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  • She's mine! - Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou x Reader
    841K 27.2K 30

    (Y/n) is a 16 year old girl who has recently been accepted into her dream school, UA High. Her goal, like every other student in UA, was to be one of the top pro heroes. She promised herself that she would make her three years of high school the best ones yet, but that all changes when 3 of her fellow male classmates...

  • Neutral || Katsuki Bakugou x Reader
    408K 19.5K 69

    When two classes containing students with the most powerful quirks are forcefully to join forces with each other, they must deal with the outsiders to train and cooperate themselves with each other in order to become the next hero with individual tasks to complete. When (Y/n) first becomes paired up with the hot-head...

  • Where I Belong | Todoroki x Reader x Bakugou | BNHA
    670K 30.5K 53

    At a young age, you tolerated your mother and father's lack of love, and as a result - you grew up to become an obnoxious teenager who acts independently. You were always in a whirlpool of doubt and frustration where freedom in your so-called 'home' was never an option to begin with. You will need to learn how to tru...

  • The Second Midoriya
    460K 25.9K 44

    If Midoriya Izuku had a sister, if she were also quirkless... What would life be like on her side of the story? Midoriya (Y/N) is the twin of Deku, Midoriya Izuku, and she is also quirkless like him. But she is not a hero fanatic, she is not an All Might fan nor had she received One for All. (Y/N) and Izuku are twins...

  • Enough [Shouto Todoroki x Reader]
    720K 39.8K 61

    "Shouto Todoroki... Why are you so cold?" Powerful, rich, practically perfect; Shouto Todoroki is everything she's not. And (y/n) knew that all too well. But she couldn't help but feel drawn to him. It started as simple curiosity towards the stoic boy. What was beneath that cold exterior? (Y/n) wanted to know. She wan...

  • Vow [Katsuki Bakugou x Reader]
    1.6M 76.1K 114

    "Did you need something you damn hedgehog?" (Y/n) is a girl enrolled in U.A. through special recommendation. Her classmates know little about her and her quirk. Although usually calm and composed, (y/n) is startled when she is antagonized by the most well known hot head of the school. Before Katsuki Bakugou knows what...

  • Discord [Shouta Aizawa x Reader]
    26.1K 2.1K 7

    "We are, without a doubt, enemies." *Warnings* - Strong language ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ - Violence (x_x) - Sad boi shit ('°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) - Sexy time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°} - Tooth rotting fluff (^_^) This fanfiction will generally follow the plot of the anime/manga up to a certain point. Obviously some things will be differen...

  • Katsuki's New Sibling Life (boku no hero academia x child reader)
    417K 20.3K 53

    Well, we all have our times as an older or younger, if you are an older-or the oldest-sibling, good luck! Though not many has an older or younger sibling, not even Katsuki, well now he has one, and that's you. Adopted by the Bakugo couple, you now start an exciting life with the explosive, ticking bomb as your older s...

  • Paradox Inducement - [BNHA]
    92.1K 5.6K 26

    Yuuei, the prestigious hero school that everyone under the age of 15 is dying to get into, whether it be to prove themselves to onlookers or to conquer ghosts of their past, maybe simply because they strive to be the greatest; everyone has an ambition. Your name is (Y/n) (L/n) and you're probably the only person in th...

  • Young [BNHA]
    115K 8.8K 41

    [Boku No Hero Academia] [Tododroki Shouto x Gender Neutral Reader] [Modern!AU] "IM CALLING THE COPS ON YOU" "I'm just sitting here." "As a model citizen, I have a duty to report ILLEGAL THINGS and your EXIsTence itself is a SERIOUS CRIme" They're young and in love.

  • Primadonna [BNHA]
    16.2K 1.1K 11

    [Boku No Hero Academia] [Katsuki Bakugou x Female Reader] "Are you ever nice? To anyone?" "I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet loser!" "That right there is my point." She fell for a primadonna with a terrible personality and a handsome face.

  • 【Love takes time】BNHA x reader
    58.3K 2.7K 29

    (Name) (Last name). You weren't the most social person in your life. After your mother's death, you became a quiet, distant, and sometimes cold girl. Your father tried to help you as best he could, but it didn't work much. You always thought your quirk wasn't the best, but you trained anyways, using your father's reas...

  • Todoroki Under the Bridge || Todoroki x OC
    627 44 4

    ✿ It's those who wait the longest who get what they deserve in the end ✿ A story of two people with daddy issues who come together in the weirdest way possible. [Todoroki Shōto x OC] [Based on Boku no Hero Academia and Arakawa Under the Bridge]

  • 『 Sugar 』 Shoto Todoroki
    266K 8.8K 19

    [ you remind me of sugar.... so sweet and addicting I can't get enough of you.] Mature Content Todoroki Shoto x Reader

  • ♡ ƒιχ уσυ ♡ ||Villain! Izuku x Reader||
    180K 7.2K 28

    『After of what seemed like an eternity, I spoke. ❝I love you...❞ My voice barely above a whisper as I averted my gaze from his. He watches me in silence for a moment, sorrow oozing from his eyes before leaning down. ❝Don't...❞.』 ________ Izuku Midoriya disappeared when he was 11 years old, his case was sealed shut, au...

  • The Thin Grey Line (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic)
    110K 5.6K 22

    The beauty of the era of quirks wasn't the amazing abilities; it was that nobody sane would even entertain the thought that Kuroko, the most wanted vigilante in all of Japan, was Quirkless. Disclaimer: This story does not belong to me. It belongs to @A_ToastToTheOutcasts on Archiveofourown, and neither of us owns Boku...

  • Deception||Shouto Todoroki x Reader||
    233K 9.4K 43

    "You were enough." To You, Shouto is everything. He loved you back for who you were and what you are. And you to him. But is that really the case? Are you willing to turn a blind eye to what you really know? Deception Mature in a blunt sense Under slight edits Highest achievement 700# in fanfiction 5/23/17 5/20 /17...

  • [Half Love, Half Lust] Shouto Todoroki x Reader
    184K 7.6K 42

    A Shouto Todoroki x Villain!Reader story, with female pronouns. SMUTTY Old Cover by Lolz_ERO New Cover by JullianeRey

  • she's my girl - yandere!katsuki bakugou
    168K 5.7K 12

    Katsuki Bakugou knows you're his girl.. but he won't let you go until he knows that you know it, too.

  • Boku No Hero Academia One Shots [Book 1]
    877K 30.2K 204


    Completed   Mature