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  • Kakashi's Sister (Genma Love Story)
    3.6K 96 6

    Kakashi has a twin sister, Kimiko Hatake or just Kiki. She was loved by everyone. She was kind, gentle, understanding, trustworthy, and most of all gorgeous, after all her name does mean beautiful. No man has ever been with her. Kakashi won't let any man be with her. He doesn't think anyone is good enough for her. The...

  • Sasuke's Twin
    67.4K 1.8K 10

    My name is Yuni Uchiha and I am Sasuke's twin sister. We have been together since birth and are still together now. Even though big brother Itachi Onii-san massacred our clan I still can't bring myself to hate him. Even though everyone else is gone at least I still have Sasuke-nii with me. Follow me on my shinobi jour...

  • Gaara's little sister
    30.7K 701 4

    I'm Gaara's little sis Katrina. I love my older siblings Kankuro, Temari, and especially Gaara since he is so nice. I have long red hair like Gaara's, I am a puppet master like Kankuro, and I have a strong spirit like Temari.

  • Sakura's Sister: Alaya Haruno
    8.2K 190 9

    discontinued, it really sucked bahaha Alaya Haruno is a very sweet and shy girl, with low-confidence from her older sister tormenting her. "Ino, what are you talking about? Alaya is hideous, stupid, and an attention hog. I'm amazing compared to that... thing. We may be sisters by blood, but she's nothing to me, cha!"...

  • The Haruno's Secret
    85.6K 1.7K 28

    Rose is Sakura's twin she is one of the best in the academy along side with Shikamaru and Sasuke being both strong and smart she gets put on a team with a loud blonde and emo duck butt one of the fan girls and a lazy teacher what is she going to do. Roses pov when not I will say

  • Naruto's sister
    58.4K 1.8K 30

    Akane Uzumaki big sister of Naruto Uzumaki, a kunoichi of the leaf. know for her strong will, her boundless love and her quick temper and hate for people who hurt her loved ones. If you somehow miraculously gain her love she would put her life on the line for that person in a second. she goes through life barely surv...

  • My Unique Sister (Sakura Twin Sister )
    235K 8.5K 18

    Yukiko is Sakura's twin . She isn't the best student like her sister is , simply because she doesn't want to attract any enemies . But , she is wrong , Sakura hates her and always throw random insults to her along with her friends . She loves Sakura but as you can see the feeling is not mutual. She was whisked off to...

  • Sakura twin sister is now Kakashi daughter? (SasukeXOC)
    21.9K 403 11

    Blossom was always hated by her parents but mostly her twin sister Sakura because she was her pretty and stronger then her. Blossom is stronger then all the 7 hokage(no this is before the 4 Hokage died) also the 3 legendary Sanin combined and they could only get a scratch on her. But this happens in the future. Read...

  • Sakura's Sister (Sasuke X Reader)
    73.9K 1.9K 10


  • Being Me Hurts Just Dont Know
    85.8K 2.2K 13

    Naruto fanfic about sakura's twin sister Armonie Haruno one of konoha's best ninja she is at anbu black ops level and cooperates in the torture and information gathering department and also in the Healing department. Her speed is almost that of the yellow flash - minato's. Her strength is almost that of Tsunde's al...

  • Weak?:A Naruto FF
    253K 6.5K 21

    Lyn Haruno is a Smart and Quiet girl. For being Sakura Haruno's Sister. Lyn isn't the favorite child. Hers and Sakura's Mother Always Praises Sakura for her beauty and Brains, even though Lyn is TOP of her academy class. Their father just plain doesn't even notice her presence. Lyn doesn't care thought, She has her...

  • The Second Son(Naruto Fanfic)
    11.6K 309 9

    When Izaya Namikazi comes to Konohoa to meet his brother what will happen. Will he be accepted? NARUTO DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. IT BELONGS TO MISASHI KISHIMOTO.

  • I am strong: Sakuya Haruno
    65.9K 1.4K 18

    We all know Sakura Haruno but let's add a twist. Meet her younger twin sister Sakuya. Watch her as she becomes a ninja.

  • Living in the shadows (Shikamaru's sister story * Naruto fan fiction)
    292K 9.4K 54

    I'm Ichigo Nara, the younger sister of Shikamaru Nara. I want to leap out from my brother's shadow and walk on my own path.

  • Sakura's Twin Sister
    23.1K 661 14

    Kelala wished she was in naruto so she got her wish but she got reborn as Sakura's Twin Sister who she hates but is nice to her. Sakura hates Ren (you/oc) so makes Ren dress as a boy (who doesn't care) but it takes a turn for the worst when girls fall for Ren first day of school and boys who think they are gay. what w...

  • Kiba's Sister
    118K 4.1K 46

    Kiko is the younger sister of Kiba Inuzuka. Kiko's furry companion is Yori. Kiko was always a bit different from her family. She quiet and shy, but when she get angry witch is very rare to happen, you see how she is a Inuzuka. If someone manages to piss Kiko off their in for a world of pain. Now let's begin the story...

  • young Anbu (sasunaru)
    94.1K 2K 18

    Naruto became a anbu when he was 5 years old and was abandoned by his parents when he was 8 because of that he had lots of training time he also has the ninetailed beast in him so the villagers don't like him and has no friends. The is placed in a team to go undercover to watch over Sasuke Uchiha. He changes to calm a...

  • Kakashi's daughter
    8.2K 179 19

    This is the story of a girl named Nellie Hatake a girl in love with the show Naruto. She learned the hand signs and the words and they worked! She had the ability of the shinobi in the really world suddenly she was transferred into the Naruto world! What adventures will she go on read to find out!

  • The emotionless boy (Sasuke x Male reader)
    79.9K 1.8K 7

    This is a boyxboy book so no like then no read. This follows the life of (M/n) Haruno. He will go through abuse and other things by his family. I suck at descriptions.

  • Sakura's Sister (Sasuke Uchiha)
    9.4K 337 2

    Sakura Haruno, you think a fangirl who is head over heels for the bad boy, Sasuke Uchiha, well...I think psychotic, raging, hormonal bitch who can't keep her mouth shut. Though I wouldn't say it to her face. I'm not very outspoken, or...there. I'm basically invisible to the idol and perfection that is my twin sister...

  • Sakura's twin? (A Naruto Love Story)
    41.9K 860 26

    Sakura has a twin named Kira and she is liked by Naruto. Sakura dosen't like Naruto to be around Kira. Kira wants to be a strong Medic Ninja. Kira is a sweet, kind, and shy at times girl. She is put on team 7 with her sister, Naruto, and Sasuke. What will happen? Will Kira fall for Naruto? Read to find out.

  • Emiko Uzumaki
    5.2K 108 25

    Emiko is Naruto's twin Sister. She is sweet and kind. She has chakra that is good with healing. She has her mother's Chakra chains. Emiko's is more like ribbons. This is the story of Emiko and Naruto Uzumaki.

  • Sakura's Older Sister!(Naruto Various X Reader)
    89.8K 1.1K 17

    Sakura had a older sister but she never known because her sister was gone on a mission and now she comes back. Will she catch all the attention of boys or no?

  • Sakura's Brother(by:Songbird_secret
    20.1K 282 24

    Sakura's Twin brother, Kai was born with a great amount a power from the 11-tails and like Naruto he was being bullied and only having his father to care for him, his sister and step momther hated him.Then after his father leaves on a mission kai becomes more and more interested in learning about his birth mother. But...

  • The Silent Prodigy: Book 1
    31.8K 773 6

    Mai Haruno was a prodigy, except no one knew that. She was a silent genius who hardly ever drew attention to herself. Mai's sister, Sakura Haruno who was always in the spotlight regardless whether it was her family or anything else for that matter, didn't like her one bit. Sakura knew about how Mai was very talented...

  • New Realm And A New Brother
    35.5K 484 20

    Naruto fanfic Lucy is being ignored by the Guild and is thinking about leaving when an odd group of people enter the Guild and she finds out one is her brother. What will happen to her? READ TO FIND OUT! Highest ranking #1 anime lovers 9/20/19 #1 anime lovers 2/17/20 (SLOW UPDATES!!!) ALSO I SHOULDNT HAVE TO TYPE THI...

  • The Chains and the Fox ( Naruto fanfiction )
    30.5K 526 18

    He has his Fathers looks but his mothers hair colour, He is Akira Uzamaki , Naruto's twin younger brother . On that faithful day of their birth's a terrible tragedy happened, the kyuubi was spreading terror free from his cage . in order to save the village their father sealed half the kyuubi within himself and the...

  • The Twin of Sakura Haruno
    3.2K 111 5

    The Twin of Sakura Haruno: Tenshi Haruno, older by five hours and the more mature sibling. Tenshi's priorities are Sakura and becoming the greatest ninja, however in order to due so she had to leave the village at night, while her family slept unaware, at the tender age of 8. After four harsh years Tenshi is back, rea...

  • Sannin's Child
    116K 3.9K 13

    Twelve years ago something happened between Tsunade and Jiraiya that they never mention. But when Tsunade tells Jiraiya they have a daughter, things get complicated. Can they overcome their differences and work as a couple? Or is it just not meant to be?

  • Kakashi's Daughter
    92.3K 3K 10

    What if Kakashi had a daughter he didn't even know about? What would happen if everyone mistook her as a boy and she didn't mind? Well your just gonna have to find out. Non Uchiha massacre. Minato and Kushina are alive. So is Rin and Obito. But Kakashi still has the Sharingan. I do not own anything, i only own my oc