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  • Love & Danger: Days of Our Lives Romances
    1.5K 40 14

    As the summer winds down, romances are still sizzling, but will they last? After Nicole leaves Salem with Holly, Brady finds a new love, but someone from his past threatens his romance. Andre finds love with someone unexpected, but his marriage to Kate puts a damper on the romance. Chad and Abigail find happiness as t...

  • Rafe's Desperation: A Days of Lives Fanfic
    174 0 4

    Angry over Aiden's promotion as the new Salem D.A., Rafe is more determined than ever to get the goods on Aiden and out of Hope's life for good. But it puts a strain on his relationship with Hope who just wants to forget everything and turn to Aiden during Rafe's search. Will Rafe find the evidence he is looking for...

  • Strange Bedfellows in Salem
    193 11 12

    Citizens in Salem seem to be hooking up with the wrong partners as they long for the ones they really want? Will Salemites get it right or be destined to love woes?

  • Saving Chelsea: A Max & Chelsea (Chax) Romance (A Days of Our Lives Fanfic)
    507 32 8

    Max Brady heads to London to surprise Chelsea Brady with a romantic proposal after he realizes he loves her. But after learning via Billie Reed that Chelsea has been kidnapped, Max receives an anonymous text that sends him back to Salem. While in Salem, Max learns of Caroline's visions when Caroline has a vision of...

  • The long and winding road (A Bope Story.... Days of our lives)
    94 5 2

    As Bo returns from being held captive he searches for his wife Hope who he learns has just married Aiden Jennings. Will he get to her on time before the supposed neck tie killer reaches her on her wedding night? Will Aiden die because of some revenge plot?

  • A Christmas Miracle: An Austin & Carrie Romance (Days of Our Lives)
    294 9 5

    Carrie Brady Reed accepted that she would never be able to give Austin a child of his own. After becoming parents to their goddaughter, Addison Rose, the 5-year-old daughter of their friends in Switzerland who lost their lives in an avalanche on the Matterhorn, Carrie learns she is pregnant and gives birth to twin bo...

  • Who Really Killed Stefano DiMera? (A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction
    662 14 8

    After months of believing she shot and killed Stefano DiMera, Hope Williams Brady Jennings realizes it was all a dream. But the real killer is out there and Hope's life is in danger. Can Rafe save her and find the person who killed Stefano DiMera?

  • Eric Brady's New Life (A Days of Our Lives/One Life to Live Crossover)
    591 9 10

    When Eric Brady ends his relationship with Serena Mason after learning of her deceit, his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Walker, asks for another chance. But Eric decides to leave Salem knowing he still can't forgive Nicole for the past, when old friend, Rex Balsom, offers Eric a safe haven with him in Llanview and takes him...

  • Philip's Scheme: A Days of Our Lives Fanfiction
    116 2 4

    Betrayed by Deimos Kiriakis, Philip concocts a scheme to get even with Deimos and get the respect of his father, Victor, back. But a crafty Deimos always seems to be one step ahead of Philip. But when Philip finds an ally in Xander Cook aka Alexandros Kiriakis to help in his scheme against Deimos, Deimos fights back...

  • Desperate Desires: A Shawn & Mimi (Shimi) Fanfiction
    1.4K 102 9

    Longing for each other, but married to other people, Shawn D. Brady and Mimi Lockhart, embark on a secret affair filled with lots of passion. When Mimi discovers she is pregnant with triplets after being told she can never have kids and Shawn's wife, Belle Black Brady finds out about their affair, she does everything...

  • Days of Our Lives' What Ifs?
    538 12 8

    A list of Days of Our Lives' What Ifs.