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  • The Black Throne : Rise of Darkness
    998 100 27

    Hidden from us, there is a different kind of world that banned from the light. The Underworld. Where the guns, drugs, blood are daily occurence. And there is a boy who will rise from that dark place. The boy who hold the rights of The Black Throne. "In the end every human is the same. Greedy and always sacrifice othe...

  • My Boss Is A Vampire? || UNDER MAJOR EDITING
    1.4M 50.5K 47

    《 Highest Ranking: #1 in Vampire 》 《 Highest Ranking: #17 in Romance 》 《Highest Ranking: #5 in ChickLit " You do not want to piss me off" he replied, his voice dropping a couple of octaves. "Wh-hat a-ar-e yo-u?" I stuttered again as his eyes darkened. They flickered down to the pulse in my neck which was already goi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Elle's Saviour [Complete]
    9M 386K 37

    •A Wattpad Twice-Featured Story. At 25 years old, Elle Barrett resorted to escorting to provide for her son and unwell Grandmother. Struggling to pay bills and keep food on the table, she met Dean Wallace at the lowest point in her life. Little did she know that he would change her life completely. After attending a...

  • Psychometry [BoyxBoy]
    15.8K 647 4

    Psychometry-the ability to learn things about the past or future of an object by touching it. Hunter Hess isn't your average human, he has the ability to learn about a persons past or future with just one touch. Having such a power wasn't a problem until a guy named Ryan Taylor moves into the house next to his and tr...

  • They're Lying [under editing]
    1.1K 224 37

    Raylee was told by the government that a disease is threatening humanity and she had no reason to doubt them. Especially since she saw the infected in her town centre. But ever since she ran away from home and forgot her pills, she has been absolutely fine. Shocked to the core, she uncovers the secrets of this so-call...

  • In the Blood
    3.4K 229 29

    Charlie LaSalle didn't know she'd let the devil buy her a drink that night. Maybe if she had, she wouldn't have sold her soul later on. All she wanted was to get away from her chronically criminal father and crack-whore mother. She thought she had accomplished that between an acceptance to LSU's school of medicine and...

  • The Ardent of Tales
    1.1K 57 3

    "This book is alive. It breathes as I breathe and writes as I move." "I am in between these pages, between its words, between the letters and between its strokes." Eeva is taken into the ultimate WORLD of books as a Skipper (an adventurer) who hops from world to world. She fights in a war of Rhythms, learns how to use...

  • Justice Eternal
    4.7K 836 20

    Urban Fantasy - Romance - Immortals - Tournaments. Hidden throughout our modern world is an ancient, mythical community. Beneath their human masks lay a plethora of creatures both terrifying and captivating. Though united in their shared secrecy from humans, deep rifts exist between regions and races. The powerful Im...

  • More to Life
    2.5K 370 35

    Maria believes she's found the perfect guy until she finds him with another woman. While her traditional family is not surprised, she blames herself. When her efforts to mend their relationship are ineffective, she accepts an opportunity to teach English in Bangkok. Maria tries to adapt to the language, food, and a ca...