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  • My Symmetrical Prince (Death the kid x Reader)
    162K 5.8K 36

    The symmetry in this world is so thrown off until I saw her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fading Away [Death The Kid X Reader]
    80.9K 3.4K 16

    I'm smiling, yet inside I'm basically dying.

  • Missing Symmetry (Death the Kid x Reader)
    261K 8.3K 39

    10 years after Kid has left you alone, events have occurred. Your mother is moving without you and you make your journey towards the DWMA. You're introduced to many new friends but one you are most familiar with. Kid has changed over the years and something is wrong. Read what happens next, if you dare.

    Completed   Mature
  • Madness and Love Death the Kid x Reader (lemon)
    444K 10.8K 63

    You are a weapon and you are Soul's little sister and you soon find your self in love with a young shingami boy known as Death the Kid. You and him grew close only to have your past come back amd for everything you have worked for to come crashing down.

  • Friend Zoned (Death The Kid X Reader)
    198K 7.8K 38


  • Rising of a Phoenix (Sequel to Phoenix of Death)
    153K 7.8K 37

    *Sequel to Phoenix of Death* After just finding out that you've been turned into a grim reaper you'd think your life would settle down a bit... You thought wrong. You have your own problems to deal with so when the past of a certain student starts coming up it's more than even you can handle. But... Will you make till...

  • Phoenix of Death (Death the Kid x reader)
    757K 24.9K 44

    Your a new student at the DWMA with your weapon Paige. You and her meet new friends and you fall hard for someone. Your life is absolutely bad you have a secret.

  • Soul Eater Boys x Reader (Book One)
    308K 12.5K 98

    You have been going to the DWMA for about six months now and you have asthma. You begging to run into the three Soul Eater guys and there is a little war to win your heart! Who are you going to choose?! Well! Thank you for looking at my story! This is my first x reader thing so I hope you guys like it! I would love f...

  • Soul x Reader x Kid
    73K 2.8K 47

    When Death the Kid finds you and your Meister fighting a Kishin on the streets of death city, his interest is perked. And so is yours. The next day, you attend the academy called DWMA as a personal request from Lord Death himself, and the other students are quick to find out you're not one to be messed with.... ~~~ He...

  • Soul eater boys x reader // ON HOLD
    21K 934 30

    You used to live a normal life. But since your father was a demon weapon, you were sent to the DWMA. You meet tons of friends, but you still can't fully transform. When you finally succeed, you find out something shocking, that could be important, and potentially dangerous. You have to learn how to control your new ab...

  • You're Truly Special {Death The Kid x Reader}
    140K 4.9K 32

    As you've grown up your life has never been easy. You've struggled with the loss of your father and the poor relationship with your mother. After many years of struggling you're offered a place at Death Weapon Meister Academy. There you are to be trained as a meister to help keep the world in balance and safe from kis...

  • I'm Not Okay ( Death the Kid x Reader )
    59.9K 1.9K 25

    You are anything but new to this school of DWMA. But, after years of only exceptional work, you are still in the lower class to all of your friends. But that not half of your problems. You like Lord Death's son, Death the Kid, you admiration to his quietness and quickness only makes you fumble in front of him. But...

  • Soul eater boyfriend scenarios
    169K 3.2K 35

    Requests for ppl and scenarios open Includes: Soul Black star Kid Crona/ ragnarok ( human) Excalibur Stein Spirit ( male ) medusa, I call him Medu

  • Soul Eater x Reader One-Shots
    157K 4.1K 19

    Short love stories about you and your favorite Soul Eater character! I do NOT own Soul Eater or the photos used.

  • Limerence | Death The Kid x Reader (Was 'Secrets and Lies')
    116K 3.9K 25

    Was "Secrets and Lies" ---Currently being rewritten, chapter by chapter--- When _____ _____ seeks training from the DWMA in order to control her power and start a new life, she crosses paths with an OCD grim reaper known as Death the Kid. Due to _____'s annoyance with crooked paintings on the wall, they immediately be...

  • Soul Eater Boys X Reader
    166K 4.6K 22

    First- 3 guys like you Second- Now your partner betrays you?! What will happen to your life now?!?! Will you be able to fix it? Or have your world fall apart and let your partner die? Which one is it? COMPLETE

  • ·Path Of Hate• Death The Kid x Reader x Soul x Crona
    187K 7.3K 31

    Who would've thought moving back to your childhood town would cause a lot of change, tears, drama and laughs? Let alone getting caught in a love...triangle? nope. more like a love sqaure. --

  • Moving On Without Her {DTKxReader}
    102K 3.8K 39

    Continuation of the fanfiction 'Secrets and Lies' When you finally wake up after being in a coma for two years, you learn that Kid has fallen in love with someone else. You are heartbroken. But what happens when Izzy, the girl Kid has fallen in love with, begins to give off an odd vibe? And what is the secret she's hi...

  • Soul Eater x reader (on hold)
    122K 2.6K 93

    Please feel free to comment for ideas!!! Pictures and videos are not mine. This was put up on 2/4/16!!!! And there will be no Crona cause I will count that person as a girl..... I don't really know/ don't care Chapters maybe small, but I will do my best!!!!