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  • Unpacking Shennanigans (South Park: Gregstophe One-Shot)
    1.2K 56 1

    Christophe decides to play a game of hide and seek with Gregory when it all backfires. Short one shot for Gregory x Christophe

  • 4 reasons why you should book a Removal Company London
    2 0 1

    Moving out of your existing home or office could be stressful, especially if you have plenty of other duties to think about. The good thing is, there are removal companies which can help you organize, pack and literally move your things from your old place and to your new location. There are a lot of reasons why you s...

  • Dramatic: ACT I (COMPLETED)(South Park) {Boyxboy}
    86.5K 5.1K 31

    Craig and Clyde have done it now, they've pissed off the drama teacher. She isnt happy, and as a punishment she forces them to join in on this years production of Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately for Craig, his old enemy Tweek Tweak is one of the star roles. As he is forced to help Tweek learn his lines, get him in...

  • My Drunk Confession {Completed/Being Edited}
    472K 19.5K 89

    While at a high school party, Stan gets drunk and accidentally confesses his love for Kyle.

  • Muted Voices
    211K 11.5K 57

    It could be worse. It could be better. In the end, it matters who wakes up in his bed.

  • Creek (Craig X Tweek) Comics
    2.5M 89.6K 130

    Just random creek comics. Non of the comics belong to me (I'll try to credit every single artist but I'll take time)

  • Don't Close Your Eyes
    37.1K 1.9K 8

    Ready to meet his soulmate, Matthew Williams meets the day with a smile on his face. Little does he know disaster is lurking around every corner. Soulmate AU where one eye is your soulmates eye color and the other is your and when you meet them,your eyes revert back to normal color. Aka magical heterochromia.

  • GerIta 1943
    24.1K 1K 8

    1943: Italy betrays the Axis Powers and allows the Allies to invade its Southern borders. Hitler does not let this stand, and Germany invades the Northern half of Italy. This is the story of everything following. GerIta fanfic Picture and APH not mine:)

  • The Free Willies: a webcomic
    210K 12K 113

    When old memes start taking over a tragic all-girls high school, it's up to six lame-os to embark on an interdimensional adventure and use their wits, poor athleticism, and various memeing skills to save their school. 2016 WATTYS WINNER! Edit: Most of these memes might be...aged. Please note that this comic was first...

  • NorIce : High School AU
    2.7K 124 3

    Lukas used to be a popular kid until he came out of the closet, now he has a small group of friends and a crush.

  • Who I Am Now (DenNor)- Book 2 of the Unwell Series
    11.7K 994 18

    Book 2 of the Unwell Series (How I Used to Be, Who I Am Now, and What He Has Become) Matthias, who is now cured after two months of schizophrenia, is ready to start a new life in Copenhagen on his own as a normal person. But can he ever really break free of the holds of insanity?

  • GerIta Fanfic! Lemon + Fluff + Story
    1.7K 13 5

    NOTE: Cover is a W.I.P so far :)

  • Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy
    2.1M 55.5K 8

    He was a billionaire, I was a bellboy, can I make it anymore obvious? It all started one fateful afternoon in summer of 2012. I was working as a bellboy at the Trump Hotel in Hong Kong on an internship program. This was my first time in a big city. It was all I could have ever dreamed of, and more. But little did I k...

    Completed   Mature
  • leafnision
    8.4K 271 6

    I'm fucking bored and want to write some garbage

  • Love me or Hate me (DenIce)... *Smut*
    984 20 1

    One night in Iceland a obnoxiously annoying Dane by the name of Matthias wanders into The Northern European country of Iceland and expects to say at his friends little brother's home whom is know by the name Emil. After reluctantly accepting the Dane's request, the Icelandic boy brings him into his home and learns tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • My First 2p GerIta Lemon
    6.2K 72 2

    An important information on the continuation of this fanfic

  • Hetalia : Song shots!
    19.2K 490 87

    Series of one shots multiple pairings Requests on first post. Rating from Ga - R18

  • Bruises and Bitemarks (2p!UsUk)
    75K 3.6K 38

    '"My..." he heard his captor breathe. "You're cuter than I'd originally thought." All the sound Ollie could make was a small whimper.'

  • Pronouns [usuk fanfic]
    93K 5.9K 31

    Arthur is male and identifies as one, he just likes to dress up as a girl. His religious parents however think he needs help to turn him back to 'normal'. When Alfred transfer to Arthur's school he becomes infatuated with Arthur, as a girl. [May include other pairings besides usuk]

  • Spectrum (Frerard, Petekey)
    459K 31.6K 29

    The adventures of 'pretty boy' and 'dyke'. The story of the boy with the boobs who can pack a serious punch, and the girl with a dick and her all mighty powerful butt, and just how the two happen to meet and perhaps happen to fall for one another. And the two's battles against dysphoria, the foes of the judgemental ga...

  • He's An Amewiccan Beauty (Frerard)
    115K 7.6K 15

    That feel when you read one book and end up accidentally killing your girlfriend as a result of it. See, Frank knew reading was bad for you, although it was probably inappropriate to walk up to your girlfriend's dead body and say 'I told you so'. It was quite honestly an accident though, like Frank really did not mean...

  • Planets (PruAus)
    1.2K 90 4

    The thing that makes a story happy is not the ending. It's the people that exist and the love that happens in the space between where it begins and where you choose to end it. -Roderich Edelstein

  • Crazy Sexy Cutie (2P USUK)
    60.2K 2.4K 10

    Stop reading this fic its garbage

  • Hetalia: 7 Minutes in Heaven
    301K 7.2K 53

    YAOINESS EVERYWHERE! DO NOT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE YAOI. It will mostly be fluff but some chapters may be a bit more extreme. If you wish to request a pairing we will happily accept and attempt to create that pairing for you.

  • So Ironic (Striders X Reader)
    44.8K 1.2K 29

    They're ironic and laid back and of course very cool. But what would it be like if they gave you thier heart? Hope you enjoy the story dudes! I'm taking suggestions as to what this will be like so comment your ideas. One shots now open. Stay awesome dudes! ~L

  • Life Is Hard And Nobody Understands (Life as a Transgender Male)
    126 8 1

    Adrian lloyd is a seventeen year old transgender boy, living at home with his older brother and religious parents. He was born as Macayla lloyd, the daughter his mother always wanted. Except he didn't feel like a daughter and he hated being refereed to as one. He started to hate himself. And then his family moved from...

  • far away ✽ homestuck fanfics
    53.5K 522 7

    Chapter 1: Captorcest: My Honey! Chapter 2: Windicuffs: Cold Winter Night Chapter 3: Dave x Male!Reader: Velvet Eyes Chapter 4: Human!Vantascest: Bloody Angels Chapter 5: PepsiCola: Mental, Insane, Whatever You Call It Chapter 6: Human!Erisol: The Boy That Cried (Pt. 1) Chapter 7: Human!Erisol: The Boy Th...