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  • I Got A Grade For This
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    So for my Language Arts class we have to write an essay every week so I decided to write a Hetalia fanfiction. Each essay is a new chapter, so I kept this up for a few weeks. Yes, I turned it in. Each chapter was on display on the wall in the hallway for a week. Only my Hetalian friend knew that it was a fanfiction, a...

  • Open Your Ears
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    This is a KankrixReader

  • Mythicalstuck Fanfic
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    Why do I feel like the last human on the planet? (This is my most popular story btw)

  • Finding Eridan
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    Well it's late and I'm bored so here goes.

  • Pepsi
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    Every school has that one person. That one person who is never angry with anyone, is always up for anything, and is extremely optimistic and selfless.