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  • Started With a Lie
    52.6M 1.1M 70

    [Watty's 2015 Winner] one lie. one fake relationship. one million problems. © 2016 Virgo Rose Edwards. trailer made by @novemberdreamer

  • Abide
    27 4 1

    Mark Ross lost his mother at the early age of 7. Ever since that tragic night, survival’s guilt haunted Mark day and night to no end. So much to the point that Mark was counting down the days until blissful death came to claim his soul. Then the new girl showed up at his school. Mark begins to get a different perspect...

  • Broken nightmare
    18.8K 493 19

    Kidnapped raped abused and no body to trust. No family no friend’s anger hate mixed together what happens when the person you thought was your soul mate becomes your biggest fear and enemy. It becomes a broken nightmare how do things turn out. Ella is a 17 year old girl fresh out of school just when she thinks she’s...

  • Living High School to the Fullest (Completed)
    6.2M 107K 37

    Sarah's senior year is coming up - and she decided to make the most of it. She is a girl on a mission: living high school to the fullest. Together with her best friend Emma she writes a bucket list for her last year in high school. Sarah is determined to experience everything she has missed out on so far, like "Have...

  • The Unconditional Pledge
    183K 4.6K 34

    Rule #1: Every person in the room must participate. Rule #2: The group decides what the person must do. Rule #3: You have two months to make or break your reputation. Rule #4: No conditions. No cheating. No backsies.

    Completed   Mature
  • Year of the Chick (book 1 in the "Year of the Chick" series)
    3.6M 24.7K 33

    [NOTE: This book was written in 2010, a time of long-distance phone cards, weight-loss obsessions, and searching for a man as a solution to life's problems-what a messy time to be alive! In other words, I hope you enjoy this throwback, and while this book does end on a cliffhanger of sorts, the sequel addresses any un...

  • The Amanda Project: Book One
    22.2M 37.9K 32

    When enigmatic freshman Amanda Valentino arrived at Endeavor High, she chose three people - Callie, Hal, and Nia - to guide her through the choppy waters of her new school. Except she didn't tell them about each other. When Amanda leaves, the three must reluctantly work together to figure out why. But once they start...

  • The Day
    4.1M 18.7K 43

    It's Hailee Windor's 18th birthday. Part of a shooting, she dies on the evening of one of the biggest days of her life thus far. What she doesn't know when she wishes for one more chance to tell her best friend, Brent, that she loves him, is that she will have to wake up tomorrow. And it will be June 6th once again. A...

  • Grey Eyes: Book One of the Forever Trilogy
    1.9M 30.9K 35

    15 year old Anastasia Adams has spent her entire life on run. She and her mother have never spent more than 18 months in any one location, often times leaving with just the clothes on their backs. Despite the havoc that this is wreaking on Ana's social and academic life, her mother offers no explanation as to why it i...

  • Awakening to Life
    9.7M 33.8K 10

    Everyone dies, someday and somehow. Sixteen year old Allie is dying of cancer. More than anything, she wants to be a normal teenager. But pretending is exhausting and the lies pile up. With a chance at first love and true friends, Allie must choose between maintaining the pretence or risking everything with the trut...

  • Wingless
    1.9M 22.2K 17

    Charlie is in serious hot water. After a naked girl falls from the sky, lands on his lawn, and claims to be from heaven, his entire summer is flipped upside-down. This girl can talk to animals, fight like a ninja, and hear people's thoughts. Plus, it doesn't hurt that she's got the most gorgeous blue eyes this side of...

  • The Female Player
    12.2K 157 21

    Admit it, most girls want to be that girl that has the boys kissing the ground she walks on. The one that gets love notes in her locker. Bracelyn got lucky enough to have it all, but she doesn't want it at all. The guys notice her because she's not like the others. She's the heartbreaker and that is appealing to them...

  • That Deaf Girl
    30.3K 722 1

    Quinn is has been deaf since she was six years old. When she was three, she got a horrible case of meningitis, which made her go deaf. Ever since then, Quinn has been trying her best to be as normal as possible in her high school, McAurthur. Then there's Oliver. The quiet kid that sits in the back of Quinn's biology...

  • A and D
    45.1M 816K 51

    Nerdy Dakota Evans makes the biggest mistake of her life by falling in love with her best friend, Aaron Ford. Despite coming from entirely different cliques in school, will their relationship have a chance? *** In a high school where everyone belongs to cliques, nerdy and boyish Dakota Evans' friendship with basketba...

  • The Firing
    627 30 3

    When 14 year old Emera Collins' village is being captured, she knows that she has to run. She leaves everything behind- her mother, her home, and her life. She then meets Clarimonde Jones, who wants to help and protect Emera. As Emera tries to live a new life, she finds it even harder and struggles even more than she...