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  • Colors
    30 3 5

    Carl thinks he Is hallucinating after seeing colors he's never seen before.

  • The last hope
    659 59 25

    Hopebringer always felt different. She was starflight and Fatespeakers kid or that she was born under 3 moons. But when she is offered to leave jade mountain she can't say yes quick enough. But will secrets that should have stayed secret be unveiled?

  • Tawnystar's Secret
    11.6K 775 40

    ~the tawny owl must fly to her destiny, but the dark thunder will bring pain and betrayal~. Tawnykit, Daughter of Minnowtail and Applefire, has befallen a marvelous, yet painful world. As a kit, she finds that trouble stalks her, finding her everywhere. As and apprenti...

  • Cougarstripe's Shock (DISCONTINUED)
    3.8K 388 13

    [ Book 1 of 6 ] Cougarkit is born in ThunderClan to Blazefur and Fawnfur. All he wants is to be the best warrior ThunderClan has seen, but his destiny lies somewhere else. With an ambitious Shadowpaw and his group of bandits, the newly made apprentice Cougarpaw realizes it's up to him to save the Clans from Shadowpaw'...

  • Warrior Cats: The Winding Path (Book 1)
    98.8K 3.7K 26

    A new generation of cats have been born. Sagekit, Timberkit, and Nightkit are born into ThunderClan. Like any cat, they have a destiny. They must choose the path on which they'll take and that will lead them to their demise or life as a warrior. It has been many moons since the times of Firestar and Bramblestar roamin...

  • Jayfeather's Lesson
    10.6K 591 11

    Jayfeather is feeling grumpier than normal, and a message from StarClan isn't helping matters. Will fulfilling this requirement make things better or will Jayfeather refuse to learn his lesson?

  • WARRIORS: Destiny
    45 2 2

    It's been 100 years since you last heard the warrior cats. Now they return. Their are now 4 new clans in a brand new territory. Flamekit, a kit currently living in Fireclan, awakes to hear his mother talking about a strange cat called firestar. Flamekit, along with his two friends Stormkit and Firekit, soon discover t...

  • Warriors: The Ultimate Guide
    219 18 11

    The Ultimate Guide + Specials Note: the original one is not made by me all I have that author Erin Hunter didn't write is specials. Specials will come later.

  • A New Dawn: A Warriors Fanfiction
    69 7 5

    DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS FOR CLOVERPATH'S TALE AND FOLLOWING THE STARS ARC. THIS WILL CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS. I WARNED YOU. Ever since the defeat of BloodClan, the Dark Forest, and the rogues that threatened the forest, all four Clans are struggling to get back on their paws. Join the kits of A...

  • Warriors: Thunder and Lightning
    38 2 4

    This book is based on the bestselling series that Erin Hunter made

  • Warrior cat Spoofs
    36 3 2

    Warrior cat spoofs. All mine.

  • More Ways to Make Blackstar Hate You Forever(Sequel to WTGKOOS)
    71.7K 3K 70

    Enjoyed Ways to Get Kicked Out of ShadowClan? Can't get enough of the craziness in StarClan? Well, LionheartPublishing is back with more epic action for you! This book includes: -An interview with Brackenfoot -Interviews with readers -An awesome book cover -More Ways to Get Kicked Out of ALL of the Clans -More hila...