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  • 50 Shades of August (EDITING) | BOOK ONE
    388K 21.6K 56

    BOOK ONE Nikita Swann is a 23 years old black woman who got caught up in a situation that she never thought she would be. She works as a marriage counselor and helps other people with their problems and a part-time reporter who interviews celebrities and things of such. One day she had to interview the famous August...

    Completed   Mature
  • Replenish
    1.1K 97 5

    Life couldn't seem any better for Janelle Renee Brenton; she had the love of her life, a beautiful daughter, and loving and supportive parents. Sadly, life as she knew it changed when her father and fiance were gunned down one night leaving a bar. That one night left Janelle with a broken heart and forced her to be...

  • Love for the Streets {Not Edited}
    610K 23.6K 103

    It's 'Killed or be Killed' and living in New Orleans, you start to live by the 'Survival of The Fittest' mentality. Everyone's trying to make it and be something, but there's only ever room for one person to be on top. August Alsina, only 19-years-old, the hardest thing out in New Orleans, that is after his brother M...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wait (August Alsina) book 1
    548K 17.3K 54

    22 year old August Alsina, was the youngest King Pin in New Orleans. He had it made, the cars, the clothes, fancy house, cars, girls, you name it! But he was missing something, someone.. he wanted love, but wasn't sure how to go about things, we all want something but don't understand how exactly we should approach it...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vendetta | Nicki Minaj & August Alsina
    86.8K 4.4K 30

    Raja Nicole Costello (Nicki Minaj) is the 22 year old daughter of Eastern America's most notorious drug lord. Forced into solitude, she gives up on trying to find tactics to move around her father's uncompromising ways, while trying to give her young daughter the normal life she wasn't able to live. Adonis Kaymen (Aug...

    Completed   Mature
  • Run
    1.5M 75.5K 87

    Following in her mother's footsteps,17 year old valedictorian Tahari Campbell soon will be graduating with honors, considering she consistently held a perfect 4.0 Gpa at Benjamin Franklin high school. New Orleans native promised her mother that she would walk in a path for success although her heart is leading her dow...

  • Ambition {An August Alsina Story}
    978K 33.9K 59

    Ambition- (noun)a strong desire to do or achieve someting requiring determination and hard work.

  • Mismatch |Book 1|
    545K 32.5K 41

    Demitri is just a normal teen, enjoying his senior year alongside his best friend, Tyler. Reina is...different. Little does everybody know, Demitri has a little baggage too.

    Completed   Mature
  • Crossroads
    269K 10.2K 17

    Sequel to You Desreve

  • You Deserve
    1.9M 70.7K 61

    The only love Marli had ever known was the love pain gave her. That is until he came along. Is Marli strong enough to move forward or will that familiar friend, pain, take over her once more. Find out in You Deserve an August Alsina Fan Fiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • Perpetuity (August Alsina)
    827K 50.8K 55

    Head full of hair, mind full of thoughts, flat footed when she walks. Quiet, but outspoken, mediocre but extraordinary, simple but complex. Crisp hair line, mind full of thoughts, a certain swagger in his walk. Outspoken, but reserved, sarcastic but sincere, coward, but brave. God bless the black kids still true to...

  • Belong To The City (August Alsina)
    1.3M 54.3K 38

    Interior Design major Cyntheia Rivera, has been working her whole life to get where she's at. Now at 21 being one of the most respected, and requested interior designer for the stars she couldn't have it any other way. Fresh off the streets, and finally living the life he was destined for August Alsina is making big...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Matrimony (Completed)
    329K 11.7K 34

    Meet Aziah Glory A She's A Sweetheart With A Heart Of Gold She's Been Threw Some Things But We All Have After Seeing August Alsina She Falls Head Over Heels For Him August Immediately Fall In Loves With Her Sweet Charming Bubbly Personality Follow These Two On A Journey You'll Never Forget !!

  • Beyond The City (BTTC Sequel)
    1M 50.6K 53

    *Sequel to Belong To The City* After their tragic breakup that was sure to ruin them, August and Cyntheia are on two different playing fields when it comes to moving on. Going through girl after girl, August is unsuccessful in getting rid of the memory of his first love and with the constant reminder of his infidelit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Playing For Keeps
    1.5M 83.9K 41

    "Feels so good being bad. There's no way I'm turning back. Now the pain is for pleasure cause nothing can measure. Love is great, love is fine, out the box, out of line. The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it."

  • The Matrimony Book#2 (Completed)
    131K 5.3K 24

    Aziah And August Are Back With More Drama Than Ever !! Yall Ain't Ready For This! This Is A Sequel To The Matrimony So Make Sure You Guys Read That First To Understand This One Don't Forget To Leave Comments I Love Seeing What You Guys Think READ NOW

  • Yearning For Your Love || August Alsina
    259K 17.3K 44

    yearning - a feeling of intense longing for something. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2015 xxLuckyCharmedxx

    Completed   Mature
  • The Matrimony 3 (Completed)
    151K 5.6K 39

    Aziah And August Are Back With More Drama,Pettiness,And Struggles Will These Two EVER Get It Together Or Will Aziah Drop A Ball On August August Ain't The Only One Who Can Play Games If You Thought These Two Would Happily Ever After You Thought Wrong ! Read Vote And LEAVE COMMENTS Please And Thank You!

  • What Hurts The Most (August Alsina)
    745K 30.8K 48

    We're often advised that one of the best ways to increase the chances of a relationship's success is to keep it private and keep your business out of the streets. But what if you don't have a choice and the relationship has to be kept a secret. You know that young, sexy, tattooed awesome R&B singer August Alsina well...

    Completed   Mature