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  • The legendary...KRELP!
    62 17 4

    Join Mich, Ernie, Bat and Gup on an adventure to save the Krelp (a little squishy creature with mystical powers and abilities) but no one said that it was going to be easy! Read me book to find out what will happen.

  • Xtreme Seige
    398 43 10

    SUPERNATURAL ARMIES ARE COMING. ZOMBIE VIRUS MISSILES. ONE FANTASY EVILISATION TELSA COIL. If MythologyLord9 (Me), CherieTheCherry, Pjatopotato5, TheLazyOtaku18, chickeneatingpug along with Geography King don't stop them, humanity will lose and the end of the human race will occur!

  • Noah In Undertale
    102 23 6

    I falls into the Underground . GREAT. Just great. Now I've gotta stay alive, avoid being killed by a Talking Flower and generally not die. BOOK ONE IN MY UNDERTALE SERIES

  • Mystic
    136 19 5

    ✩✰If anyone is confused, this story used to be called 'Mirror Image' but that was not the official name yet. Now it has an official name and cover✩✰ mys·tic adjective used to refer to something(or someone)of wonderous powers or capabilities;a supernatural individual Description: Lena West smiles like the sun, moon...

  • My Amazing/I Tried Drawings!!
    3.2K 662 122

    Oh~? ~Huhuhue~ You've suddenly decided to come and read this... this... cRiNgEwoRthY mess of 'aRT'!? -Drawings from all sorts of inspiration, fandoms and utter stoopid thoughts? Enjoy~ I hope to impress you with the TeRrIblE DrAWiNgs ive posted in the stART- *chokes* -bBaAaAHAHhAHhaAHAHAHH- ;___; (for your sake, skip...

  • Outrage
    16.7K 1.4K 30

    Annabeth and Piper started school at Hogwarts together, but as soon as Piper was sorted into Slytherin, Annabeth lost her new best friend. 3 years later Piper is the biggest trouble maker in the school. Annabeth hates her. But then Piper stops her pranking. Annabeth has a suspicion on why.

  • Raya's Incredible Artbook (HAHA NOPE)
    2.9K 90 13

    Yo! Raya-senpai here. This book is basically filled with my drawings. Duh, look at the title. I'm definitely no expert, or proffesional, I don't do lessons or whatever, so please no hate. I try my best, and I put alot of effort in what I draw. Whelp, thats it for the description. Take a look inside that book!

  • Modern! Attack on Titan Funny Chatroom
    2.5K 77 7

    This is a Modern! Attack on Titan chatroom. Join Eren and his friends as they chat about crazy and hilarious things! It's as if they are on kik or Skype or something. But its funny! Enjoy~ (I do not own any of the Attack on titan Characters obviously lol) (눈‿눈)

    400 53 3

    Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano-the girl who lived in a strange island for as long as she could remember-had to face something she thought was only existed in tales. It was not a big deal, but something big came next. Everything went crazier when she heard a news about the the lord titan who should not be exist in her w...

  • It's Time to Eat! (Series)
    100 11 7

    Cherie, Cherise, Mychell and Mimi~Chan are roommates with close neighbours next door. The boys, named Micheal, Kevin, Ethan and Liam. One of them decide to eat or does something related with food and something always goes wrong. Who starts it and why or how?

  • From My Soul Not My Mind [Poems]
    1.8K 662 42

    Hey so the first poem, hero, to the poem kingdom is story and a made up character. From pretty and so forth is me, not story. My newer poems are better than my older ones so don't judge the old ones :) ♥ Love You All ♥ I hope I made your day more enjoyable ^.^ Baiii -avery ♡