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  • Living with the Lockhart Boys [Completed]
    665K 14.7K 50

    When Cherry's friend died three and a half years ago, she spiralled into a depression fueled by grief, alcohol and self-harm. Her best friend pulled her through it, but when Cherry loses her family in a tragic car-crash and has to move to Colorado with Jenna Lockhart, Nicky isn't there anymore. Follow Cherry's journey...

  • Secrets of a Ravenclaw
    771K 30K 37

    Within two years Caoimhe became invisible. After her mother passes away during her second year, life continues to get worse. With no other relatives left to turn to, she has to move in with her mysterious half-brother Colm. As she begins her fourth year at Hogwarts, Caoimhe assumes the coming year will be as horrible...

  • Snape's Daughter (Harry Potter fanfic)
    512K 16.8K 41

    Serena Lilly Rose is a witch. She runs away from her abusive father who adopted her and is found by a witch called Minerva. What will happen when she goes to Hogwarts?

    Completed   Mature
  • Snape's daughter (Harry Potter Fan Fic)
    227K 5.7K 11

    Lily has lived in an orphanage as long as she can remember She got abused daily, until a man with long black hair came to adopt her...

  • Snape's Daughter (Book Three)
    56.5K 1.8K 34

    'You find yourself in a dark place.' An official orphan mourning the loss of everyone surrounding her, Ellia now faces her final battle against somebody she once held close to heart, in fear of loosing them. In the concluding book in the trilogy, will Ellia ever be able to cope with the weight on her shoulders, or wil...

  • Lilliana Snape (Harry Potter Book 1)
    330K 7.8K 19

    All I wanted from Severus Snape was the same father, daughter relationship that I see my friends have with theirs…was that too much to ask? Apparently so…

  • Sarah Lily Snape
    150K 4.2K 39

    ☞ This story takes place 19 YEARS LATER, after the Battle of Hogwarts. Sarah Lily is a witch who always knew her life wouldn't go so far. Nothing more than the torture her uncle and aunt gave. But as she took the first step upon Hogwarts, everything changes. And is it true? Her father was alive all along?! Please do...

  • Evie and the Goblet of Fire
    28K 983 25

    Evie is back at Hogwarts. what is going to happen this year. When love forms, family reunite, and much more!!!!! Read find out!!!! this is second book in series first is called Evie snape daughter of the strict teachers.

  • Jade {Snape's Daughter}
    173K 5.9K 15

    Jade Edwards was an ordinary girl with no parents, living in an orphanage. Then the strange man appears, and before she knows it she's living in a magical school, is definitely not ordinary, and - strangest of all - she's managed to land herself a father. Specifically, the dreaded Potions Master, Severus Snape.

  • The Potions Master's Daughter (Book One)
    841K 25.7K 52

    Jessica Wallwirt has lived with her mother for the past 11 years until one day her mother snaps and sends her to live with her father, none other than the cruel potions master himself - Severus Snape. Jessica finds herself at Hogwarts surrounded by new friends. Her power is growing every day. Growing up in the Muggle...

  • The Potions Master's Daughter (Book Three)
    208K 8K 50

    [Book Three] It's Jessica's fourth year at Hogwarts. Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament, but that's lot the only danger Jessica will be in.

  • Snape's Daughter (Book Two)
    147K 5.4K 36

    'Are you sure you want to leave everything behind?' After her reluctant return just days before Dumbledore's death, Ellia Snape faces new challenges defacing the old ones from the previous years. Shielding herself from Voldemort's deathly wrath, she cannot avoid her unloyal father forever... (Sequel to Snape's Daughte...

  • The Love I Feel (Fred Weasley love story/Harry Potter's Twin sister)(Wattys2016)
    337K 7.1K 31

    Paige and Harry Potter the chosen twins, the twins who lived. They have challenged Voldemort in their first year, Heir of Slytherin in their second year, they met their godfather in their third, and last year Harry was in the triwizard tournament. Voldemort is back. Now in their fifth year they will challenge Umbridg...

  • The Female Durmstrang
    142K 3K 15

    It's Rose's first year of Hogwarts and she is already leaving. She wants to go to Beauxbatons, but her parents refuse, saying she needs a school with discipline. She ends up becoming the only female student of Durmstrang.

  • The Slytherine Weasley
    153K 3.1K 12

    Hello, I am Clarrissa Weasley and my family hate me because am different to them. They abuse me and dont care. They believe i am wothless and I am startin t believe them. This is my story. ******************** WARNING: This story contains abuse and violence and things that may thrigger some people.

  • The third half
    71.8K 1.1K 6

    **TITLE CHANGED FROM THE LOST WEASLEY TO THE THIRD HALF THANK YOU** It was the first of April 1978, St. Mungo's, London. In room 23 three babies were born. They all had newborn blue eyes and red hair. Their names were Fred, George and Sarah Weasley. Their arrival was a joyful one. But the happiness soon came to an end...

  • Dumbledore's Heir
    107K 3.6K 20

    Ariana Black was just five when put in the orphanage she doesn't remember much about her family or who she is. Weird stuff happened around her and she has been treated badly. So after a while she ran away from the orphanage and lived by herself now thirteen she is starting to figure who she actually is and finding whe...

  • Harry Potter's Lost Sisters: The Philsopher's Stone
    12.6K 408 12

    Danielle Potter has been living opposite Harry Potter, her brother, all her life - without knowing he's her brother. She's not even sure whether he knows she exists. She was said to have been killed by Lord Voldemort, along with her parents but mysteriously survived with a scar shaped like a lightning bolt. When she m...

  • Lynx Malfoy (A Harry Potter FanFiction)
    2.7M 55.7K 52

    So, everyone knows who Draco Malfoy is... but did you know he had a sister? Lynx Malfoy is loved by her older brother Draco, but he chooses He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named over her because he simply doesn't want to die. Now Lynx is hated by her parents and now must go to the family that the Malfoy's hate most.... the Weasley...

  • Kiara Malfoy (Fred Weasley Love Series)
    1.2M 32.2K 41

    𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝟭 Kiara Malfoy, twin sister of Draco Malfoy, was a Malfoy but, unlike any other. From her birth, she was expected to follow the expectations of her family and support Dark Magic. But that all changed when she arrived at Hogwarts and was placed, not in Slytherin, the house where her family was placed for gene...

  • It isn't easy being a Mudblood (James Potter 2, Next Generation)
    33.4K 818 20

    Emelie Richardson is a muggle-born witch who has just been accepted into her first year at Hogwarts. Having been ignored all her life by her parents she is amazed when James Sirius Potter takes an interest in her and they quickly become best friends. But something is coming, someone who wants James dead for revenge ho...

  • Life is hard when your last name is Lestrange and you fall for a Weasley
    83.2K 722 48

    Cynthia Lestrange is the daughter of Bellatrix or so she thinks, she has lived alone her entire life and when she gets to go to hogwarts it's like a dream come true. She becomes best friends with the Weasley twins but there relationship is soon to become complicated

  • Reaching for the Sky - HP ff
    387 13 2

    Skye is a normal girl but she has been bullied at her primary school because when she gets upset odd things happen. Now she is eleven, moving up to secondary school and everything looks set to be perfect. But then a letter adressed in green ink arrives and her world changes

  • The Potters and the Chamber of Secrets (COMPLETED)
    5.4K 121 13

    So Harry and Hannah Potter are back for their second year at Hogwarts and things are much more hectic than last year. After a house-elf named Dobby comes and visits them in the holidays, insisting that they stay at home, everything goes wrong and strange things happen. History starts to repeat itself. Muggle-borns all...

  • Twin of Potter-Book Two(UP FOR ADOPTION)
    17.7K 614 34

    Sarah has made it through her first year of Hogwarts, gaining a family and a home along the way. When her name comes out of the Goblet, she panics and puts herself in bad place. As she prepares for the first Task and recuperates, she can only doubt herself. Will her doubts keep her from finishing not only the first ta...

  • A Modern Day Harry Potter
    10.6K 536 7

    Welcome to the NEXT GENERATIOIN of Hogwarts students. Tune in for the short stories that follow these new age kids in this new age world! With the new Mauraders’ App and technology flooding the Hogwarts market, the staff are under the impression that all the mischief is over. What they don’t realise is that there is a...

  • Mysterious Girl (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)
    521K 17.4K 44

    She can apparate into and out of Hogwarts when it should be impossible. She can randomly apparate to wherever Harry is when he's in trouble, though she doesn't know who he is. She has caught Dumbledore's attention as an exceedingly powerful witch, yet she seems to be unaware of it. Abused, regularly beaten and treat...

  • Genesis Gryffindor - Book 1
    335K 7.3K 27

    Genesis is the only decendent to Godric left that has magical blood. Born in America she recieves her Hogwarts letter and makes the long trip to start her first year at Hogwarts. Sorted into Gryffindor House she befriends Hermione Granger and her two friends. Join her through her journey of her first year at Hogwarts.

  • Genesis Gryffindor and the Forbidden Forest - Book 2
    48.9K 1.4K 10

    Genesis starts out her second year by getting into an argument with both Fred and Draco. This little arguement results in the 3 of them getting lost deep in the forbidden forest. Now their magical abiities will be put to the test, that is if they can get over their differences.