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  • Tearing My Sanity {A Harmione Fanfiction}
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    Ever since Ron had broke her heart, Hermione began to notice other boys. Seamus Finnigan. Dean Thomas. Neville Longbottom. Even... even Harry. Harry, with his untidy black hair, his striking face with the dark features, his green eyes, his warm personality. Hermione had always thought of him as a brother, but now tha...

  • Re-post: Always and Forever by neiva
    23.6K 603 29

    Harry and Hermione start to feel attraction towards each other, even though Hermione is with Ron. One of the greatest Harmony fanfics I've read. COMPLETED THIS IS NOT MY OWN WORK so I do not own any of the plot or the characters. WARNINGS: In two chapters there are explicit scenes but I have put warnings at the beginn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Snowbirds [COMPLETED]
    93.6K 2.8K 13

    Hermione sighed. "I'm really craving ice cream. I know it's not a Hogsmede weekend, and we'll get in loads of trouble...." Harry smirked. "I'll race you." // This is the story of 2 best friends who became more, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. From the moments they first met to the very end, these two are a roller...

  • It Could Have Gone That Way; A Harmione Fanfiction
    440K 11.9K 83

    ON HOLD Sometimes, even the Wizarding World makes mistakes. Sometimes, even the greatest wizards and brightest witches can be wrong. Perhaps they knew they were wrong. Perhaps they didn't. Either way, the truth will out, in the end, just as it always does. Harry Potter believed himself to be incapable of love, as he...

  • It was always you.
    86.5K 2.6K 9

    Who would've known that two completely different people would kick the Friend-zone and become more than friends ? Harry and Hermione find true love in their friendship, after many fights and misunderstandings, and soon start dating. What would happen to Ron? Who will he end up with? Will he ever forgive his be...

  • My Best Friend (Harry Potter Fanfic)
    147K 3.1K 28

    The Golden Trio: Harry, Ron and Hermione are back for their final year of wizard training, now that Voldemort has gone. Being the golden trio, they get a separate room. But then, Ron is pronounced Head Boy and therefore he has a different room. Now, sparks are flying and Harry and Hermione are in love. But, who said f...

  • Only You: Harmione Fanfic *editing*
    278K 7K 40

    Hogwarts. The place Harry yearned to spend time with his closest friends. Yet, as time passed, it grew harder to keep bonds from crumbling and friendships from falling apart. The world was changing. Voldemort was nearing. Hermione and Harry were falling in love.

  • No One Else (Sequel to Only You)
    94.5K 2.7K 32

    Did love exist without hate? sequel to only you; all characters belong to the marvelous j.k rowling :) i tried to be original with most of the ideas but connected back to the real books as much as i could !!