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  • Living With the Enemy
    2.5K 25 15

    Ember Harridan's life is complicated. Not only does she have to double as an ordinary high school student and a superheroine extraordinaire, she has to contend with tough moral issues, her feelings for a guy who she knows she can't like, and an annoying younger brother who may be out to kill her. After the latest miss...

  • Superwoman
    9.6K 192 5

    Superwoman has left Earth and after a fierce battle she recuperates in the sun. When she returns, she is as powerful as a God. How will this God deal with a whole new world? One with beings from other planets and magical dragons that grant wishes. (I do not own any of the characters except my Oc's, this is purely a wo...

  • Clara Sommers; Superwoman
    438 1 2

    What if Clarke Kent, a.k.a Kal-El had a twin sister named Zor-El that got sucked into a worm hole sending her into another universe. She is then found by Jenna Sommers who takes her under her wing and names her Clara Sommers. Years pass and Clara is 16 struggling with her powers and to keep them hidden, except for the...

    15.4K 283 54

    Out of work and despondent actress Amy Harper, who played a superhero on TV accidentally becomes the real thing. But the thrill of gaining superhuman powers from a mysterious gold wristband and a belt quickly fades as a warrior, part of an elite unit of Galactic Mighty Protectors, comes to reclaim the pieces and destr...