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  • Harry Potter Next Generation Headcanons
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    Hello! I wrote this when I was around 10/12, the writing unfortunately isn't the best. What were their hogwarts houses? What do they like? Who do they like? Dislike? Obsessions? Personality? Hobbies? Find that all here in this book. Reminder : This is not he official info. It's my opinion only. All rights belong t...

  • George Weasley:My Wedding Day... Without Fred
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    When George and Fred Weasley were little, they had always promised each other they would be the others best man. But now as George Weasley marries Angelina Johnson, that promise has to be broken.

  • harry potter facts
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    ➳ in which a devoted ravenclaw writes her favourite facts + theories about the beloved harry potter series. put on your robes, grab your wands, ride your broomsticks and have fun reading facts that make the harry potter series even more magical !

  • Harry Potter αλα Ελληνικά! 1
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    Κάποιοι μάγοι πήραν την υποτροφία τους και πήγαν στο Hogwarts το μαγικό σχολείο, όμως τι γίνεται αν κάποιος μένει στην τάξη ή δεν παίρνει την υποτροφία; Επαναλαμβάνει την χρονιά ; Δεν πάει πουθενά; Λάθος μεταφέρεται σε ένα τρομακτικό και τρομερό μέρος... στην Ελλάδα του εικοστού πρώτου αιώνα όπου όλα είναι άνω κάτω κα...