smiletothemax's Reading List

  • Mafia Girl
    • Jet820
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    10.2K 132

    Life in Italy is normally relaxing... unless your Father is the head of an infamous mafia family. Liona's dad, Niccolo Zaffiro, organizes for an arrangement be...

  • Good Girl
    1M 18.9K

    Lily is a good girl. She gets good grades, doesn't party or drink, she always obeys the rules. Lily seems like your perfect teen right? Wrong. Her mom killed h...

  • Do You Love Me?
    4.1M 31.1K

    (Humor #3 Romance #4 - EDITING) This is Clarey: A slim, pretty, brunette tomboy. This is Evan: A spoiled, cocky, handsome rich boy. Mix the two together an...

  • All the Wrong Reasons
    45.3K 456

    Annabeth is a nobody, and that's the way she likes it. She gets by under the radar and she wants it to stay that way. But now she's in trouble. One stupid mist...

  • I wish all guys were like my Best friend!
    1.3M 15.7K

    "Best friends don't date their best friends!" Tasha Olivier has always been left by all the guys she has dated. Why? She expects them to be like her best frie...

  • Made to Shine
    1.8M 5.2K

    Emily has no friends, no life and no hope. She was abandoned when she was a baby left to live with her grandparents. Ben hears the angel singing one day an...

  • Who Said I'm Innocent?
    1.3M 15.7K

    *****TAKEN DOWN! See first chapter***** Tori is as pure as they can get...She never had her first kiss...first boyfriend..or even her first date. So why is th...

  • Juliet (Unfinished Novel)
    1.1M 11.2K

    What happens when a small town girl from America moves to a private school in London? Follow Juliet Rowling as she experiences love, finds out who she really...

  • One and Only
    6.7M 60.8K

    "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive...

  • Him and Me.
    18.7M 154K

    Kayla Johnson has lived a good high school life. She is relatively liked by everyone, and she tries to be nice and civil to everyone in return. Besides with Ty...