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  • arranged marriage to Mr. jackass, did I mention he's in the mafia?
    91.8K 2.3K 16

    Scarlett Dean is an all around nice girl unless you get on her bad side. Luca Romano is a notorious play boy and bad boy of the school and he just happens to be the mafia prince. so what happens when scarletts daddy gets on the bad side of the mafia? an arranged marriage of course! so now enemies Scarlett and Luca are...

  • The mafia leader loves me
    75.6K 1.8K 8

    I don't love him, I can't! He's a monster. I love another, but that obviously isn't going to stop him. I've left him signs, clues, hints, clearing saying I hate him. But does he care? No. He won't stop until I'm his. But, Id rather die then be called his. But then again...things change.

  • Don't Mess With His Queen
    1.8M 43.5K 21

    short tempted, feisty, stubborn, sarcastic Spanish woman Rosa. Rosa is not like any other naive or innocent woman, her farther Antonio is in the mafia and taught Rosa how to protect herself using weapons or not. Dante is the leader of the most feared mafia, after Rosa helps Dante, he is intrigued and drawn to Rosa. bu...

  • Falling For The Mafia Don
    459K 13.9K 28

  • Rizzolo Famiglia: You Hit Me, We Hit You
    259K 13.1K 38

  • Mafia King
    1.1M 25K 25

    Every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her. Although that may be hard when a girl falls for a member of the mafia. Autumn Rose Parker. This name is known around town. She gets along with everyone she meets. However, she isn't afraid to try something dangerous. But what she doesn't know is that falling for som...

  • Married to the Mafia
    1.6M 29K 38

    Gabriela Romano, is the daughter of Salvador Romano, leader of The Gulf Cartel in Mexico. She's been living a normal life in the United States after her mother divorced her father to keep her away from the dangerous world she grew up in. Four years later, Gabby and her two best friends go on a vacation to Acapulco, Me...

  • The Devils Heart ( FIRST SERIES ) COMPLETED
    266K 9.2K 42

    I'm behind you, Wherever you go, You can't enter it, It's a dark lock, You Can't see it, Its dangerous and cold, It's a forbidden drug, That hols secrets to an evil source, It's The Devils heart, That's coming to get your soul ~ ~ "You thought that I'd come here without protection didn't you? Haha you thought that you...

  • Apartment 155 (Slow Updates)
    196K 10.1K 33

    After nearly 2 years of being out of college, Nina Johnson finally lands her dream job that requires her to move from Atlanta Georgia, to sunny Calabasas California. Everything was finally starting to look up for her, but she didn't know that danger now lived right across the hall. No one ever bothered the man in Apa...

  • His Angel
    286K 9.8K 18

    "Innocence is fragile. Happiness is contingent. Life is pithy" These are the words Angela's mother use to tell her before her untimely death. She is all alone in a big city and barely scraping by even with two jobs. A customer offers her an appealing solution and she took it when she was down on her luck. Now, she won...