pyetracamargo's Reading List

  • Adam and Evie
    • xWinterFallzx3
    • 29 parts
    4M 74K

    What happens when last year's nerd becomes Hollywood's next superstar? Before she became Evie Chase, Hollywood's Golden Girl, Evie was nothing more than a nob...

  • Crush On Mr. Bad Boy [Unedited]
    • LiLLyCoOLeSt1
    • 43 parts
    18.6M 454K

    [Completed BUT Unedited] Having a crush on someone isn't easy, especially when they're popular and you're not. But having a crush on the school's bad boy who's...

  • For the Love of Ethan
    • CatRyer
    • 49 parts
    • Updated 8 days ago
    9.5M 126K

    Berkley Roberts is a college student in an abusive relationship until one day BJ pushes her too far. Betrayed by Laura, Dane Knight is a single father, strugg...

  • Troublemaker
    • aggressively
    • 37 parts
    26M 716K

    [BOOK ONE] ❝People die, but words live on forever.❞ →When Winnie Indigo discovers that Brody Casen, has dropped a black book she picks it up and when she rea...

  • Despicable Arrogance
    • istolethecookiez
    • 35 parts
    10.7M 281K

    There are five things that I hate: 1.) Arrogant Guys 2.) Guys who have girls falling at their feet and they proceed to use them 3.) Guys w...

  • Chasing December (#wattyawards2015)
    • lalamusicisme
    • 41 parts
    2.5M 61.9K

    There was something about him. Or maybe there was something about me. I didn't want him in my life but he ran into it; literally. He liked to hide in trees, ir...

  • Pillow Talks
    • EmSlough
    • 22 parts
    3.5M 113K

    ❝"I need you to sleep with me." "Well, hey," Jesse said, a slow grin spreading across his face, "I usually try and get to know the girl first, but this agreem...

  • The Trainer's Girl
    • Drakory
    • 78 parts
    13.1M 382K

    At 19 years of age, Drake Wilson has everything he ever dreamed of. With a house to himself, a lucrative job as a Personal Trainer, and parents that support hi...

  • Refusing Rejection (Wattys2015)
    • joyful_marbles
    • 40 parts
    • Updated a month ago
    4.6M 210K

    "You know what, thanks, but no thanks." She turned on her heel, fleeing from him, but only made it halfway down the hall before he spluttered, "What do you me...