME. ❞ // ⚐ a min yoongi + park jimin fanfiction ; written by haechn, 2016.

  • BABYBOY | vmin
    700K 59.2K 53

    [ 1 NEW NOTIFICATION: kim taehyung just followed you! ] © dogmood (incomplete)

  • pretty boy ⚣ jjk.kth
    908K 54.9K 72

    a special journey between a petite junior named jeon jeongguk, who likes glitter and a well-spoken senior named kim taehyung, who plays football. ☆warnings: cursing, angst, violence, dark themes, slight cross dressing, references to sexual actions ☆small warning: side yoonmin for those who get upset with me!! © sourpr...

    Completed   Mature
  • chapstick → taekook
    82K 4.9K 15

    ❝ do you have any chapstick ? ❞ - All Rights Reserved Credit to : wndrgrls dec, 212015 - Cont.

  • Marks
    18.8K 928 18

    soul mate AU Be careful. If you hurt yourself someone else sees it If your draw on yourself someone else sees it If you write on yourself someone else can see it If you mark on yourself Your soul mate can see it *last chapter has smut but other than that it's not really that mature

  • Fanboy [vkook]
    343K 28K 19

    strawberrytae just uploaded a video!

  • cupid → yoonmin
    1M 75.5K 41

    Jimin is a matchmaker - an assistant to Cupid - and is sent to the mortal world to make a boy named Min Yoongi fall in love with his music partner, Jung Hoseok started ; february eighteenth, 2016 finished ; july seventh, 2016 160515 - #87 in fanfiction 160523 - #75 in fanfiction 160910 - #7 in yoonmin 160910...

  • Petals [Yoonmin]
    103K 7.5K 34

    "What does this flower mean?" "It means 'I love you'" One day Park Jimin comes across a quiet boy and his garden of flowers. Started: 13/02/2016 Finished: ---

  • earphones° taekook | ✅
    62.3K 5.6K 16

    ❝dear diary, i had to share my earphones today...❞ in which jeon jungkook finds out that life isn't all pink lower case intended. highest ranking : #298 in short story ━ © chogiwang 2016 all rights reserved.

  • Colors [jikook]
    172K 14.3K 19

    - his face is so deserving of this incredible pigmentation...

  • -punny guy | taekook
    393K 29.9K 54

    v: what do u call fruit the size of ur hands kookie: go away v: a PALMagranate kookie: blocked or in which an unknown number keeps texting jungkook puns cause 'he' wants to make the boys day better. #29 in random

  • text // clifford
    110K 7.2K 35

    I think I just saw you die.

  • poetry
    15K 1.3K 22

    she was as beautiful as the poems he wrote. © copyright dreamingmgc

  • 911 ; m.c [completed]
    110K 6.9K 41

    There are 100 million calls every year, and almost 80.000 serious calls every day. But one of those serious calls can lead to something. It can lead to wide grins, sighs of relief, and maybe love. But it can also lead to never ending silence, and pain. / highest ranking: fanfiction #152 &mystery/thriller #301 / [cover...

  • 11:11 \\ mgc [completed]
    41.4K 3.2K 29

    "11:11, and i'll wish you never leave me again"

  • Schizophrenia // l.h. (Traduction)
    54.7K 6.8K 12

    « Luke, tu es vraiment là, n'est-ce pas ? » « Bien sûr, pourquoi je ne le serai pas ? »

  • The fuck list » l.h (version française)
    83.6K 6.5K 11

    « Tu as une liste des personnes avec qui tu as couché? » « Bien sur. » Auteur original : @vvinterfell (tous les droits lui reviennent). Couverture faite par Kodi (michaelclifford).

    Completed   Mature
  • Dyslexia // m.c. (Traduction)
    46.8K 6K 12

    « Ce n'est pas grave, parfois je confonds la lettre 'b' et 'p', c'est rien. » « Non, tu- c'est, tu ne peux pas comprendre. C'est différent. »

  • Impulse Control Disorder // a.i. (Traduction)
    47.2K 5.4K 12

    « Elle n'a pas le droit d'approcher qui que ce soit, Ashton. Il faut s'y faire. » « Je m'en fous. »

  • Our playlist story
    414K 38.7K 22

    Des toilettes. Deux adolescents. Une playlist. Une histoire. Meilleur classement: #11 Roman d'ados [22.11.14] #51 Roman d'amour [14.11.14] Merci à @CarieV qui a prit de son temps pour relire et corriger cette histoire.