pyetracamargo's Reading List

  • The Timekeeper
    340K 16.1K

    As soon as you turn sixteen, the Timekeeper is inserted on the inside of your wrist. It's a countdown, showing days, hours, minutes, seconds. Until what, you m...

  • Sleep Deprived
    2.6M 123K

    {Rewritten Version of: The Teddy Bear Agreement} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - College, a reason enough to be sleep deprived. Lizzie Hale is ra...

  • Battle of the Captains
    • seakissed
    • 34 Parts
    • Updated May 01, 2015 01:12PM
    16.1M 404K

    It started out as a game. She's everything a girl wants to be. He's everything a girl wants. As head cheerleader and quarterback, Kody Taylor and Austin Coll...

  • Wolfsbane
    4.6M 62.7K

    BEING REWRITTEN - Ready for publishing early 2016. For any inquiries message me at my FB page or my website! https://www.facebook.c...

  • Kidnap My Heart
    7.8M 191K

    Emma van der Bilt is clever, snarky, and spoiled rotten. William Knight is cocky, impatient, and slightly dimwitted. So how exactly did Will manage to kidnap E...

  • Chasing December (#wattyawards2015)
    2.7M 67.2K

    There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but he ran into it; literally. He liked to hide in trees, ir...

  • Refusing Rejection (OFF HOLD)
    4.9M 223K

    "You know what, thanks, but no thanks." She turned on her heel, fleeing from him, but only made it halfway down the hall before he spluttered, "What do you me...

  • Perfect Addiction [People's Choice Award Winner '15]
    24M 922K

    Sienna Lane has finally got her life the way she wants it to be. A steady job at the local gym? Check. An awesome sister as a roommate? Check...

  • Hustle (Sample and Bonus Chapters)
    • AYClaudy
    • 13 Parts
    • Updated Jan 23, 2016 02:40AM
    9M 62.9K

    South Eastern University: Where the football players are royalty and Andrew Fayden is king. College was supposed to be Brook's chance to escape the rumors an...

  • The Trainer's Girl
    13.8M 403K

    At 19 years of age, Drake Wilson has everything he ever dreamed of. With a house to himself, a lucrative job as a Personal Trainer, and parents that support hi...

  • Despicable Arrogance
    11.7M 314K

    There are five things that I hate: 1.) Arrogant Guys 2.) Guys who have girls falling at their feet and they proceed to use them 3.) Guys w...

  • Troublemaker
    27M 743K

    [BOOK ONE] ❝People die, but words live on forever.❞ →When Winnie Indigo discovers that Brody Casen, has dropped a black book she picks it up and when she rea...

  • For the Love of Ethan
    • CatRyer
    • 52 Parts
    • Updated Jan 24, 2016 04:49AM
    9.8M 137K

    Berkley Roberts is a college student in an abusive relationship until one day BJ pushes her too far. Betrayed by Laura, Dane Knight is a single father, strugg...

  • Poor Little Rich Girl
    1.1M 28.2K

    Steffy Vandergeld has it all. Beauty, popularity, money, love, everything. Perfect girl, perfect world. But what happens when her multi-million dollar business...

  • Trapped in Forever
    498K 13.1K

    Amanda Rose is too young for her best friend to be dead. She went to bed to one world and woke up to an entirely different one the next morning when her best...

  • I'm The Geek Who Slapped A Football Player.
    • Pearlie
    • 46 Parts
    • Updated Jan 10, 2016 01:27AM
    8.5M 193K

  • Married to the Bad Boy (Published, Sample Only)
    6.8M 88.3K

    I didn't marry him out of love, nor because I liked him. I didn't marry him for his family money or wealth, or for popularity. Truth be told, I could care less...

  • Reality Show Lovers
    24.9K 630

    Julie Rivers is the epitome of the word, 'average'. That is, until she gets cast in a reality show shot in her school, California Richwood High, co-starring Fi...

  • Adventures in Funeral Crashing
    2.5M 30.3K

    Sixteen year old Kait Lenox has a reputation as the weird girl in her high school, mostly because of her ex-best friend turned mean popular girl, Ariel, but ma...

  • Sugar Babe [Completed]
    5.5M 159K

    Ever had Ramen Noodles for an entire month? Lilly Fenster has and she's tired of it. Which is why she ends up managing the fashion industry's hottest Brazilian...

  • Dorm Room 210
    41.9M 817K

    I graze my hand along the grey, written names before I turn back to Noah. “Why were people telling me how lucky I was to share a dorm with you?” Noah smirks a...

  • His Number
    5.9M 123K

    Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition. Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for en...

  • The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy
    11.5M 150K

  • Pregnant with a Jerk (on hold)
    84.7K 1.5K

    Blair Anderson is seventeen. Head cheerleader. Social butterfly. Dancer. And a complete sweetheart. Carson Deschanel. Seventeen. Quarterback. Player. Best fr...

  • Johnny Boy
    • penny88
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated Sep 06, 2015 03:30AM
    20.8K 1.1K

    A lonely 7 year old boy jumps on the opportunity to befriend his rather harsh spoken neighbor. It seems the more he's around, the harder it gets for Carmen to...

  • Til I Found You
    7.6M 84.1K

    He doesn't know love at all. She wished she never knew love. What if love came between them? Would he believe it? Would she give it another chance?

  • A Beautiful, Terrible Love
    • lucky97
    • 25 Parts
    • Updated May 28, 2011 09:46PM
    304K 2K

    Dex, meet Eve. The only girl with as much or more talent than you have. The only girl as beautiful as you are. The only girl able to snag your heart... The gi...

  • Good Girl
    1M 20.2K

    Lily is a good girl. She gets good grades, doesn't party or drink, she always obeys the rules. Lily seems like your perfect teen right? Wrong. Her mom killed h...

  • Made With Love
    4.3M 28K

    My name is Julie Quinn and I've been a New Yorker all my life. Life was good. I was swamped with work doing a job that I loved and I was dating the best boyfri...

  • I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend
    6.6M 144K

    Meet Skye Barker. She pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best f...