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  • Monarch Academy: School of Elemental Powers (Unedited)
    133K 6.8K 46

    [COMPLETED] "Now, I want you to know that... you are special." Marleigh Elysse Aldaine, a normal student who will enter this kind of school. School where students are not normal because they have the power to control the elements and students where willing to sacrifice their life for a peace. What would be the reacti...

  • Knock! Knock! (COMPLETED)
    3M 147K 73

    Dearil's boring soul-collecting job turns his existence upside down when he mistakenly knocks on the wrong door. He is supposed to reap someone else's life but he finds Zab instead. When the mean grim reaper falls for a crazy lost soul, can their otherworldly relationship even stand a chance? *** After being "cursed"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue Moon Academy (Celestial Academy #1)
    456K 18.3K 58

    [ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ] Celestial Academy Series #1 Highest Rank Achieved: #1 in Fantasy (Feb 5, 2020 and Nov 19, 2020) "An Academy that represents a power within the moon and possesses a shards ability." -- Language: English and Filipino Story Genre: Fantasy, Teen and Action Date Started: April 24, 2018 Date Finished: May 31, 2...

    487K 11.1K 40

    Ceres Academy [School of Imperials] "Where Perfection is the only survival weapon " ©All rights reserved. Date started: March 13,2017 Date ended:March 27,2017 ®MoiSelle_Unicorn

  • Althea Magics Academy (COMPLETE)
    716K 18K 33

    Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live. Ctto All Rights Reserved © 2015 Credits to @blckNwhiteRoses for the cover...

  • Magic Paradise: The Lost Prodigy Princess
    6M 133K 71

    Highest Rank achieved: Rank 1 Fantasy category (2014-2015) Journey to the Magic Paradise. Love, friendship, family and her secret identity.

  • Chikara Academy [COMPLETED AT DREAME]
    626K 19.9K 53

    Nang dahil sa isang propesiya magbabago ang lahat.. Nang dahil rito magugulo ang kanyang buhay.. Is she willing to sacrifice or she will run from her responsibility?

  • School of Myths
    1.9M 36.3K 55

    Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Vampires, Werewolves, Supernatural, Harem Si Rain, isang 15 years old boy na high school student, kasama ang kaniyang ate na si Rachelle ang napunta sa lugar kung saan kinatatakutan ng lahat ng tao. Ang "The Den of Evil". Lagi kasing nasisipa itong si Rain sa lahat ng school...

  • Meira High: The New Era
    3.1M 82.3K 78

    Story is available on DREAME. This story is created by my dream. So, every pages are worth-telling and special. I came to this world and play with dragons when I was a kid. Enter to the world of Meira. Akala niya taga planet Earth siya. Akala niya taga Pilipinas siya at isa siyang Filipino. Akala niya lang pala ang l...

  • Elixion Maige Academy #Wattys2015 (Re-edit)
    415K 8.9K 38

    Isang paaralang naiiba sa lahat..... Isang paaralang hindi normal kundi extraordinary ang mga estudyante... Isang pagkatao ang maaring mabunyag.. isasakripisyo ang sariling buhay para sa kaligtasan ng nakararami... Ipaparamdam na hindi ka nagiisa.. Handa kana bang sumama o sumali??? Elixion Miage Aca...

  • The Lost Magic Princess
    970K 28.4K 41

    Meet Gianna Jhanylla Hatthaway, just call her Nylla. She's not a normal person. She's far away from normal. She has 'magic powers.' She's also a gangster that's why she has a messy life. But her mom suddenly enrolled her in a school where she truly belongs- The Dream High. Her 'mom' put her in Dream High for her to be...

  • Slayer Academy [ Editing ]
    197K 6.1K 31

    Isang dalagang ubod ng ganda, talino at yaman. Ngunit ubod rin ng tahimik. Isang sikretong kanyang tinatago, hanggang sa inimbitahan siya sa akademyang nababagay sakanya, dahil nandoon ang mga katulad niya. Katulad niyang may kakaibang kakayahan. Welcome to Slayer Academy. -----

  • Star Magic Academy
    872K 30.4K 54

    Isang babae na hindi nainiwala sa magic ay naging tao na may magic, magulo ba? Sya si Trina Mae Smith. Isang ordinaryo na naging immortal May makikilala syang MABAIT, meron ring MASAMA Meron ring magtataksil Al rights reserved. Plagiarism is a crime. ^_^

  • TMW: Academy Of Magic (Curax Series#1) [UNDER REVISION]
    376K 8K 53

    Bata pa lang ako mahilig na ako sa Magic. Gusto ko sa lahat ng gagawin ko dapat may Magic. Mahal na mahal ko ang Magic, sobrang mahal. Pero dumating ang araw na ang favorite word ko ay naglahong bigla. Maraming nangyari, at masakit ang nangyari kung bakit iyon ay naglahong bigla. By the way I'm Psalmmer Gomez. Dati...

  • Elemental Princess [COMPLETED]
    390K 14.3K 102

    ----COMPLETED---- BOOK 1 Tunghayan ang apat na prinsesa kung paano sila makikipagsapalaran sa kanilang kaaway sa elemental world at kung paano ang magiging buhay nila sa mundo ng mga tao. Apoy, Hangin, Tubig at Lupa sila ang dahilan kung bakit nananatiling balanse ang mundo. Handa ba kayong abangan ang kwento ng apat...

  • The Long Lost Princess
    198K 4.7K 40

    Siya si Lucy May Selindar na napunta sa mundo ng mga tao dahil sa isang trahediya nung siya ay nasa 5 taong gulang palamang What if she finds out that she is the Long Lost Princess? Princess of the Vampires....

  • Elementia Academy: The Long Lost Guardian
    7.9M 226K 74

    Highest Rank Achieve #2. She doesn't believe in Magic, nor powers. She's not ordinary, she never give care to anyone. She's bitchy and Queen Sassy. Can a devil take her down? Can they defeat a Lost Guardian? What are you waiting for, come and read this story. Elementia Academy, the academy for magic users and magical...

  • (Enigma Trilogy) Linford Academy
    498K 10.5K 98

    Enigma Trilogy 1 - Linford Academy Raven Spade Martel live in a small village called Belmoor. After she witness her parents death..She promise herself that she will take a revenge to the person who kill her parents . But she believe the person that she chasing is inside the castle of Arzena . So in able to do enter th...

  • LIGHTARIA ACADEMY:(The long lost powerful princess)
    922K 2.5K 6

    Sya ay si Nathalia Yezillia Xyrien o mas kilala bilang Nyx, isang babaeng payapang namumuhay sa mortal world, na hindi alam kung ano at sino sya, at tanging ang kanyang guardian lamang ang nag-aalaga sakanya . makakaya ba nya ang kaniyang matutuklasan? Na sya ang long lost powerful princess of Lightaria kingdom ? 2...

  • Frankincense Academy: Enchantsia's Primary S-Class Princess [Completed]
    2.9M 64.5K 123

    This story is clearly fantasy. Language: Taglish ________________________ Frankincense Academy... A school of power users... Winthropians... Aquaellans... Gardaniahns... Flamarians... And Enchantsians... All come to this school... All... Except 1 kingdom... Ythyria... The Ythyrians who wanted to rule the whole magic...

  • Half Blood Academy (School Of Half Bloods)
    1.4M 34.4K 138

    [COMPLETED] Isa itong paaralan na hindi maaaring makita ng isang ordinaryong tao. Tanging mga Half Bloods lang ang maaring makapasok. Isang paaralan na magiging saksi sa paglalaban, pagmamahalan, paghihirap, at pagigingsawi ng ating mga bida **** Isa siyang hindi pangkaraniwang babae. Kakaiba siya maging ang kanyang u...

  • Magically Powerful Academy: The Curse Magic
    489K 13.2K 56

    Highest Ranked Achieved: #2 in Fantasy #5 in Academy #1 in Curse #33 in Friends # 1 in Power #9 in game #1 in Action-Fantasy #4 in Adventure [REVISING!!] Nirvana Mhay Rhapsodos, a 16 year old girl who lives in the normal world , but one day everything changed. Ang Normal ay naging MAGICAL. P...

  • Enchanted High (Academy of Magics)
    230K 7.3K 27

    READ AT YOUR OWN RISK A school where all the impossible things are possible. Megumi Sakamoto, as a mortal lived a typical life, not until they discovered that she also have this "Special Ability". This is her starting line as a Magic User. Will it be worth it to sacrifice everything? NOTE: This is a work of fiction...

  • Moonlight High ( Not your 'oh so' ORDINARY SCHOOL ) *2nd Generation* Completed
    366K 10.2K 75

    Second Batch of Moonlight High Students! Let's find the key for eternity! *Completed (04.24.2016)

  • Moonlight High ( Not your 'oh so' ORDINARY school ) {COMPLETED}
    1.2M 28.7K 62


  • Garnet Academy: School of Elites
    21.8M 750K 72

    (Academy Series #1) The dangerous Kairon Gonzalez was sent to Garnet Academy to ensure his safety against the suspected Hierarchy War. Appointed as the Commander of the student body, he got the privileges and people fearing him... Except her. Except Paige from Casa Aeris.

  • Heart of a Princess
    284K 9K 62

    This story is about a girl who grew up alone and know nothing about her true self. What if one day a mystery happen that will revile her identity? What if it will broke her heart? What will happen? What's her purpose? Will she be able to accept her true self? Please support my story! Baguhan lang po ako, I just wa...

  • Grey Wizardry Academy: The Princess(Under Revision)
    273K 7.5K 48

    Ubi omnis generis magiam negauit. Amor volat undique. nexum et animae. " This is just a dream." This is Aubrey Stanford's first sentence when she came into this academy. She was mesmerized by the architecture of the whole place, everything screams luxury. But will she perfectly fit in this luxurious academy? Day by t...

  • Allison Academy
    204K 8.5K 48

    Kate Eris Morfei, the girl who wished nothing but to have a normal life. Where people would finally accept her for who she is and be with her bestfriend she's been yearning to see for so many years. One day, she heard about this mysterious school where students are prohibited to accept visitors and wasn't allowed to g...

  • The Powerful Princess
    3.7M 97.9K 67

    >You can find it on Dreame App and also on Moboreader app, still ongoing since it's an English version of my story< Athena Nicole Cassandra Celestine. Long name right? Pero hindi lang sa pangalan niya ang mahaba, pati ang buhay niya. She's a nerd. A lonely. Live in peace. Pero dati yun. Nagbago ang buhay niya dahil...